Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and you may be wondering what gift you should get for your child’s teacher. This list of Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas is perfect if you need some ideas! We love our teachers and want to show them we appreciate everything they do to educate our children. 

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Why is it important to appreciate teachers?

Showing appreciation to teachers is incredibly important because they play a vital role in shaping the future of our own kids. Teachers not only give knowledge and skills to their students, but they also serve as mentors, role models, and advocates. 

Teachers devote countless hours to their job, often sacrificing their own time and resources to ensure their students receive the best education possible. Recognizing and thanking teachers for their hard work and dedication can help boost their morale and motivation, and can also inspire them to continue making a positive impact in the lives of their students. 

What do you give a teacher for appreciation?

What do you give a teacher who has given her time and talents to teach your child? There are many types of gifts out there. You can have your child make a gift or spend a little money getting her something from the store. Whatever you choose, showing your appreciation for teachers is something your child will want to help with. Here is our list of no-cost teacher appreciation gifts.

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No-Cost Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

  • A card made by your child – teachers will love the thoughtful gift given by your child that shows the time and talent that went into the gift.
  • Thank you notes – gather notes from the other children in your kids’ class that shows how much they enjoyed being with the teacher this year.
  • Applause parade – have the children line up in the hallway one morning and warmly welcome their teacher with applause and cheering.
  • Teacher Lounge Clean Up – Enlist other parents to help clean up the teacher lounge and leave some homemade baked goodies for the teachers.
  • Homemade Goodies – Have your child help you bake some homemade goodies for their teacher, such as bread, cookies, or brownies.
  • Recess Switch – Volunteer to watch the class at recess, giving the teacher a small break in their day.
  • Thank you announcement – ask the front office to give a shout-out to the teacher during the morning announcements, sending in a note of thanks for them to read.
  • Classroom Clean Up – Find a time and a few other parents to volunteer to clean up the teacher’s classroom; even better if this happens at the end of the school year. 
  • Letter of Appreciation – write your child’s teacher a note thanking them for the things they have done. A handwritten note is a way to show you are thankful.
  • Video Shout-Out – Have other parents record their child saying something they love about their teacher and put together a video montage of the students showing their love for their teacher.
  • All About My Teacher Book – have your child fill out a book about their teacher. They will appreciate the thoughtful gift.
  • Wall of Appreciation – Have staff, class members, and even former students write a short note of appreciation for the teacher and put them up on the wall leading to the teacher’s classroom.
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  • Volunteer – Plan a party or just volunteer in the classroom shows your appreciation for the teacher and give her a little break.
  • Roses are Red Poem – Have your child write a poem starting with roses are red that lets the teacher know something fun about themselves.
  • Donate Old Books – Donate some of your old children’s books to your child’s classroom.
  • Free Printables – Download free “We Appreciate You” signs and hang them up around the school and the teachers’ classrooms.
  • Bracelet – if your child is crafty, have them make a friendship bracelet for their teacher. 
  • Coloring Pages – Download a free teacher appreciation coloring page and have your child color it in for their teacher.
  • Door Decor – Decorate the classroom door with paper flowers, or find a simple design online that you can make.
  • Contest Winner – Enter your child’s teacher in contests that give teachers free supplies.
  • Rewards – Most supermarkets or box chain stores have programs that reward teachers or schools. Send a portion of your reward points to your school or teacher.
  • Groups to Donate – Ask local businesses or non-profit groups to donate supplies to your child’s classroom.
  • Social Media Shout Out – Give a digital shout-out on social media highlighting how great your child’s teacher is! 
  • Bake a Cake – Have your child bake and decorate a cake.
  • Crayon Art – Repurpose your old crayons into art for your child’s teacher. Melt the crayons into fun shapes, or rearrange the crayons into first letter of the teachers last name. 
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Creative and Fun Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Here are some creative and fun gifts that you can give to your favorite teacher:

Puzzle or Board Game: Teachers work hard to keep their students engaged and stimulated. Give them a chance to unwind with a fun puzzle or board game. Choose something that suits their interests and age group.

Movie Night Gift Basket: A cozy movie night at home can be the perfect way for a teacher to relax after a long day at school. Put together a gift basket with popcorn, candy, and their favorite movie.

Spa or Relaxation Kit: Being a teacher can be stressful at times. Give your teacher a chance to relax with a spa or relaxation kit. Include items like scented candles, bath salts, and soothing music.

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Classroom Activity Kit: Teachers are always on the lookout for fun and educational activities for their students. Make their job easier by putting together a classroom activity kit. Include items like science experiment kits, art supplies, or board games.

Personalized Tote Bag: Teachers have a lot of stuff to carry back and forth to school every day. Help them stay organized with a personalized tote bag. Choose a design or message that reflects their personality or interests.

Personalized Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important, especially for busy teachers. Give them a personalized water bottle with their name or a fun design.

Desk Plant: Bring some life into your teacher’s classroom with a small desk plant. Choose a low-maintenance plant like a succulent or cactus that can thrive in a classroom environment.

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These creative and fun gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your teacher’s face and show them how much you appreciate all their hard work.

Giving gifts to teachers is a great way to show appreciation for all that they do. Whether it’s a practical gift that can help with classroom supplies or a creative and fun gift that can help them unwind after a long day, teachers will always appreciate the gesture.

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