Papercraft Flamingo Bookmarks

Summer is just around the corner and what better motivation for your kids to read than an adorable flamingo bookmark to keep their place? These fun bookmarks are a great craft to do with your kids. They will love having their very own bookmark to keep mark their place as they read different books this summer and throughout the rest of the year.  With only a few materials needed, this craft is a great first day of summer craft to do that will get your kids in the right mood for the rest of summer! Flamingo Bookmark We have seen …

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DIY Bunny Bookmarks

These DIY Bunny bookmarks are not only fun to make, but perfect to help make your place in your book.  DIY Bunny Bookmarks It’s no secret that we love reading in our house. So often though we are always searching for something to mark our place. So the other day my daughter and I decided to create these fun DIY bunny bookmarks to mark our place in our books. My kids freaked out about our DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmarks we made, so I knew these adorable bunny bookmarks would be a hit! Now when we are done reading we can …

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Animal Headband Templates

Feeling a little wild? Try making your own Animal Headband! Embrace your wild side and get silly! Animal Headband Craft Template It’s no secret that kids love animals. And who can blame them?! They’re so fascinating and so cute!  Kids love animals for all sorts of different reasons. Some look cuddly while others look ferocious. Some animals graze on leaves while others use their sharp teeth to catch their prey! Animals are so different and they’re so neat to learn about.  My kids love animals! If it were up to them, we would have two pet tigers, one alligator, five …

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Yak Headband Craft

Looking for a fun and easy craft to do with your students? Let your students make their own yak headband! This project is perfect for all ages, and it’s a great way to show off your creative side. Best of all, it’s super simple to make. Yak Headband Craft For Kids Do you know what a yak is? I know it is one of the very few animals that start with the letter “Y”. Learning some fun facts about these strange animals! can be even more fun when making an animal headband. Yak are actually related to cattle and are …

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Easy DIY Snail Bookmark Craft

This easy DIY snail bookmark is perfect for marking your spot in your favorite book! Grab the template and start creating your very own snail bookmark. DIY Snail Bookmark Craft This easy DIY snail bookmark is perfect for kids of all ages who need to mark their spot in their favorite book! Grab the template and start creating your very own snail bookmark. Kids will love creating this fun bookmark for their next craft project! Not only is it fun to make, but kids will enjoy using it over and over again as they mark their page as they go …

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Printable Giraffe Headband Craft: Free Template

giraffe headband craft colored on brown and white background.

This printable giraffe headband craft is a great activity to do with the kids that they will love! With this free giraffe headband template, it is easy to make so that you can get busy imagining you are all giraffes together. It is the perfect kid’s craft activity to do in the classroom, at parties, or as a fun afternoon activity around the craft table at home. Giraffe Headband These giraffe headbands are so much fun! It is as easy as downloading the free template, coloring, cutting, and then assembling. Once assembled, the fun possibilities are endless as you use …

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Giraffe Bookmark

bookmark giraffe craft for kids

Do your kids have a favorite bookmark that you use all the time? My kids have a few, but their favorite is this giraffe bookmark. I can’t blame them because it is so cute and colorful, and it always makes me smile when I see them. Plus, it’s really easy to use – all you have to do is just slip it over the corner of the book and their place is held!  Giraffe Bookmark If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-make bookmark, then I definitely recommend checking out this giraffe bookmark as well as some of the other …

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Lion Headband Craft

feature image: lion headband craft

Pounce on over to make your own Lion Headband Craft! This fun craft will help you pretend to be a brave and ferocious lion. Our downloadable template makes this craft easy to use at home or in the classroom.  Lion Headband One of our favorite animals to visit at the zoo is the lions! It is so fun to see these big, exotic cats as they walk around their habitat. And when we get to hear them roar- it’s so exciting! But . . . I don’t know that we would be excited if we heard them in the wild. …

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Printable Owl Headband Craft: Free Template

This printable Owl Headband Craft is the perfect activity for you to do with the kids. It’s so easy to make, and they will have a fun headband to wear when it’s done! Give it a try! It is perfect for parties, classroom activities, and more! Owl Headband You and the kids are going to love these owl headband crafts. It is as easy as downloading the owl headband template, printing it, letting the kids color it, and assembling it to have endless adventures with. One of the best things about this Owl Headband Craft is its benefits for children. …

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Construction Paper Name Crafts

construction paper name crafts for kids

If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate your child’s room, why not try some construction paper name crafts? These are simple and easy to make, and your child will love seeing their name displayed in their room. Plus, they can help pick out the colors and designs for their craft. So grab some construction paper and get started! Construction Paper Name Crafts Construction Paper Name Crafts are even a hit with my bigger kids, because who doesn’t love personalized crafts? We picked out a few of our favorites for this list to share with you all! From holiday …

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