Crab Papercraft

This simple and fun crab papercraft is the perfect activity to make during beach week or just because. Grab the free downloadable crab template so you and the kids can make this again and again. 

In this technology-connected world, children are very fond of electronics. One way to get kids to put their electronics down is with a fun and simple craft project. 

As kids engage in papercrafts they will be igniting their imaginations and opening up a whole new world of creating and learning.  

Art and crafts for children have many benefits that go beyond just building creativity. As they take ownership while doing the crafts and are involved in creating something using their own hands, they gain self-confidence, become more creative, and build and strengthen fine motor skills. 

Crab Craft activity

Your kids are going to love this crab papercraft. This crab craft is easy to do and helps encourage your kids to be creative. With these simple directions, you and your kids can create a crab papercraft, don’t forget to download your free template to make it even easier!

Craft activities for preschoolers

Papercraft activities help kids enter into the world of creativity and exploration. Doing papercraft activities out of paper is perfect to do with kids because they don’t need any complicated tools or paintbrushes. 


  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Scissors

How to Make a Crab out of Paper

Pick orange-colored papers and trace the crab body and base it on that paper. Trace and cut out the parts.

Attach the cutouts, crawling legs, and blush cutouts on both sides of the body base. Now, attach the eye cutouts.

Attach the cutouts, crawling legs, and blush cutouts on both sides of the body base. Now, attach the eye cutouts.

Crafts have an important role in a child’s development. They get to express their imagination build creativity and develop lifelong skills. 

It is a wonderful way to promote a healthy mind for your child. Let them indulge in these activities; improve imagination and foster listening and communication. 

More Beach Themed Activities

Who doesn’t love beach activities? While making this crab project be sure to introduce your kids to some other beach-themed projects that they will love!

Create a beach water table! Add water, sand and some beach toys for the kids to play with their senses and explore. 

Did you know that you could dye sand? Grab some cool containers and a bag of sand and make sand art with the kids. They will love creating all kinds of fun projects with sand. 

Want to teach your kids a little more about the beach and what lives there? grab Clam I Am as a fun simple read that you can teach them all about the beach. This will soon become one of your kid’s favorite books.  

Be sure to save this crab paper craft so you can find it later!!

Finished crab papercraft Pinterest image

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