Paper Bag Lion Puppet

This Paper Bag Lion Puppet is the perfect craft to create new memories with your kids. I love that it is so simple and made from items you likely already have in your own home! Enjoy cultivating creativity with your kids while making this craft.   

Paper Bag Lion Puppet

When my family gets home from a zoo day, the kids always want to play pretend zoo keeper games. We grab our Alligator Papercrafts, and other animal toys and their imaginations run wild! And now with these lion paper bag puppets it’ll be even more fun!

This Paper Bag Lion Puppet is such a great way to extend the adventure of a zoo day and engage your child’s imagination. Not to mention, they are so adorable!

How to Make a Paper Bag Lion Puppet


  • Colored craft papers
  • Paper bag
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie


Step 1

Start by choosing your colored craft papers. You will need one sheet each in pink, light yellow, dark yellow, light orange, and dark orange. Once you have chosen your colors, trace the tail, body base, head, ear base, and leg patterns on the dark yellow paper. Next, trace the tail tip and big mane patterns on the dark orange colored craft paper. Then trace the inner ear patterns on the pink paper and the small mane pattern on the light orange sheet. Lastly, trace the mouth pattern on the light yellow paper. After you have traced all of the patterns, cut out the pieces. 

Step 2

With your craft glue, start attaching the pieces. First, create the tail by attaching the tail base cutout to the tail tip cutout. Then glue the small mane piece in the center of the big mane cutout. To create the ears, take the inner ear cut out and glue it in the center of the ear base piece. Then glue the ears onto the head cutout.       

Step 3

Glue the eyes onto the top portion of the head. Then glue the mouth cutout on the bottom portion of the head.

Step 4

Use your sharpie or marker to draw the nose and the mouth of the papercraft lion puppet.

Step 5

Grab your paper bag. If you do not have a paper bag handy, you can craft your own paper bag from brown wrapping paper. We will use the bottom side of the bag as the top side of our Paper Bag Lion Puppet.  

Step 6

Attach the leg pieces near the open end of the paper bag. Make sure to keep the paws facing outwards. Then glue the tail on either side of the paper bag.

Step 7

Glue the body base cutout onto the bag above the legs to cover the paper bag’s outer surface. 

Step 8

Glue the completed head on the bottom flat side of the paper bag. Crease the bottom side of the bag to make sure it stays on the right side with the rest of the pattern.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Decorative Edge Scissors when cutting out the mane to create a variety of looks.
  • Consider coloring the paper bag with green foliage to make it seem like the lion is in the jungle.

More Paper Bag Lion Puppet Ideas

Kids love playing pretend. Further, encourage imaginative games by creating or purchasing a Puppet Theater to display their new creations. 

Next time your family visits the zoo, bring your Paper Bag Lion Puppets with you! 

Further your kids’ knowledge by reading them some fun books on lions! My kids especially love the book Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards and More and How to Be a Lion.

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