58 Interesting & Fun Facts About Alaska

Embark on a journey of fun facts about Alaska. Discover the awe-inspiring landscapes, unique wildlife, and vibrant cultures that define this large state. From the majestic Northern Lights to the vast wilderness, uncover the enchanting mysteries and adventures awaiting in Alaska.

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Facts about Alaska offer a window into a world of extreme beauty and unique phenomena, making them not only fun to learn but also incredibly engaging to share with friends or integrate into classroom lessons. The state’s vast wilderness, fascinating wildlife, and the mystique of phenomena like the Aurora Borealis captivate the imagination, encouraging exploration and appreciation of nature’s wonders.

Sharing these facts as well as facts about Seattle can spark conversations about environmental conservation, the importance of cultural heritage, and the thrill of adventure, making learning about Alaska an enriching experience for people of all ages.

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Facts about Alaska

  1. Most U.S. glaciers are in Alaska.
  2. The Aleut word Alyeska is another name for Alaska.
  3. The highest peak in Alaska is Mount Denali, at 20,320 feet tall. 
  4. Alaskan residents are paid to live there.
  5. The largest salmon ever caught was at the Kenai River.
  6. Only two states have a population smaller than Alaska.
  7. A quarter of jobs in Alaska come from the oil industry.
  8. At 5:36 pm on March 27, 1964, a huge earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale took place in Prince William Sound.
  9. According to estimates, there is one bear for every 21 people in Alaska.
  10. Alaska was once a part of the Russian Empire.
  11. Zinc is Alaska’s biggest mineral export.
  12. The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen on average more than 200 days per year in Alaska.
  13. About 52% of Alaskans are men – the highest percentage of any state.
  14. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the same size as South Carolina.
  15. Russia is so close to Alaska you can swim to it.
  16. Alaska is one of only 9 U.S. states with no income tax. However, some cities in Alaska do have sales tax.
  17. Alaska has more than 10,000 active pilots.
  18. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual race in Alaska.
  19. Alaska has the lowest population density in the nation.
  20. Alaska does not have a state sales tax.
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  1. Alaska is showcased in some of the best reality TV shows.
  2. Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined (more than 34,000 miles).
  3. The United States purchased Alaska for seven million dollars.
  4. ‘Northern Exposure’ was reportedly inspired by the town of Talkeetna.
  5. Forty percent of all Alaskans live in one place.
  6. Fruits and vegetables grow larger in Alaska than elsewhere.
  7. The most western point in North America is on the Alaskan Peninsula.
  8. Anchorage has more espresso stands per capita than any city in the U.S.
  9. Alaska’s population density is one person per square mile.
  10. Denali National Park and Preserve covers more than six million acres of land.
  11. Alaska has a midnight sun, which means 24 hours of daylight.
  12. Alaska Natives make up 18% of the state’s population.
  13. Alaska has no poison ivy or poison oak.
  14. Alaska’s nickname is the “Last Frontier”.
  15. The highest point in North America is Mt. McKinley in Alaska.
  16. Alaska doesn’t share a border with any US states, instead bordering with the Canadian states of Yukon and British Columbia.
  17. People have lived in Alaska for over 15,000 years.
  18. Alaska means “Great Land” in Aleut.
  19. Alaska’s state motto is “North to the Future.” Its state nickname is “The Last Frontier.”
  20. Almost one-third of Alaska’s land is in the Arctic Circle.
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  1. You can type “Alaska” on one row of the keyboard.
  2. Alaska has the lowest temperature recorded in the U.S.
  3. Alaska was reached by outsiders in 1741.
  4. A town in Alaska once had a cat for a mayor.
  5. Alaska’s flag was designed by a 13-year-old. Benny Benson designed the flag in 1926.
  6. The state bird of Alaska is the willow ptarmigan.
  7. Most of Alaska is inaccessible by car.
  8. Alaska has a Gold Rush history.
  9. Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. for $7.2 million.
  10. The state has more than three million lakes.
  11. Alaska is approximately 50 miles from Russia.
  12. Claims have been made about paranormal activity.
  13. Moose can grow to 1,600 pounds.
  14. Alaska had four time zones until 1983.
  15. Alaska is 14.2% water.
  16. Kodiak bears can weigh 1,500 pounds.
  17. The lowest temperature recorded in Alaska was -80 degrees at Prospect Creek Camp in 1971.
  18. Barrow has both the longest and shortest amount of daylight in the state. 
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