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Swim on over here to get your own Turtle Template to print and craft with! Just download, print, cut out, and color for your own adorable turtle. 

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Printable Turtle Template

My family loves going to the aquarium. And while we love looking at all the different fish, our favorite animals to visit are the sea turtles. 

Turtles are so cool! These fascinating reptiles live in the water and come up to the land for a warm bask in the sun. They also live all over the world! 

Did you know that turtles can live to be more than 150 years old?! I don’t know that a human has ever lived that long! 

Printable Template

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This Turtle Craft Template is a great way to get creative. Your kids will love getting to color their own turtle just the way they want! They can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or even paint. 

The great thing about this Sea Turtle Template is that it encourages the development of fine motor skills. Kids get to practice their tracing and cutting skills. Coloring also helps improve fine motor skills. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your children entertained, help them get creative, or just want to make some classroom decorations, this Easy Turtle Template is just what you’re looking for.

How to Use Your Turtle Craft Template

Once you’ve got your template, print it out! I like to use cardstock when I print out templates. They tend to last a bit longer and are sturdier than normal printer paper. 

You can either color or cut out your pieces first. The choice is yours! My kids tend to color first and then cut out so if they color a little outside of the lines, you can’t tell.

Then you put them all together! You can use glue sticks, craft glue, double-sided tape, or even staple them together. This craft glue tends to work the best in my experience. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Make your turtle out of construction paper. Use the template to trace the patterns out on the construction paper instead of coloring them. 
  • Make it a puppet! Just add a popsicle stick to the back and create some wild stories. 
  • Googly eyes make everything more fun! Just glue on some googly eyes to add some silliness to your craft. 

More Turtle Ideas

If your kids think turtles are toad-ally awesome, they’ll enjoy some laughs with these turtle jokes. These jokes are great to print out and give away. They can be put in lunch boxes, party favor bags, or even in the classroom! 

This sea turtle coloring book is a great way to encourage a quiet and independent activity. Or grab this turtle book from National Geographic to learn more about turtles. 

Take a visit to your local aquarium to see a turtle in real life! Aquariums typically have huge sea turtles swimming around with the other fish. How cool is that?! 

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