Dinosaur Bingo

Do you have a dinosaur loving child in your home? Dinosaur Bingo is an easy way to entertain your budding paleontologist! This picture card game is easy to play with even the youngest dinosaur enthusiast because it has pictures and requires no reading. The pictures allow everyone to enjoy a fun game of Dinosaur Bingo!

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Dinosaur Bingo can be a fun way to incorporate your child’s love of dinosaurs into family game night. Provide facts about dinosaurs during the game to pique the interest of your budding paleontologist. This adds an educational aspect to the fun. Wrap up game night with a fun dinosaur story or craft like our dinosaur bookmark craft or our Dinosaur paperbag puppet.

Why We Love Dinosaur Bingo

Bingo is a stomping great time for the whole family! Here are some reasons we love Bingo.

  • Bingo can be played on any occasion. Try our Thanksgiving Bingo while digesting your family feast, or use your conversation hearts to play our Valentine’s Bingo.
  • Bingo can be a great way to open up a conversation about the holiday or subject the game is about. 
  • Bingo is easy to play and set up! Just download and print the cards to start playing. Get creative with your bingo markers and use items around the house (those little plastic dinosaurs will finally come in handy!). 
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How to Play Dinosaur Bingo

Bingo is the perfect game for any occasion. Waiting for your food at a restaurant? Play bingo! On a plane? Play bingo! Follow these simple rules and have a great time.

  • Download the 8 Bingo cards and print them out at home. If needed, you can have them printed at your local office supply store. 
  • Don’t forget to print out the calling cards! You will need these in order to play.
  • You will need markers to put on the squares, so look around and find something fun! Little dinosaurs, mini building blocks, or candy you have in the pantry, anything works. 
  • Give everyone a Bingo card and markers to put on the spaces. Don’t forget the Free Space!
  • One person will be the caller and will either describe the picture or show the card to all the players. If the players have the picture on their Bingo card, they will place a marker on it.
  • The first player to get 5 in a row (up, down, or diagonal) and yells “BINGO!” wins! 
  • Clear the markers and start the fun again!

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Tips for Playing Dinosaur Bingo

  • To make your Bingo cards durable, I recommend laminating them. If that isn’t possible, use cardstock paper instead of printer paper. 
  • For younger players, have them use a descriptive word (color, size, physical characteristic) to tell the caller what is in the picture before they can place their marker. 
mockup image with orange border, bold white and green title that says "Dinosaur Bingo" and images of dinosaur bingo cards.

Benefits of Bingo

Bingo can be used in many ways to encourage fun and learning at the same time. 

  • Using the descriptions of the pictures encourages vocabulary building.
  • Encourages listening skills.
  • Working in teams builds cooperative skills.
  • Playing games together strengthens family bonds.
  • Learning good sportsman-like conduct
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How to Print Your Dinosaur Bingo Cards

To make your Dinosaur Bingo Cards last, for more than one use, it is suggested to print them out on heavy cardstock or have them laminated at your local office supply store. 

Other Dinosaur Activities 

Visit the library with your budding paleontologist to discover more about dinosaurs! Create this dinosaur bookmark together to help them keep their spot in their new books.

After learning about new dinosaurs, create your own with an adorable dinosaur paper bag craft or dinosaur puppet craft.

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