Spring Puppet Crafts

These fun spring puppet crafts on popsicle sticks are the perfect way to celebrate Spring. Your kids will love creating a bunny, lamb, and chick to play with them all season long!

Spring Puppet Crafts

completed spring paper puppets of blue bunny, yellow chick and white and grey lamb

I can never believe when Spring is over! And I couldn’t let it go without sharing with you a fun puppet craft that I did with Talie the other day! They are these fun spring puppet crafts that are perfect to create all season long or to go along with your egg dying and other Easter festivities.

You will love making these Spring puppets crafts with the kids and with the templates it makes it so easy! You will be able to make the cutest bunny, lamb, and sheep. 

The best thing about these is that after they are made the fun is just beginning because your kids can then play with them for hours. 

If you love spring crafts, try these!


supplies needed included three popsicle sticks, blue pencil, sharpie, yellow glue stick, sheets of colored papers and blue scissors
  • Colored paper
  • White embossed paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Fun Spring Activities For Kids…

How to Make Spring Popsicle Stick Puppets

completed puppets on sticks
  • To make your spring puppet crafts, grab white embossed paper, yellow, orange, pastel blue, pink and grey colored paper. 
  • Trace the chick patterns on yellow and orange paper, the bunny patterns on blue and pink paper and the lamb patterns on white embossed paper and grey paper.
  • Cut out the traced papers.  

Lamb Instructions

  • Attach the hair (small pattern) cut out on the top side of the head cutout.
cut out pieces to make lamb, grey head with white fleece, white fleece body and grey feet
  • Attach the leg cutouts on the bottom side of the body cutout. 
grey head glued to white body and grey legs

  • Attach the head on the top side of the body pattern. 

Chick Instructions

pieces of chick glued together including yellow head with orange beak, yellow body with orange feet
  • Attach the beak on the head cutout and the legs on the bottom side of the body cutout. 
  • Attach the wing cutouts on both sides of the body pattern and the head on the top side of the body pattern. 
  • Attach the small round cutout in the middle of the big round cutout. 

Bunny Instructions

  • Attach the pink inner ear cutouts on the main ear parts attached to the head cutout. 
  • Attach the head on the top side of the body cutout. 
bunny cut out pieces including blue head and ears, blue body with yellow stomach
  • Attach the tail on either side of the body pattern, near the bottom side.
  • Attach the paw cutouts along the bottom side of the body pattern. 
  • Use a sharpie to draw the eyes and other details of the papercraft bunny, chick and lamb puppets. 
completed puppets including lamb, chick and bunny
  • Attach the papercraft bunny, chick and lamb on popsicle sticks to complete the crafts.

How Do I Print A PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is a great option. Open the program, click file then print. Select your printer and the number of copies you want to print. Be sure you click double-sided if you want it to print on both sides. 

Can I Resell These?

You may not resell any printable or template that you find on our website or received in your email. You may use them for class parties, at church, at home, or in the classroom. You may get these printed at an office supply store or copy center at your own expense.

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