41 Fruits That Start With R [Ultimate List with Pictures!]

Ready to go on a fun journey to learn about some amazing fruits that start with R. Fruits are not only delicious but also very healthy for us. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and each one has its own special taste. Let’s discover some fruits that begin with R and find out what makes them so special!

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Are you ready for a fun and fruity challenge? How many fruits do you think begin with the Letter R (ones that start with the word Red count, too!)  It might sound easy, but it may be more difficult than you think!

If you guessed 41, that is how many fruits that start with R we came up with, too! Ready to learn about different kinds of fruits from around the world? Let’s put on our thinking caps and get ready to explore the colorful world of fruits!

But before we get started, let’s chat about why fruits are so cool.

Fruits come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are sweet, some are sour, and some are even a little bit of both! They’re nature’s candy, full of yummy flavors and important stuff like vitamins that help keep us healthy and strong.

Did you know that fruits grow in all kinds of places? Some fruits like to sunbathe in hot climates, while others prefer to chill out in cooler areas. That’s why when we explore fruits that start with R, we might find some that come from faraway places with different weather from where you live.

And here’s something super fun: every fruit has its own unique journey, from being a tiny seed to becoming the delicious snack on your plate. Some grow on trees, others on bushes, and some even on the ground! Isn’t it amazing how nature works?

So, are you ready to learn more about all these fun fruits? It’s going to be a blast searching for and learning about these special fruits. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with R! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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List of Fruits That Start With R

Here is a list of fruits that start with R in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit! 

  1. Rainier Cherries
  2. Raisin
  3. Rajka Apple
  4. Rambai
  5. Rambutan
  6. Rammontchi
  7. Ramontchi
  8. Rangpur Lime
  9. Raspberry
  10. Raspuri Mango
  11. Red Banana
  12. Red Bayberry
  13. Red Currant
  14. Red Custard Apple
  15. Red Delicious Apples
  16. Red Grape
  17. Red Huckleberry
  18. Red Jocote
  19. Red Kiwi
  20. Red Mombin
  21. Red Mulberry
  22. Red Papaya
  23. Red Pineapple
  24. Red Plums
  25. Red Williams Pears
  26. Rhobs El Arsa
  27. Rhubarb
  28. Ribbery
  29. Ripe Olives
  30. Rocha Pear
  31. Rockmelon
  32. Rollinia
  33. Rose Apple
  34. Rose Hip
  35. Roselle
  36. Roselles
  37. Rosigold Mango
  38. Rough Lemon
  39. Rubus Parviflorus
  40. Ruby Roman Grapes
  41. Rumdul
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Fruits that Start with R

Ready to increase your knowledge of fruits that start with R? Dive in and learn more about all the different fruits on the list!

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  • Rainier Cherries: Imagine a cherry that’s not just red but also yellow, super sweet, and really juicy. That’s a Rainier cherry for you, and it’s even softer and yummier than regular cherries.
  • Raisin: Guess what? Raisins are actually grapes that got a sun tan! They’re all wrinkled up and sweet, making them perfect for snacking or adding to cookies.
  • Rajka Apple: Rajka apples are the stars of the apple world – sweet, crunchy, and perfect for munching on or putting in your favorite desserts.
  • Rambai: have you ever seen a Rambai? It’s a fruit from far away in Southeast Asia, with a cool yellow skin and a taste that’s both sweet and a little sour.
  • Rambutan: Rambutans are like the wild cousins of strawberries – small, red, and hairy! Inside, they’re sweet and juicy, just waiting to be eaten.
  • Rangpur Lime: Rangpur limes are sneaky! They look like little oranges but surprise – they taste like limes. They’re great for adding a sour kick to foods and drinks.
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  • Rammontchi: If you mixed a lychee with a longan, you’d get a Rammontchi. It’s a tiny, round fruit that’s super sweet.
  • Raspberry: Raspberries are like nature’s candy – tiny, red, and a mix of sweet and a little tangy. They’re perfect for eating by the handful.
  • Raspuri Mango: In India, they have this amazing mango called the Raspuri. It’s super sweet and juicy, making it a favorite for everyone.
  • Red Bayberry: Red bayberries are these cute little fruits that are juicy and sweet, with a hint of tartness. They’re a fun snack to try.
  • Red Banana: Red bananas are like the cool cousins of regular bananas. They’re smaller, sweeter, and have a neat reddish-purple skin.
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  • Red Currant: Tiny and bright red, red currants are a bit tart and perfect for making yummy jams and jellies.
  • Red Custard Apple: Red custard apples are really special – they have a cool red skin, and inside, they’re sweet and creamy. It’s like eating dessert straight from a tree!
  • Red Grape: Red grapes are small, round, red fruits that you see in grocery stores. They’re great for eating as is, and making into juice!
  • Red Huckleberry: Red huckleberries are wild little berries, a bit tart, and you can find them hiding in North American forests.
  • Red Plums: Red plums are juicy, with sweet insides and red skin. They’re great for eating as they are or cooking up something yummy.
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  • Red Kiwi: Red kiwis are like regular kiwis but with a twist – they have red inside! They’re a perfect mix of sweet and tangy.
  • Red Mombin: Red mombins are tropical treats, kind of like plums but sweeter and super juicy.
  • Red Mulberry: Red mulberries are these awesome berries that go from red to dark purple. They’re sweet and perfect for snacking or pie baking.
  • Red Papaya: Red papayas are tropical stars with red-orange insides. They’re super sweet and packed with good stuff for your body.
  • Rhubarb: Rhubarb is this cool plant with long, red stalks. People cook it up and use it in pies – it’s a bit of a tart superstar.
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  • Red Pineapple: Imagine a pineapple but with a red outside! Inside, it’s just as sweet and juicy as the yellow ones.
  • Red Williams Pears: Red Williams pears are like the royalty of pears – super juicy, sweet, and with a beautiful red skin.
  • Rhobs El Arsa: Ever heard of a Rhobs El Arsa? It’s a fruit that starts with R from Morocco, kind of like a date, but sweet and dry.
  • Riberry: Riberry comes from Australia, and it’s a little red berry that’s a bit tart. It’s great in sauces and makes things taste extra yummy.
  • Rocha Pear: Rocha pears are from Portugal and are super juicy and sweet. They’re kind of unique and a treat to eat.
  • Ripe Olives: When olives get all grown up and turn dark, they’re called ripe olives. Some people snack on them or cook with them. Some people don’t consider olives fruits. What do you think, are they fruits or not?
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  • Rockmelon: Rockmelon is just another name for cantaloupe, which is a big, orange, sweet melon. It’s like a burst of sunshine in your mouth!
  • Rollinia: Rollinia is a tropical fruit with a spiky look, but inside, it’s all sweet and creamy, kind of like eating custard.
  • Rose Apple: Rose apples are neat – they look like mini apples but taste sweet and a bit like flowers. They’re super fun to try.
  • Roselle: Roselle plants are cool – they have these red flowers and leaves you can eat. People use them to make a drink that tastes like cranberries.
  • Rose Hip: Rose hips are tiny red fruits that grow on rose plants. People use them in teas, and they’re full of good stuff like vitamin C.
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  • Rosigold Mango: Rosigold mangos are amazing – super sweet, juicy, and come in pretty colors like yellow and red.
  • Rubus Parviflorus: Rubus Parviflorus, or Thimbleberry, is like a raspberry’s cousin – it’s similar but softer and very gentle.
  • Ruby Roman Grapes: Ruby Roman grapes are these big, sweet, red grapes from Japan. They’re a rare treat, so if you get one, enjoy every bite!
  • Rumdul: Rumdul is a special fruit from Cambodia. It smells amazing and is even used in perfumes.
  • Ramontchi: Ramontchi is another sweet, tropical fruit that’s just waiting to be tasted.
  • Rough Lemon: Rough lemons are like bumpy, sour lemons. They’re great for adding a zesty flavor to foods.
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  • Red Jocote: Red Jocotes are small red fruits from Central America, a bit like plums but with their own sweet and tangy twist.
  • Roselle: Roselles are used to make tea and drinks that taste tart and refreshing, perfect for a hot day.
  • Red Delicious Apples: You’ve probably seen and heard of Red Delicious apples – they’re bright red, super sweet, and perfect for a crunchy snack.
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Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with R on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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