Emoji Crafts for Kids

If you’re like most moms, you’re always on the lookout for new and engaging crafts to keep your kids occupied. Well, look no further! These emoji crafts for kids are sure to be a hit with both kids and grownups alike. So check out these fun crafts to try!

Emoji Crafts for Kids

I love that my kids learn so many emotions as they grow. It’s just so amazing to be able to see them smile, laugh, and be surprised during their experiences. And even though it can be hard to see, it is still so amazing that my kids are able to feel emotions like sadness and disappointment. All of these feelings that they have, even the sad ones, help them to become more compassionate, and empathetic, and learn about the things that make them happiest. 

Because emotions are so important to the process of learning and growing, I thought that it would be a really fun idea to show my kids that they can make some fun crafts made of emotions. These Emoji Crafts for Kids are just perfect for teaching them about all of the different emotions. 

Emoji Crafts for Kids

Emoji Crafts for Kids

One way that I know that I can get my kids excited is when I tell them that we are going to make these Creamy And Delicious Oreo Explosion Donuts. They are some of the best donuts that I have ever had and my kids definitely know that they will be feeling so happy when they eat them. 

I love to see my kids smiling and laughing. One way that I can get them to do that is by using these Jokes for Kids That are Hilarious. It is one of the best things to have on hand when they need a pick me up or even when they get bored on a road trip. 

Supplies Needed To Make Emoji Crafts for Kids 

These are some of the best supplies that you may need to have in order to make these exciting emoji crafts:

  • Scissors: These are some trusty scissors that I would recommend. 
  • Colored Craft Paper: Make sure you definitely have some yellow craft paper on hand.
  • Paper Clips: These are colorful and fun paper clips to use for your craft. 
  • Yellow Tissue Paper: This is great to add to pinatas and other fun crafts. 
  • Acrylic Paint: I love that this paint can go onto so many surfaces and stick well. 
  • Blank Cork Coasters: These are a perfect blank canvas to create your perfect emoji. 

Emoji Crafts for Kids

collage of Emoji Crafts for Kids

Emoji Craft (Free Template) by Crafting Jeannie

Emoji Pinata Gift Box: DIY Tutorial by Creatively Beth

DIY Coaster Emoji Craft by Lovely Indeed

Super Cute Emoji Coloring Pages by Kids Activities Blog

ways to make Emoji Crafts for Kids

DIY Polymer Clay Emoji Backpack Tags by Ruffles & Rain Boots

DIY Emoji Paper Clips by Drugstore Divas

Sparkling Heart Emoji Cookies by Messy Momma Crafts

DIY Emoji Valentines by Housing a Forest (waiting on approval from blogger)

DIY Emoji Ornament Wreath by Aww Sam (waiting on approval from blogger)

Emoji Pencil Toppers by This Momma Loves 

collage of 10 completed emoji crafts

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