Bat Crafts for Kids

bat crafts for kids to amke

Bats are such a cute animal to craft. There are so many ways to create them and make them into something that can be played with. I think that bats are so cute for Halloween decorations or even just a great animal to learn about. I really think that you will find these Bat Crafts for Kids just adorable and fun for your kids to make. 

My kids love learning about bats because of how unique they are. One of the coolest facts about bats is that they can still find things in total darkness. My kids think that bats are so cool because of that. They love to pretend that they are just like bats by playing Marco Polo in the dark. It’s so funny and cute. I know they are going to love making their very own bats.   

Bat Crafts for Kids

I mentioned before that my kids love to pretend to be bats in the dark, so I thought that it would be fun one day for us to make this awesome Batman Papercraft. They think that Batman is so cool because he is able to fight crime in the darkness and he always beats the villains.

I am definitely going to make these Easy and Fun Swiss Roll Halloween Bat Cakes. They are just so cute and my kids will really love them since they are made with one of their favorite treats. I just love incorporating foods into the theme of their activities. 

Supplies Needed To Make Bat Crafts for Kids 

These are some great materials to use to make your super cute bats:

  • Paint: You can use some really cool black paint for your bats.  
  • Colored Craft Paper: This is a great material for cutting out bats or even making them by folding it. 
  • Googly Eyes: You can add these to your bats to give them super cute and fun faces. 
  • Craft Pom Poms: This is great for making cute little bat bodies.  
  • Glue: A lot of these crafts will work great with this glue.  
  • Hot Glue Gun: This is a great tool for attaching some of the heavier and rougher materials. 
  • Scissors: These are great scissors to use for these materials.  
  • Paper Plates: Color these black and you’ll have some cute little bats. Just attach wings! 
  • Black Paper Cups: You can use these to even hold treats and party favors in your cute bats. 
  • Clothespins: This is a good material to make your bat with because your bat can cling to things. 

Bat Crafts for Kids

collage of 4 bat crafts for kids to make

Easy Plastic Cup Halloween Bat Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon 
Cute Bat Halloween Bag and Bucket Ideas by Two Kids and a Coupon
Preschool Bat Craft [Free Template] by Simple Everyday Mom
Paper Plate Bat Craft For Kids [Free Template] by Simple Everyday Mom

4 bat crafts for kids
one black bat made out of popsicle sticks
black bats flying in the night
gnome bat
3d bats

Bat Popsicle Stick Craft For Kids [Free Template] by Simple Everyday Mom
Halloween Bat Art Project For Kids by Craft Play Learn
Make This Dollar Tree Bat Gnome a 10 Minute Gnome Craft! by Ruffles and Rain Boots
Halloween Art Project With 3D Paper Bats by Projects with Kids

4 bat arts and crafts
one bat drawing using chalk
3 bat pompoms in orange, brown, and violet
2 black bats in yellow background
3 black bats (origami)

Spooky Bat Chalk Pastel Art Project for Kids by Projects with Kids
Bat Crafts – Pom Pom Bats by Red Ted Art
Bat Bottle Cap Magnet Craft by Thrifty Jinxy 
How to Make an Origami Halloween Bat (Easy) by Red Ted Art

4 bat crafts
2 bats made out of tissue paper roll
1 brown bat hangging upside down
2 black bats for goodies
2 black paper plate bats

Toilet Paper Roll Bats For Kids by The Inspiration Edit
Hanging Bat Craft for Kids, Inspired by Stellaluna by Books and Giggles
Halloween Craft: Easy Pinata / Goodie Bag by Red Ted Art
Paper Plate Bat Craft by The Printables Fairy

4 bat crafts
1 black bat with a string
1 black bat with treats
2 small bats used as bookmark (edges)
3 black bats being traced

Halloween Bat Craft by Two Pink Peonies 
DIY Halloween Bat Treat Cups by Thrift Jinxy 
Bat Corner Bookmark for Halloween Reading Fun by The Inspiration Edit 
DIY Halloween Felt Garland With Spooky Bats by Family Focus Blog

4 bat crafts
3 black and red bats from clothespin
1 black flying bat
1 violet bat
1 black bat from bottle

Clothespin Vampire Bats by Crafts by Amanda
Easy Flying Paper Tube Bat Craft by Mombrite
Bat Handprint Craft for Halloween [Free Template] by Mombrite
Let’s Make Soda Bottle Bats for Halloween by Kids Activities Blog

4 bat crafts for kids with the caption 24 bat crafts for kids

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