Deck the Halls: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

Discover the magic of Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts and transform simple materials into festive holiday decorations. Explore creative DIY projects that add a touch of homemade charm to your Christmas celebrations.

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Christmas crafts made from toilet paper rolls are a wonderful way to bring festive cheer into your home while upcycling everyday materials. These DIY projects are not only eco-friendly but also incredibly versatile, offering endless possibilities for creativity.

From crafting adorable reindeer ornaments to constructing decorative wreaths and festive gift boxes, toilet paper roll crafts are a budget-friendly and imaginative way to make your holiday season extra special. Plus, they provide a fantastic opportunity for family crafting sessions, making cherished memories together during this joyful time of year.

What to make out of toilet paper rolls for Christmas?

There are plenty of fun and creative Christmas crafts you can make using toilet paper rolls. Here are some ideas to inspire your holiday crafting:

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments: Cut the toilet paper rolls into rings, paint them in festive colors, and shape them into various ornament designs like snowflakes, angels, or wreaths.
  • Miniature Christmas Trees: Create adorable miniature Christmas trees by stacking toilet paper rolls on each other, painting them green, and adding decorations like beads, glitter, or tiny ornaments.
  • Santa Claus and Snowman Figures: Transform toilet paper rolls into jolly Santa Claus or snowman figures. Paint them accordingly and add details like cotton balls for Santa’s beard or a mini top hat for the snowman.
  • Advent Calendar: Craft an Advent calendar by cutting toilet paper rolls into smaller sections and decorating each one differently to represent the days leading up to Christmas. Fill them with small treats or notes.
  • Napkin Rings: Use toilet paper rolls to create decorative napkin rings for your Christmas dinner table. Paint or decorate them with holiday-themed elements like holly leaves or miniature ornaments.
  • Gift Boxes: Craft small gift boxes from toilet paper rolls. Flatten the roll, fold in the edges, and secure with tape. Decorate them with festive wrapping paper or paint.
  • Wreaths: Cut toilet paper rolls into rings, paint them green or cover them with green paper, and then arrange them in a circular pattern to create a DIY Christmas wreath. Add ornaments or bows for extra flair.
  • Candles: Make decorative candle holders by cutting the toilet paper rolls into varying heights and decorating them with paint, glitter, or wrapping paper. Place battery-operated tea lights inside for a safe and cozy holiday atmosphere.
  • Stockings: Craft mini stockings by shaping toilet paper rolls into stocking shapes and decorating them with felt, fabric, or paint. These can be used as unique gift wrap or hanging decorations.
  • Garlands: Cut toilet paper rolls into small rings and paint or wrap them in colorful paper. String them together to create a festive garland to hang around your home.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls. Let your imagination run wild, involve the kids, and enjoy making unique and eco-friendly holiday decorations. Below are even more ideas of what you can craft for Christmas using just a simple toilet paper roll and a few other items.

Christmas Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

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How To Make Christmas Crackers by Simplify Create Inspire
Simple Toilet Paper Roll Elf Craft For Kids by Artsy Craftsy Mom
Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Napkin Rings & Ornaments by Red Ted Art
Toilet Paper Roll Gnome For Christmas by Red Ted Art

collage of different types of  Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

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Snowman Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun
How To Make A Pillow Pouch by Sum of Their Stories
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Christmas Crafts made with Toilet Paper Roll collage

Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree Craft by The Soccer Mom Blog
Santa Binoculars by Messy Little Monster
Paper Tube Santa Craft by Messy Little Monster
Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Figures by Rock Your Homeschool

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Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus Craft by ConservaMom
Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll Craft by ConservaMom
Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Craft for Kids by ConservaMom
Christmas Binoculars by Homan At Home

collage of different types of Toilet Paper Roll

Nativity Cardboard Tube Craft by My Joy-Filled Life
Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts by The Best Ideas for Kids
Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft for Kids by Two Kids And A Coupon
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collage of Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Roll Santa Craft For Kids by Simple Everyday Mom
Nutcracker Toilet Paper Roll Craft by Simple Everyday Mom
Recycled Christmas Tree Craft for Kids by Mod Podge Rocks
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