Paper Bag Puppets

I love playing with paper bag puppets with my kids. We have so much fun making up stories together and laughing at the silliness that it brings out in each of us. We love to use puppets on family nights to spark moments of fun and we even use them when we are wanting to act out a story that we are learning about together. I think that Paper Bag Puppets are such a fun and creative way to use your imagination!   

My kids just love to play pretend. One of the great things about paper bag puppets is that there are so many variations, characters, and animals that you can create. All with minimal supplies and supplies that you typically have one hand. 

Paper Bag Puppets

This last Christmas, my kids and I made some adorable paper bag puppets. We all had the best time playing with the Grinch Paper Bag Puppet and the Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet. We loved them so much that I knew I needed to find more ideas that we could make any time of the year. I hope you find the perfect paper bag puppet to make with your kids too. 

Supplies Needed To Make Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets are great crafts to make because it uses minimal supplies and typical supplies that you may normally have on hand:

  • Colored Craft Paper: These puppets are so colorful and unique. You’ll definitely need some colored paper. 
  • Scissors: There are a few pieces for many of these crafts that will need to be cut out. 
  • Paper Bags: Of course, this is essential for these cute crafts! 
  • Glue: This glue is perfect for making your puppet come to life. 

Fun and Easy Paper Bag Puppets

Be sure to pin these paper bag puppet ideas to make later!

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