Paper Bag Ghost Puppet

Ready to make Halloween a little less scary this year? We have you covered with this adorable paper bag ghost puppet. Far from spooky, this cheerful paper bag ghost is all smiles making it the perfect craft for kids of all ages. 

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Halloween crafts for kids are a staple in our home. My kids love to craft all kinds of spooky and non-spooky Halloween crafts. Whether you are looking for a fun craft at home or one for the classroom, this paper bag ghost is the perfect option. 

Download your paper bag ghost template and discover just how easy it is to make these at home or in the classroom. 

Once your ghosts are made, take it one step further in the realm of creativity and create a fun ghost puppet show with your kids. The laughs and giggles will be endless as these adorable ghosts pretend to scare each other time and time again. 

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Printable Template

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Supplies Needed

  • Colored construction papers
  • Paper bag
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Sharpies

Directions To Make A Paper Bag Ghost Puppet

in post image with pieces of construction paper
  • You can use thick white craft paper or white cardstock paper for the ghost pattern. Select different colored craft papers for the other items (hat and pumpkin). Trace the ghost head, body, and arm pattern on the selected white papers and trace the other things on colored craft papers of your choice. Cut out the traced patterns.
in post image with ghost hat pieces
  • Glue the strip cutout along the band of the hat base cutout. Use Sharpies to trace outlines on the band and hat base to give them a finished look.
in post image with paper bag and ghost pieces
  • Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes and mouth-line of the ghost on the head cutout and use a pink sharpie to draw the blushes.
in post image with pieces needed to complete Ghost Puppet
  • Flatten the bottom side of your paper bag with any one side of the paper bag. Glue the head pattern on the flattened bottom side of the paper bag.
in post image with pieces to complete Ghost Puppet
  • Glue the body pattern on the paper bag, right below the head; Keep the wavy side of the body pattern along the open side of the paper bag.
in post image with pieces to complete Ghost Puppet
  • Glue the 2 arm cutouts on both sides of the body part.
in post image with finished Ghost Puppet
  • Glue the hat pattern on the top side of the head. Trim the open end of the bag (bottom end of the paper ghost puppet) if necessary.
in post image with finished Ghost Puppets

Tips and Tricks 

  • If you’re crafting with younger children, always supervise when using scissors.
  • Adjust the size and shape of the eyes and mouth to make multiple puppets with varying expressions. For example, a wide-open mouth can look surprised, while slanted eyes can give a sneaky appearance.
  • Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! The charm of homemade crafts often lies in their quirks and individuality.

More Ideas…

Using a ghost paper bag puppet can offer many fun and engaging activities, both during the Halloween season and beyond. Here are some additional ways to enjoy your puppet:

  • Storytelling Session: Craft a spooky story around your ghost puppet. Gather family or friends around a dimly lit room and use the puppet to narrate the tale. This can be particularly fun during sleepovers or campfires.
  • Puppet Show: Create a mini-stage using a cardboard box and put on a puppet show. Introduce other characters by making other fun paper bag puppets and make it a full-blown production. Invite neighbors or friends over for a performance.
  • Sing-Along: Sing Halloween-themed songs or nursery rhymes with the ghost puppet as the main singer. “Five Little Ghosts” or “If You’re Ghostly and You Know It” to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” can be great choices.
  • Teaching Aid: Use the puppet to teach kids about emotions. Make different ghost puppets showcasing various expressions and use them to discuss feelings like happy, sad, scared, or surprised.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Design a ghost-themed scavenger hunt around the house or garden. Use the puppet to give clues or as a prize for the winner.
  • Ghost Dance Party: Play fun, spooky tunes and let the puppet dance around. Encourage children to dance along with their own puppets.

If your family creates this Paper Bag Ghost Puppet, share it with us on Instagram @frostingandglue. We’d love to see it!

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