Pot of Gold and Rainbow Papercraft 

I know your kids are looking forward to all the things that come with St. Patrick’s day if they are anything like mine. Mine love the rainbows, shamrocks (especially after our Shamrock Salt Painting for kids), gold coins, and let’s not forget the leprechauns. If you’re looking for a craft to celebrate all those things, then this colorful pot of gold and rainbow papercraft is exactly what you need!

feature image: Pot of Gold and Rainbow Papercraft 

It’s really simple, but creates a lovely craft that’s easily fridge-worthy!

Pot of Gold and Rainbow Papercraft 

I just love crafting with my kids, especially for holidays. It really helps make the holiday so much better. If you are looking for the perfect craft for your kids this St. Patrick’s Day then you will want to try this pot of gold and rainbow papercraft today. 

This craft is easy to make and comes with a free template to print to help you and your child easily make it. This papercraft will allow you to make so many memories together while making a cute pot of gold and rainbow papercraft.

To make this craft you do not need a lot of supplies. You likely have everything already in your home. So gather up your supplies and print the template to start the fun of crafting with your kids.

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craft supplies needed to make a pot of gold and rainbow papercraft
  • Colored craft papers
  • Golden matte paper
  • Craft foam sheet
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

How to Make a Pot of Gold Rainbow Papercraft

  • Select the color paper you wish to use for your rainbow, clouds, pot, and coins. Now, select a paper for the background or craft canvas. Once you have your colors selected trace the cloud shapes on white paper, the rainbow patterns on the papers selected for the rainbow, the pot pattern on black or any dark colored paper as you like and trace the coins on golden paper.
  •  Cut out 2 small pieces from the craft foam sheet. 
  • Prepare the background or canvas paper. Apply glue on the backside of the pot. 
  • Apply glue on both sides and bottom but keep 2 cm of the top side free from glue. 
  • Stick the pot on the background paper, making sure to attach it on a side, either left or right. 
  • Grab the cloud cutouts and stick the small foam pieces on the backside of each cloud shape. 
White clouds added to pot of gold and rainbow papercraft
  • Stick the small cloud cutout on the top of the big cloud cutout. 
  • Grab the rainbow cutouts and add them to the background paper one by one. One end of the rainbow layer cutouts should be placed right above the pot’s top end. 
  • Attach all the layers of the rainbow one by one to complete the rainbow pattern. 
finished papercraft with pot of gold and rainbow
  • Attach the 3d cloud pattern on the other open end of the rainbow pattern. 
  • Place the golden coin cutouts inside the pot through its top end. Trace and cut out shamrock patterns from green colored craft paper. Stick the shamrock paper cutouts on the rainbow, near the cloud, or wherever you like. 

More St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Turn your home into a festive St. Patrick’s Day home. You can do simple things like turn your milk green, set out chocolate gold coins, and make some cute decorations that are simple and fun.

You can make a really cute decoration making this easy to make Leprechaun gnome papercraft. It is the perfect craft project to make with the kids to help bring the magic of St Patrick’s Day into your home. They are so cute and you can make more than one and make a cute paper garland out of them for decorations. Be creative and just have fun!

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Be sure to pin this Pot of Gold and Rainbow papercraft so you can find the instructions later!

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