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Do you find yourself trying to manage the list of never-ending chores, wishing you could host a magical puppet show without it turning into a huge mess that you must clean up in the end? Or maybe you are looking for a fun game to play with the kids that doesn’t make you want to pull out your hair?

If this is you, then we have great news! At Frosting and Glue, we believe in laughter, hugs, and good ol’ fashion fun, where we share tips to turn ordinary family time into extraordinary moments. From rainy day activities to easy recipes and games that don’t make you yawn (from you OR the kids), we have it all to create bonds that will last a lifetime.

So grab your apron, pull out the glue, get ready to roll the dice, and have fun making memories together. We are more than just an ordinary website; we are a virtual mom-squad always here to give you a high five and lend a helping hand even when your kid’s lunch box is all prepackaged snacks (because our kid’s lunch box is too!)

So join the fun, and let’s build strong family bonds together.

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