Animal ABC Letter Set

Looking for a fun way for your kids to practice their ABCs? This Animal ABC Letter Set Uppercase is exactly what you need! Grab these printable sheets for some fun and learning together! 

Animal ABC Letter Uppercase Set

Animal ABC Letter Set

The best kind of learning happens when you’re having fun, and our ABC Uppercase Aminals Letter Set is so much fun! 

It offers so many different ways to learn each uppercase letter. Your kids will have the best time learning as they color each large uppercase letter, and decorate it to look like an animal that starts with that letter.

You’ll love watching them make learning connections with each letter and their letter recognition skills soar! This ABC Uppercase Set is perfect for learning in home or in the classroom! 

Want to feature a letter of the week? Add this ABC Uppercase Set to your activities! 

Your kids will be inspired to practice and learn more about the words that use each letter. Don’t miss this fun ABC Uppercase activity set; be sure to grab it at the bottom of this page! For more fun learning activities, check out this Space Rocket Activity Book

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Benefits of Animal ABC Letter Practice

Your kids will practice so many important cognitive and fine-motor skills with these fun ABC Uppercase letters, such as:

  • Letter recognition
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Tracing
  • Cutting
  • Coloring

They’ll love making knowledge connections as they color each upper case letter, decorate that letter’s animal, and then trace out the name of the animal! 

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Tips and Tricks

  • Your kids will want to display their ABC animals, so print each page onto cardstock to make them more durable.
  • Googly eyes can make your ABC animals extra silly and fun! 
  • Once colored and cut, laminate the pieces for repeated use. Attach velcro to the pieces and use dry erase markers for letter tracing. Your kids will enjoy these again and again! 

More ABC Letter Ideas! 

Go on an alphabet hunt around your house or neighborhood. How many things can you find that start with each letter of the alphabet? 

Get out some playdough and practice making your ABCs! Your kids will love this fun sensory activity that reinforces letter recognition! 

For more alphabet fun, your kids will love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! You’ll find your kids clapping and reading along with this rhythmic, rhyming story about letters!

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