Grinch Paper Bag Puppet

Get in the holiday mood with this super simple Grinch Paper Bag Puppet. Your kids will love getting hands on to create a fun new toy. 

Grinch Paper Bag Puppet

Grinch Paper Bag Puppet completed on blue background

Christmas time is coming! One of my kids’ favorite Christmas movies is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. They love the Grinch and they loved my Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet, so I knew that they would love this craft too! 

Even if your kids haven’t seen this movie, they will be sure to love making this holiday themed puppet. And it’s a great way to encourage them to use their imagination once the craft is done! 

How to Make a Grinch Paper Bag Puppet


  • Construction paper
  • Brown paper bag
  • Craft glue
  • Sharpie
  • Black gel pen
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Step 1

step one of making a paper bag grinch puppet

Start by choosing your colored sheets of construction paper. For this craft you will need one sheet each of dark green, light green, and yellow. Optional: Select 2 different colors of construction paper for the hat pattern. For this tutorial I used yellow and red for the hat. 

Once you have all of your construction papers chosen, you can start tracing! You will trace the eyebrow, nose and collar patterns on the dark green paper. Next, trace the head, arms and the body (rectangle shape) on the light green paper. Next you will trace the eye patterns, hat trim, and hat pom pom on the yellow paper. Also trace the hat base pattern on red paper.

After everything has been traced, grab your scissors and cut out the various shapes. Grab a green sharpie and color in the iris section of the eye pattern.

Step 2

Begin gluing by attaching the eyebrow and the eye cutouts to the top side of the head cutout. 

Step 3 

Next you will glue the nose below the eyes. Now you will begin adding even more details to the face. Do this by grabbing your black gel pen and tracing the outlines of the eyes. Using the same pen, draw the mouth. Then use a pink sharpie to draw blush spots on both cheeks (optional). 

Step 4

Grab your glue again and stick the collar of fur at the neck of the body cutout. Glue the arm cutouts on both sides of the body pattern.

Step 5

Grab a brown paper bag. If you don’t have a brown paper bag you can craft a customized paper bag using brown paper. The bottom side of the bag will be the top side of the Grinch puppet. Attach the body pattern on the front side of the paper bag, keeping the collar of fur towards the side of the bag with the flap.  

Step 6

Now, flatten the flap of the paper bag so it faces the front side of the bag where the body is. Finally, glue the head pattern of the Grinch on the flap to complete the paper bag puppet.

Step 7

Optional: Glue the hat trim to the bottom of the hat base. Then attach the pom pom to the point at the top of the hat. Finally, glue the completed hat to the top of the head.  

Tips and Tricks

  • Use craft pom poms for the hat pom pom, hat trim, and Grinch collar of fur for added texture and liveliness. 

More Grinch Paper Craft Puppet Ideas

Grinch Paper Bag Puppet flat lay on blue constructions paper and snow craft paper

Grab your new puppet, some blankets and pillows, and some popcorn or treats and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas together. Make a super fun and lasting memory with your kids. It could even turn into a new Christmas tradition! 

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