Felt Angel Ornament

Bring some Christmas spirit into your home with this cute Felt Angel Ornament. Your kids will love making this unique project.

Felt Angel Ornament

I always love homemade things, whether it be crafts, drawings, trinkets, or otherwise. The great thing about this craft is that your kids can make it for themselves or they can make it as a very thoughtful gift to someone.

Paired with a yummy treat like my easy 3-Ingredient Toffee Recipe, this would be a great gift for your kids’ teachers.

How to Make a Felt Angel Ornament


  • Colorful felt fabrics
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  • Start this craft by choosing different colored felt fabrics for the angel patterns. For this example, I used a white piece, a yellow piece, a blue piece, and a brown piece of felt. The template includes a base layout, dress, head, 2 wings, hair, head-ring, sleeves and hands.
  • Trace the sleeves and dress on the same colored felt, in this case, I did blue Then trace the head and the hands using the same colored felt (I used white). Trace the other patterns in your desired colors. Once all of the patterns are traced, cut them out.
  • Use a pen or pencil to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the head cutout. Once you have your outline, use a black thread to stitch along the traced parts. Next, stitch the hand cutouts in the middle of the dress cutout as shown in the picture of this step.
  • Cut a slit along the yellow marked line of the hair pattern. Slide the top side of the head under the slit. This gives the illusion of bangs.
  • Now, place the top side of the dress cutout between the head and the hair layer, from below.
  • Stitch around the border of the face and join it with the hair and dress cutouts. Also, stitch the head-ring on the head by simply working a running stitch along with the ring cutout.
  • Place the sleeve cutouts on both sides of the dress. Place the wing cutouts on both sides of the base layout, making sure the wings slightly overlap the base.
  • Place the front pattern of the felt angel on the top of the base layout and start to stitch around the sides.
  • When you’re done stitching around the sides, tie a knot or 2 and cut off extra thread. Take a small piece of ribbon and form a loop with it.
  • Stitch the ribbon loop on the top backside of the felt angel doll to complete the ornament craft.

More Tips on How To Make An Ornament

Before closing off the stitches around the outer edges, fill the angel with cotton or scrap felt pieces to create a plush doll.
Add some glitter to the angel’s wings before attaching them to the body. They will shimmer so beautifully in the Christmas tree lights!

More Felt Angel Ornament Ideas

To further practice their sewing skills, check out this adorable Felt Gnome Ornament craft.

For some extra special storytimes with your kids, read The Angel Ornament. Your kids will love learning about the deeper meaning behind their traditional Christmas symbols.

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