Easter Bingo

Easter is a big family holiday where everyone gets together to celebrate. When the family gets together, games are always required! Easter Bingo is the perfect addition to your gathering. Since this game only has pictures, even your non-readers can join the fun! The whole family can enjoy this game together, making your holiday celebration really special.

Easter is such a fun holiday. The pastel colors, the egg hunts, the cute bunnies, and the beginning of spring are all things to look forward to! We don’t have many excuses to get together with family between Christmas and Easter, so we always look forward to this holiday. Plus we usually get a day or two off of school to enjoy being together!

Why We Love Easter Bingo

Bingo is an awesome game for all ages. We love it so much! Here are some reasons why.  

  • Bingo can easily be customized for any occasion. Try our Valentine’s Day Bingo!
  • This game is easy to understand. Everyone can play! 
  • Bingo is easy to put together. Just download, print, grab something to mark the cards with (candy is great!) and you’re ready to play!
  • Easter and spring go hand in hand – you can play this Bingo for the entire season! 

There are so many fun ways to make Bingo exciting. After your egg hunt, your kids will be ready to go with candy for their card markers! Jelly beans work perfectly. If you want to play multiple rounds, you can have kids take turns being the caller. They love that responsibility. Try for different shapes. See who can get their corners filled or who can get an X shape on their board first. 

Five Easter Bingo sheets on purple and white background with white and blue text

Other Easter Activities

Easter is never complete without dying eggs. Check out this post to learn the very best method for dying eggs! 

For an easy craft perfect for little hands, look no farther than this Easter Egg Craft!

A great activity to have out at any time is our Easter Color-by-Number sheets. This works great for all ages of kids.  

5x5 grid of Easter bingo on white background with light blue border and colorful title with two yellow chicks on each side

How to Play Easter Bingo

Bingo is a very simple game. The fact that this game has picture cards makes it even easier! 

  • Download and print the bingo cards and calling cards. 
  • Give everyone something to mark their cards with. Jelly beans are the perfect Easter marker! 
  • Hand out a Bingo card to each player. Team up if there’s not enough. 
  • Cut apart the calling cards and place them in a bowl or in a pile face down. Choose someone to be the caller. This is a big and important job, so make sure to let kids take turns! 
  • The caller chooses a card and tells everyone what is on it. They can either hold up the card or describe what they see. 
  • Don’t forget to mark your free space! 
  • Players will cover that image on their board with a marker if they have it. 
  • Don’t forget to mark the free space! 
  • The first person to cover 5 images in a row (Vertical, horizontal, or diagonally) gets to yell “Bingo!” and they win! Give them a prize!
  • Clear your cards and play over and over again!
Three bingo cards on yellow background with white and purple text

Tips for Using Easter Bingo

  • If you know you’re going to be playing this Easter Bingo more than once or twice, or you are using them in your classroom, be sure to print them on cardstock and laminate them! This makes them super durable and allows you to play again and again.  
  • If your cards are laminated, you can use dry erase markers to mark on the boards. Give everyone a tissue or a baby wipe to clean off their boards afterwards. 

Benefits of Playing Bingo

There are so many benefits of playing bingo with kids. Here are a few: 

  • You’re certain to have a good time! 
  • Kids learn about winning and losing and how to be a good sport. 
  • If you use a dry-erase marker to mark the cards, this is building fine motor skills
  • Describing the calling cards builds vocabulary
  • It helps kids learn to follow directions
  • If you use small objects as markers, this builds hand-eye coordination
5x5 bingo card filled with Easter-themed images on white background with blue border. Multicolored title at the top flanked by two yellow chicks

What’s Included in Easter Bingo

  • Eight bingo cards- Each card is unique, but there will be multiple winners if you decide to do black-out bingo.  
  • Calling card sheet- You will print and cut out these cards to use for calling out the images. 

Can I use these Easter Bingo Cards in the classroom?

Definitely! These Easter Bingo Cards would be perfect for your classroom, especially for small groups, because there are only 8 cards. You can also use them at an Easter party, as long as you are playing in groups of 9 or fewer (8 boards and 1 caller). 

Easter bingo card on white background with purple border and testimonials about the game

How to Print Your Easter Bingo Cards

You can absolutely print the cards on regular printer paper, but I know that my kids love playing and will want to play over and over again. I usually print my cards on cardstock and laminate them for extra durability. 

You can also print the cards or calling cards in black and white to save ink. This also allows your kids to have extra practice with image recognition as they won’t have the colors to rely on. 

Looking for More Bingo Fun? Check These Out!

Printable Easter Bingo Game Boards

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