How to Make a Glow in The Dark Cake

glow in the dark cake with black frosting and splatters

No glow party is complete without a glow party cake, and this glow in the dark cake is perfect! With some food-safe glowing paints, making this cake is a breeze.  Glow in the Dark Cake One of my kids has been begging for a glow party for their birthday and you know what that means… time to learn how to make a glow-in-the-dark cake! At first, I was a little intimidated by this cake idea, but it turned out so fun!  I discovered Rolkum glow colors and they were just what I was looking for. It’s a completely safe-to-eat product …

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Peach Cobbler Cookies Recipe

peach cobbler cookies sitting next to peach halves on a wood board

Peach cobbler cookies will change your life! These soft pillowy peach cookies with sweet pieces of peach are drenched in peach icing. Get the recipe now! Peach Cobbler Cookies I cannot stop raving about these peach cobbler cookies because wow are they good!  I’m a huge peach cobbler fan, and being able to get the same flavor with a whole lot less work is a huge win for me. And even if you aren’t a cobbler fan, these peach cookies might just change your mind. Though these cookies are great for a summer treat when peaches are in season, the …

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No Bake Strawberry Lasagna

strawberry lasagna pieces sitting on white circle plates by baking dish

Strawberry Lasagna is a creamy no-bake dessert lasagna with the best strawberry filling. You’ll love how delicious it is, and love even more that you can make it ahead of time!  Strawberry Lasagna I can’t always convince my kids to eat all their lasagna, but when I make my sweet creamy strawberry lasagna they are licking their plates clean! And I’m not letting any of this go to waste either! It is so good. Between the golden Oreo crust, strawberry filling, and cheesecake layers, it’s got everything I love and more. It really doesn’t take too much work either! You’ll …

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Lemon Lime Pound Cake (Made With Soda)

lemon lime pound cake on plates with lemon and lime slices

Lemon Lime Pound Cake is the lightest cake made even lighter with some bubbly soda. The soft texture of the cake and the yummy citrus flavor will absolutely make it one of your favorites! Lemon Lime Pound Cake My lemon lime pound cake is the best, and you’ll never guess my secret ingredient…. Soda! I know it sounds strange, but it makes the most fluffy and light cake that is bursting with flavor. In my house, we usually call this our “magic cake” because when you add the soda the whole cake batter bubbles up! Even if I make the …

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Oreo Cake In A Mug

bowl and spoon with oreo cake in a mug

You and your kids will love making Oreo cake in a mug! This 2-ingredient delicious recipe is just what you need to make any day more fun! How to Make Oreo Cake in a Mug Mug cakes are one of my favorite treats to make with my kids! And when we found out you can make Oreo cake in a mug with just 2 ingredients we were very excited! Sure, it’s not as fancy as my Berry Chantilly Cake, but man do we love these mug cakes. All you need is Oreos, milk, a mug, and a microwave.  There’s something …

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Tasty Snickers Apple Salad

white bowl of snickers apple salad

Snickers Apple Salad is a combination of tart green apples, Snickers bars, and butterscotch pudding that you don’t want to miss! You’ll love the sweet, nutty flavor, and your kids will love making it with you. Snickers Apple Salad  Now, this is a salad I can get behind! Snickers Apple Salad may sound a little strange if you haven’t had it before but it is so delicious!  It’s pretty incredible how amazing Snickers salad tastes with how fast you can make it. The apples are tart and fresh, the Snickers are nutty and chewy. The butterscotch and whipped topping add …

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3-Ingredient Toffee Recipe

broken pieces of toffee recipe in a pile on a wooden counter

This toffee recipe makes a big batch of the best toffee you’ll ever eat! It’s got just the right amount of crunch and a perfect caramel flavor.  Simple Toffee Recipe I’ve always been a toffee fan and this toffee recipe is my very favorite. I think I could eat a whole tray of it plain! Plain is great, but I love how versatile this toffee recipe is. You can dip it in chocolate, add some sea salt, pour it over saltines, or even add colored sprinkles and designs for fun.  Our favorite way to use toffee is crushing it up …

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How to Make Delicious Whoopie Pie Cookies

whoopie pie cookies on a cooling rack and counter

Whoopie Pie Cookies are my best-kept secret and now I’m sharing the recipe with you! These chocolate cookie sandwiches with a creamy filling are amazingly delicious!  Whoopie Pie Cookies My kids and I absolutely love whoopie pie cookies. Not only does it feel silly to say “whoopie pie”, but the yummy taste and the kid-friendly recipe make this one of our favorite treats to make together.  I’m a huge fan of any cookie sandwich, but whoopie pies have this sentimental place in my heart! Whoopie pie cookies are a sandwich of two cakey and fudgy chocolate cookies filled with a …

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The Very Best Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe

cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles

This Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is the best creamy thick frosting for decorating cakes, cookies, or anything in between. And even better, it’s only 5 ingredients! Get the recipe here.  Vanilla Buttercream Frosting I’ve tried a million different frosting recipes, but I keep coming back to this classic vanilla buttercream frosting. It’s sweet, simple, reliable, and always gets the approval of whoever tastes it! Whether it’s for a birthday cake, sandwiched between cookies, or on top of cupcakes, this vanilla buttercream frosting is a winner. I love how easy it is to make. I could easily have this done in 10 …

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Easy Cookie Pizza Recipe

easy cookie pizza recipe covered in candy pieces

This easy Cookie Pizza recipe is something every parent needs in their back pocket! With a chocolate chip cookie crust, creamy frosting, and your favorite candy toppings, this dessert will be your kids’ wish come true.  My Easy Cookie Pizza Recipe Nothing gets my kids more excited than this easy cookie pizza recipe. I try to only make it for super special occasions, but I can’t resist because it’s so fun and easy to make! My kids always work right alongside me and we make and decorate our cookie “pizza” together. It’s the best family activity and a great way …

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