Alphabet Bingo

Our Alphabet Bingo game is the perfect way to practice letters with your budding reader! Adding this fun Alphabet Bingo game will provide a fun way to incorporate their letters into a fun activity while they learn. Give your new Kindergartener a leap ahead on their letters, or keep your new first grader from experiencing the summer slide with Alphabet Bingo. With picture cards, it is easy for readers of all stages to play! 

Why We Love Alphabet Bingo

Bingo is a fun game that the whole family can take part in it. Here is why we love Alphabet Bingo:

  • Alphabet Bingo is easy to play! Just download the cards, print and it is time to play. We suggest using cardstock and laminating the cards for long term use. 
  • Alphabet Bingo is very portable. Take it to a restaurant, on a road trip, or any activity where kids might get bored. 
  • Get creative with the markers! Use candy, small toys, or dry-erase markers. 
  • Bingo is fun for any occasion! Try our Thanksgiving Bingo Cards, or Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards.

Other Alphabet Activities

Continue the learning with our Animal ABC Letter Set. Give your little learner a fun way to associate their letters with animals they love. Take a trip to the zoo to see what animals they can identify. 

Is there an animal lover in your home? Take a look at our series of “Animals that Start With” posts here. You can combine your love of the alphabet and animals! 

How to Play Bingo

Alphabet Bingo is as simple as A, B, and C!  Print out the picture cards to get started! 

  • Download and print the Alphabet Bingo Cards and the calling cards. 
  • Decide what to use as markers. Small toys, candy, or dry erase (if laminated) work great! 
  • The calling cards need to be cut out before starting the game. Choose one person to be the “Caller” for the game. 
  • The Caller will either say what is on the card or show it to the players to see. 
  • If a player has that picture, they will place a marker on that square. Don’t forget to mark the free space in the middle!
  • The first person with 5 images in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) shouts BINGO and they win! 
  • The winner can be the caller or you can determine who is the next caller.
  • Clear your cards and play again! 

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Tips for Using Alphabet Bingo

  • If you are going to use the Alphabet Bingo cards more than once, or even in your classroom, make sure to use heavier paper and laminate them. This will make the more durable and allow for use all year long!
  • If you choose to laminate your cards, use dry erase markers to make clean-up easy! Give everyone a wet wipe or a cloth to clean off their marks before the next game. 

Benefits of Playing Bingo

There are many benefits to playing bingo, and here are just a few:

  • Teaching good sportsmanship. Playing games give children the opportunity to learn how to be a courteous winner and a gracious loser. 
  • Using dry erase markers helps children practice their writing skills. They can trace the letters as they mark their cards. 
  • Playing any game provides an opportunity to practice following directions and taking turns. 

What is included in Alphabet Bingo

  • Eight Bingo Cards- Each card in the Bingo set is unique.
  • Calling Card Sheet- Print and cut out these cards that will be used to call out the image or letter, in this case. Make sure to shuffle before each game. 

Can I use these Alphabet Bingo Cards in the Classroom?

Absolutely! If you print out enough for your classroom then you will have multiple winners in each round. An alternative is to use them during small group time. Make sure to laminate them so they last you all year long!

How to print your Alphabet Bingo Cards

If you are using the Bingo Cards for a one time game, it is okay to print them out on regular printer paper. For prolonged use, we suggest using heavier paper and laminating them for extreme durability. 

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