DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmark

Mermaids are the next big thing right now and for good reason! They provide a sense of imagination and fun to all the Mermaid lovers. We are absolutely in love with these DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmarks. They are so fun to make and make reading fun to help mark your page each and every time. 

The great thing about this project is that you can completely customize the look of your bookmark by choosing the colors and sequins to make it just how you like it! Don’t stop with this Mermaid project, try creating your own mixed media mermaid doll for even more fun! 

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How to Make a DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmark

  • Take 2 same-colored paper of two different shades for the mermaid tail base pattern. Then select the cardstock paper for the bookmark base.
  • Now, you need to trace the bookmark base (rectangle) on the cardstock paper. Then trace the mermaid tail shape on the colored paper and inner pattern (includes the scales and stripes) should be traced on the different shades on the paper.
  • Once you traced everything, then you can start cutting. Cut all the traced patterns out. 
  • Take the mermaid tail base and attach the scale cut-outs on the mermaid tail base (except the tail part)
  • On the tail part, attach the tail strips cut-outs on the tail part of the mermaid base
  • Now, we need to attach the top side of the mermaid tail pattern to the bookmark base. The tail pattern can be overlapped one another a little. 
  • Apply glue dots in places where you can add the sequins on the mermaid tail. Place the sequins on the glue dots and press them against the dot gently.
  • You can add as many sequins you want as you like on the mermaid base. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the bookmark

These mermaid bookmarks are one of the easiest bookmarks to make and your kids will love them! With the provided pattern they will be able to quickly create their very own bookmark to mark their page in their favorite book. 

More Mermaid Fun!

Do you have the ultimate mermaid lover? Grab her a mermaid bathing suit set so she can be a mermaid in the pool or at the beach! 

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Don’t forget to get a Mermaid book so that you can use your Mermaid bookmark! We love Mermaid and Me as a perfect book that is Mermaid inspired! 

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