Fun & Easy Felt Pineapple Plush Craft [Free Template]

Looking for something bright and sweet to craft with your kids? This felt pineapple craft will bring smiles and delight to everyone in your family! Your kids will love an afternoon of crafting with you!

Felt Pineapple Plush Craft

A photo of the finished Felt Pineapple Plush.

Whether it’s stormy outside or sunshiney, this felt pineapple craft will be enjoyed by all! It can be made to be gifted, hung on the fridge, or played with day and night (it makes perfect pretend food!) 

Felt is easy to find in many different colors, so your pineapple can be original, creative, or out of this world with glitter. Anything is possible with this cute felt pineapple craft. As my good friend likes to say, “Be like a pineapple; stand tall, wear your crown, and be sweet on the inside!”

Why Create Felt Pineapple Plush Craft

Ready to dive into a tropical oasis of creativity, where today we’re diving into the vibrant world of felt crafts with this fun felt pineapple craft! 

Felt crafting offers a wonderful opportunity to explore your artistic side, with the pineapple providing a perfect blend of simplicity and potential for intricate detailing. Whether you’re a mom looking to make felt food for your kids pretend kitchen, a teenager who loves pineapples or someone who just loves to create you are going to love this felt craft project. 

Through this tutorial, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a felt pineapple. We even share a few tips and tricks to make your crafting journey as smooth as possible, including how to add personality and character to your pineapple with facial features or accessories.

So gather your materials, and let’s embark on this creative adventure together with the kids. By the end of this post, you’ll have a handmade felt pineapple that brings a touch of tropical flair wherever it goes. Let’s get started and bring this fruity fantasy to life!


  • Template
  • Felt
  • Fabric marker
  • Needle
  • Thread

How to Make a Felt Pineapple Plush

A photo of all the separate pieces needed for the felt pineapple craft.
  • Select yellow, green, and pink colored felt for the pineapple pattern and another colored felt for the flower pattern. Prepare the template patterns and trace them on the selected felt fabrics. The template includes 2 pineapple bases, 2 leaf patterns, 2 blush patterns and a flower pattern. Cut out the traced patterns from the felt fabrics.
A photo of how to draw on the eyes and mouth with a needle and green thread.
  • Take any one of the pineapple base cutouts and use a fabric marker to draw the eyes, mouth and the spots on the base cutout. Prepare a needle with black thread.
A photo of how the brown cross-stitches should look on the face.
  • Stitch the spots with brown thread. I did a small cross-stitch for each spot/dot.
A photo showing the pineapple face, the two blush cutouts and the pink thread in the needle.
  • Stitch the eyes and mouth with the black thread. Prepare needle with pink thread to stitch the blush cutouts.
A photo demonstrating how to sitch on the blush cutouts.
  • Stitch the 2 blush cutouts on both cheeks using pink thread.
A photo showing how to place the smaller leaf pattern over the larger one.
  • Take the 2 leaf cutouts and place the small one on the top of the big one.
a photo showing the placement of the bottom half of the pineapple and the green leaf pattern.
  • Place the plain pineapple base on a flat surface and then place the leaf pattern on the top side of it, by slightly overlapping the top part of the pineapple base.
A photo showing how to line up the two halves of the pineapple.
  • Place the stitched pineapple base on the top of the plain one, keeping the leaf patterns between both bases.
A photo showing how to thread the yellow thread into the needle and where to place the flower.
  • Place the flower cutout and its center cutout near the overlapped parts of the leaf and base patterns. Work a cross stitch to join the flower with the pineapple pattern.
A photo showing the cross stitch on the flower
  • Prepare the needle with yellow thread.
A photo demonstrating how to stitch the outside of the pineapple
  • Start stitching around the sides of the pineapple bases.
The felt pineapple with a yellow needle and thread coming out of it.
  • Keep a small opening for stuffing the felt pineapple.
The felt pineapple with an opening and cotton coming out of the small opening.
  • Stuff the felt pineapple with cotton or scrap felt through the small opening.
  • Close the open end by stitching it neatly. Secure the end of the stitch with 2 tight knots and cut off extra thread.
The finished product of the Felt Pineapple

Tips and Tricks

  • This craft requires supervision for children who are not yet comfortable and safe with a needle. Try using fun colors and textures of felt (like glittery felt!) for a fun spin. 
  • If you choose to stuff your pineapple craft be sure to fill it with just the right amount of stuffing. You do not want it to lose its shape by overstuffing it and stretching the felt. It should still be soft and cuddly once filled. 
  • You don’t have to make just one size felt pineapple. Take the template and make it larger and smaller to create a whole pineapple felt collection. 
  • Don’t forget to use the free template to help cute out your felt to ensure the pieces are symmetrical.
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