114 Birds That Start With J [Complete List]

Today, we’re jumping into the jubilant and jazzy world of birds that start with J. This journey will take us through jungles, over jagged cliffs, and into joyful meadows to meet some of the most jovial and jaw-dropping birds. So, let’s jolt our curiosity and jumpstart our adventure into the world of birds that start with J.

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First on our jaunt is the Jackdaw, a clever and sociable bird found across Europe and Asia. These birds are part of the crow family and are known for their shiny black feathers and silvery heads. Jackdaws are incredibly intelligent, often using tools and working in teams to find food. They teach us about the power of intelligence and teamwork, showing that working together can help solve even the toughest problems.

Next, we’ll journey to meet the Junco, a delightful little bird often seen flitting about in North American forests. Juncos have a subtle beauty, with their soft, gray feathers and bright white bellies. They’re especially famous for appearing in gardens when winter rolls around, reminding us that beauty doesn’t fade even when the temperature drops.

Then, let’s join the Jacana, also known as the ‘Jesus bird’ for its ability to appear as if it’s walking on water. Jacanas have incredibly long toes that spread their weight and allow them to walk on floating vegetation in shallow lakes. This fascinating adaptation shows us how nature can invent some truly ingenious solutions to life’s challenges.

Our joyful journey through the world of birds that start with J introduces us to the clever Jackdaw, the jolly Junco, and the ingenious Jacana. Each of these birds brings joy and wonder into our exploration, encouraging us to keep looking up and learning more about the feathered friends around us. So, let’s keep our spirits high and our binoculars ready as we continue to discover the amazing world of birds!

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List of Birds That Start With J

Here is a list of birds that start with J in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each bird! 

  • Jabiru
  • Jack Snipe
  • Jackal Buzzard
  • Jackson’s Hornbill
  • Jackson’s Spurfowl
  • Jackson’s Widowbird
  • Jacky Winter
  • Jacobin Cuckoo
  • Jalca Tapaculo
  • Jamaican Becard
  • Jamaican Blackbird
  • Jamaican Crow
  • Jamaican Elaenia
  • Jamaican Euphonia
  • Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo
  • Jamaican Mango
  • Jamaican Oriole
  • Jamaican Owl
  • Jamaican Petrel
  • Jamaican Pewee
  • Jamaican Poorwill
  • Jamaican Spindalis
  • Jamaican Tody
  • Jamaican Vireo
  • Jamaican Woodpecker
  • Jambandu Indigobird
  • Jambu Fruit Dove
  • James’s Flamingo
  • Jameson’s Antpecker
  • Jameson’s Firefinch
  • Jameson’s Snipe
  • Jameson’s Wattle-eye
  • Jandaya Parakeet
  • Jankowski’s Bunting
  • Japanese Accentor
  • Japanese Bush Warbler
  • Japanese Cormorant
  • Japanese Green Woodpecker
  • Japanese Grosbeak
  • Japanese Leaf Warbler
  • Japanese Murrelet
  • Japanese Night Heron
  • Japanese Paradise Flycatcher
  • Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
  • Japanese Quail
  • Japanese Reed Bunting
  • Japanese Robin
  • Japanese Scops Owl
  • Japanese Sparrowhawk
  • Japanese Thrush
  • Japanese Tit
  • Japanese Wagtail
  • Japanese Waxwing
  • Japanese Wood Pigeon
  • Java Sparrow
  • Javan Banded Pitta
  • Javan Blue Flycatcher
  • Javan Bush Warbler
  • Javan Cochoa
  • Javan Cuckooshrike
  • Javan Flameback
  • Javan Frogmouth
  • Javan Fulvetta
  • Javan Green Magpie
  • Javan Hawk-eagle
  • Javan Kingfisher
  • Javan Lapwing
  • Javan Munia
  • Javan Myna
  • Javan Owlet
  • Javan Plover
  • Javan Pond Heron
  • Javan Scops Owl
  • Javan Sunbird
  • Javan Tesia
  • Javan Trogon
  • Javan Whistling Thrush
  • Javan White-eye
  • Javan Woodcock
  • Jelski’s Black Tyrant
  • Jelski’s Chat-tyrant
  • Jerdon’s Babbler
  • Jerdon’s Baza
  • Jerdon’s Bush Chat
  • Jerdon’s Bush Lark
  • Jerdon’s Courser
  • Jerdon’s Leafbird
  • Jerdon’s Minivet
  • Jerdon’s Nightjar
  • Jet Antbird
  • Jet Manakin
  • Jobi Manucode
  • Jocotoco Antpitta
  • Johanna’s Sunbird
  • Johannes’s Tody-tyrant
  • Jonquil Parrot
  • Jos Plateau Indigobird
  • Josephine’s Lorikeet
  • Jouanin’s Petrel
  • Joyful Greenbul
  • Juan Fernández Firecrown
  • Juan Fernández Petrel
  • Juan Fernández Tit-tyrant
  • Juba Weaver
  • Jungle Babbler
  • Jungle Bush Quail
  • Jungle Myna
  • Jungle Nightjar
  • Jungle Owlet
  • Jungle Prinia
  • Junín Canastero
  • Junin Grebe
  • Junin Tapaculo
  • Juniper Titmouse
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Fun Facts about Birds That Start With J

Ready to increase your knowledge of birds that start with J? Dive in and learn more about all the different fruits on the list!

A grey background on the left is the letter J in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "jabiru" in white lettering with a picture of jabiru bird below it.
  • Jabiru: This tall bird has a striking black and white body and a long red neck. It loves wading through wetlands in search of fish and frogs.
  • Jack Snipe: A small, secretive bird that likes to hide in marshy areas. It’s known for its unique “bouncing” flight and short bill.
  • Jackal Buzzard: A bird of prey from Africa with beautiful red and white underparts and a powerful look. It soars high in the sky looking for small animals to catch.
  • Jackson’s Hornbill: This bird has a long, curved bill and lives in Africa. It uses its bill to pick fruits and find insects in trees.
  • Jackson’s Spurfowl: Known for its loud call, this bird from Africa has grey feathers and loves to run on the ground rather than fly.
  • Jackson’s Widowbird: A male of this species impresses females with its long tail feathers and jumping dances during mating season.
  • Jacky Winter: A small, friendly bird from Australia that wags its tail up and down. It likes open woodlands where it catches insects.
  • Jacobin Cuckoo: Often called the pied cuckoo, this bird is famous for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds, who then raise its chicks.
  • Jalca Tapaculo: A small, shy bird that likes to stay hidden in the grasslands of South America, making “tap-tap” sounds.
  • Jamaican Becard: This bird has a lovely pink chest and lives in the forests of Jamaica, where it builds large nests.
  • Jamaican Blackbird: Known for its all-black feathers and strong beak, it’s a rare sight in the forests of Jamaica.
  • Jamaican Crow: A smart and noisy bird with glossy black feathers. It’s very social and likes to explore different sounds.
  • Jamaican Elaenia: A small bird with grey and white feathers, found in the forests of Jamaica, fluttering around in search of insects.
  • Jamaican Euphonia: A tiny, vibrant bird with a blue back and yellow belly, singing sweetly as it hops around Jamaican trees.
  • Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo: With its long tail and curved beak, this bird is a master at catching lizards in the trees of Jamaica.
  • Jamaican Mango: A beautiful hummingbird with iridescent green and black feathers, buzzing quickly from flower to flower in Jamaica.
  • Jamaican Oriole: Bright yellow and black, this bird sings beautifully and builds hanging nests in Jamaican trees.
  • Jamaican Owl: A nocturnal hunter with big eyes, known for its mysterious “whoo” call at night in the forests of Jamaica.
  • Jamaican Petrel: This rare seabird flies over the oceans near Jamaica, hardly ever coming to land except to nest.
  • Jamaican Pewee: A small bird that likes to perch and make quick flights to catch insects. It has a cheerful call that echoes through the Jamaican hills.
  • Jamaican Poorwill: A nocturnal bird, related to nightjars, that prefers the dry, rocky areas of Jamaica. It’s rarely seen because it’s so good at blending into its surroundings.
  • Jamaican Spindalis: A colorful bird with striking stripes of yellow and black. It loves to eat fruits and can often be found in the tops of trees looking for berries.
A grey background on the left is the letter J in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Jamaican blackbird" in white lettering with a picture of Jamaican blackbird below it.
  • Jamaican Tody: A small, bright green bird with a red throat that flits around the forests of Jamaica, often heard before it’s seen because of its high-pitched call.
  • Jamaican Vireo: This bird is greenish-yellow and loves to sing. It builds cup-shaped nests and is often found in the forests of Jamaica.
  • Jamaican Woodpecker: With its striking red and black feathers and powerful beak, this woodpecker is famous for tapping on tree trunks in search of insects.
  • Jambandu Indigobird: A clever bird that mimics the calls of other bird species. It’s known for its shiny, blue-black feathers and sneaky way of laying eggs in the nests of other birds.
  • Jambu Fruit Dove: A beautiful dove with a striking pink face and green body, often found quietly feeding on fruits in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.
  • James’s Flamingo: One of the rarest flamingos, known for its bright pink feathers and elegant neck. It lives in high-altitude salt lakes in South America.
  • Jameson’s Antpecker: Found in the forests of Africa, this small bird has a sharp beak perfect for picking ants and termites off of tree bark.
  • Jameson’s Firefinch: A small, vividly red bird that scurries along the ground of African forests looking for seeds.
  • Jameson’s Snipe: Known for its secretive nature, this bird is often found in marshy areas, camouflaged perfectly against the reeds.
  • Jameson’s Wattle-eye: A small bird with striking features, including a vivid blue wattle around its eye. It’s very active and often seen darting through the trees in African forests.
  • Jandaya Parakeet: A brightly colored parrot from Brazil, known for its loud calls and sociable nature. It has green, yellow, and orange feathers.
  • Jankowski’s Bunting: A rare and endangered bird from Asia, known for its beautiful singing voice and striking appearance with a black head and white stripes.
  • Japanese Accentor: A small bird found in the mountains of Japan, recognized by its speckled belly and melodious song.
  • Japanese Bush Warbler: Commonly heard but less often seen, this bird fills the Japanese countryside with its distinctive warbling song.
  • Japanese Cormorant: Often seen on the rocky coasts of Japan, this large black bird dives into the water to catch fish.
  • Japanese Green Woodpecker: Known for its vibrant green feathers and red head, this woodpecker is a colorful sight in the forests of Japan.
  • Japanese Grosbeak: A large, robust bird with a powerful beak, known for cracking seeds. It has striking black and yellow plumage.
  • Japanese Leaf Warbler: A small, energetic bird that flits through the trees of Japanese forests, singing a high-pitched tune.
  • Japanese Murrelet: A small seabird with a striking black mask during breeding season. It nests on rocky islands off Japan and loves diving into the sea to catch small fish.
  • Japanese Night Heron: A secretive bird with a chunky body and short legs, found in the forests of East Asia. It hunts at night for fish and insects near streams.
  • Japanese Paradise Flycatcher: Famous for its long, flowing tail, this bird flits gracefully through forests catching insects in midair.
  • Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker: A tiny woodpecker with a speckled back, this bird taps on trees in Japanese forests to find insects.
A grey background on the left is the letter J in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "jandaya parakeet" in white lettering with a picture of jandaya parakeet bird below it.
  • Japanese Quail: A small ground-dwelling bird, often kept for its eggs. It has a distinctive “chip” call and camouflaged feathers.
  • Japanese Reed Bunting: This little bird loves wetlands and has a black head with a white collar. It sings from reeds to declare its territory.
  • Japanese Robin: A charming bird with a bright orange chest, found in the understory of forests in Japan, singing a sweet song.
  • Japanese Scops Owl: A small owl with big, curious eyes and a calming call that echoes through the night in Japanese woods.
  • Japanese Sparrowhawk: A swift and agile hunter, this small hawk soars through the sky looking for birds and insects to snatch.
  • Japanese Thrush: A beautiful bird with a black head and orange underparts, it sings melodious tunes from the treetops.
  • Japanese Tit: A lively bird with a cheeky personality, it flits through Japanese forests, often hanging upside down to get at insects.
  • Japanese Wagtail: Always on the move, this bird with a long tail bobs up and down as it walks along streams looking for insects.
  • Japanese Waxwing: Known for its smooth, shiny feathers and a love of berries, this bird visits Japan in the winter in flocks.
  • Japanese Wood Pigeon: Larger than city pigeons, with a greenish sheen and red legs, it lives in forests and is very shy.
  • Java Sparrow: A chubby bird with a pink beak and white cheeks, it’s popular as a pet due to its sweet chirp and sociable nature.
  • Javan Banded Pitta: A colorful bird with bands of blue, red, and yellow, it hops on the forest floor in Java looking for insects.
  • Javan Blue Flycatcher: A stunningly vivid blue bird that flits through lowland forests in Java, catching flies with agility.
  • Javan Bush Warbler: Often heard but rarely seen, this shy bird has a lovely, warbling song that fills the Javan mountains.
  • Javan Cochoa: A rare bird with a sleek blue and silver body, it lives hidden in the dense Javanese forests.
  • Javan Cuckooshrike: This bird has a gray body and a sharp beak, feeding on insects in the lush Javan forests.
  • Javan Flameback: A type of woodpecker with a fiery red back, it pecks at tree trunks in Java to find tasty insects.
  • Javan Frogmouth: A night bird with big eyes and an amazing ability to camouflage, it looks like a part of the branch it sits on.
  • Javan Fulvetta: A small, fluffy bird that travels in flocks through the undergrowth of Javan forests, chirping softly as it moves.
  • Javan Green Magpie: Bright green feathers make this bird a forest gem, but it’s sadly very rare due to habitat loss.
  • Javan Hawk-eagle: Majestic and powerful, this eagle soars over the Javan forests, looking for small animals to swoop down and catch.
  • Javan Kingfisher: With striking blue and brown colors, this kingfisher dives into streams to catch fish, adding a splash of color to the scene.
A grey background on the left is the letter J in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Japanese quil" in white lettering with a picture of Japanese quil bird below it.
  1. Javan Lapwing: A ground bird with a striking appearance, it’s found in open areas of Java where it lays its eggs on the bare ground.
  2. Javan Munia: This small bird with a stubby beak eats seeds and is often seen fluttering around the grasslands of Java.
  3. Javan Myna: Very adaptable, this bird is common in cities and countryside alike, known for its clever ways to find food.
  4. Javan Owlet: A nocturnal bird with big, soulful eyes, spending its nights hunting insects and small animals in the Javan woods.
  5. Javan Plover: A small, sandy-colored bird that blends perfectly with the beaches where it likes to nest and feed along Java’s coastlines.
  6. Javan Pond Heron: This heron changes color from brown in the non-breeding season to a stunning white during breeding. It is often found wading quietly in Javan ponds, looking for fish.
  7. Javan Scops Owl: A small, mysterious owl with an enchanting call, it hides during the day and hunts at night in the forests of Java.
  8. Javan Sunbird: A dazzling little bird with iridescent feathers, it flits from flower to flower in Java, sipping nectar with its long beak.
  9. Javan Tesia: Very small and lively, this bird loves the dense undergrowth of Java’s forests, where it hops around looking for insects.
  10. Javan Trogon: A beautiful and elusive bird with bright colors, it sits quietly in the deep forests of Java, rarely seen by humans.
  11. Javan Whistling Thrush: Known for its melodious whistle at dawn and dusk, this blue-black bird is a lovely part of the Javan mountain forests.
  12. Javan White-eye: With a distinctive white ring around its eye, this tiny bird hops energetically through the treetops, joining mixed flocks to feed.
  13. Javan Woodcock: This secretive bird uses its long beak to probe the mud for worms in the damp forests of Java.
  14. Jelski’s Black Tyrant: A small, nimble flycatcher, it darts from its perch to catch insects in the air with quick, graceful movements.
  15. Jelski’s Chat-tyrant: This bird likes to sit high in trees and bushes to declare its territory with loud, sharp calls.
  16. Jerdon’s Babbler: A chatty little bird that loves thickets and tall grass, where it hides and sings sweet songs.
  17. Jerdon’s Baza: A sleek raptor with striking eyes and a sharp beak, it flies over forests looking for lizards and insects.
  18. Jerdon’s Bush Chat: Prefers open grasslands where it can be seen perched on low bushes, watching for insects to snatch.
  19. Jerdon’s Bush Lark: This lark has a beautiful singing voice that it uses while soaring high above the fields to mark its territory.
  20. Jerdon’s Courser: A rare and nocturnal bird with cryptic plumage, it is best known for its elusive nature, living in dry scrublands.
  21. Jerdon’s Leafbird: Brightly colored and lively, it mimics the leaves around it while searching for berries and insects in the canopy.
  22. Jerdon’s Minivet: A small, striking bird with bold colors, it flutters among tree branches, catching tiny insects.
A grey background on the left is the letter J in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Javan myna" in white lettering with a picture of Javan myna bird below it.
  • Jerdon’s Nightjar: Active at night, this bird is known for its soft churring calls that echo through the darkness.
  • Jet Antbird: Found in the dense undergrowth, it moves stealthily on the forest floor, flicking its tail as it searches for insects.
  • Jet Manakin: This small bird is famous for its sharp, quick movements in the rainforests of South America, almost like it’s dancing between the trees.
  • Jobi Manucode: A member of the bird-of-paradise family found in New Guinea, known for its shiny black feathers and graceful tail.
  • Jocotoco Antpitta: A rare bird from Ecuador, known for its large size and unique, fluffy appearance, and it was only discovered in 1997!
  • Johanna’s Sunbird: This little bird shines like a gem with its bright colors and is found in the forests of West Africa, sipping nectar from flowers.
  • Johannes’s Tody-tyrant: A tiny bird with a big voice, found in the Amazon rainforest, where it flits around the underbrush.
  • Jonquil Parrot: A beautifully colored parrot from the forests of New Guinea, known for its playful nature and loud calls.
  • Jos Plateau Indigobird: This clever bird from Africa mimics the calls of other birds. It’s named after the Jos Plateau in Nigeria where it’s commonly found.
  • Josephine’s Lorikeet: A vibrant lorikeet with dazzling colors, native to the Bismarck Archipelago, and named to honor a French empress.
  • Jouanin’s Petrel: A mysterious bird that spends most of its life flying over the Indian Ocean, rarely seen by people.
  • Joyful Greenbul: True to its name, this cheerful bird from Africa has a sweet song and a happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Juan Fernández Firecrown: A stunning hummingbird exclusive to the Juan Fernández Islands, known for its fiery red crown.
  • Juan Fernández Petrel: This seabird is a long-distance flier, traveling across the oceans and coming back to the Juan Fernández Islands to nest.
  • Juan Fernández Tit-tyrant: A tiny bird with a big personality, found only on the Juan Fernández Islands, known for its energetic behavior.
  • Juba Weaver: This bird is a master builder, weaving intricate nests that hang from tree branches in Eastern Africa.
  • Jungle Babbler: This chatty bird loves company and is often seen in big, noisy groups in the jungles of India.
  • Jungle Bush Quail: A shy bird that prefers walking to flying, hiding under bushes in the jungles of South Asia.
  • Jungle Myna: This bird is a common sight in the jungles of South Asia, known for its adaptability and intelligence.
  • Jungle Nightjar: A mysterious bird that comes out at night in Asian jungles, known for its distinctive call and camouflaged feathers.
  • Jungle Owlet: A small, fierce owl from the jungles of India, always on the lookout from its tree perch.
  • Jungle Prinia: A lively little bird with a long tail, found hopping around in the undergrowth of Asian jungles.
  • Junín Canastero: A hardy bird that builds stick nests in the high grasslands of Peru, named after Lake Junín.
  • Junin Grebe: An endangered bird that lives only in Lake Junín in Peru, struggling for survival as its home is threatened.
  • Junin Tapaculo: A secretive bird from the cloud forests around Lake Junín, known more for its song than its looks.
  • Juniper Titmouse: A cute, fluffy bird that loves to hang out in juniper bushes in the western United States, always busy looking for food.

Did you discover some pretty cool birds that start with J on the list? Which one are you excited to see in real life? Share it with us in the comments!

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