9 Cute & Free Printable Hall Pass Templates

Hall passes are the ultimate life saver in every teacher’s life because kids always ask to go to the bathroom, get a drink, or take something back to the library. These hall pass printables will be your ultimate life saver as the school year begins! Grab our free hall pass printable or customize it to add your name to them! Either this will be the ultimate lifesaver this school year. 

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Why Use Visual Hall Passes?

Visual hall passes are so helpful for all grade levels. It helps other teachers and staff identify quickly where the student is going and which classroom they are from without having to stop and ask. The most common places students go are:

  • Office
  • Nurse
  • Bathroom
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Hall (drink, deliver something to another class, speech (without calling attention to where they are going)

So we have created this free hall pass printable that you can easily download, print out, laminate, and attach to a lanyard that will hold up throughout the entire school year.

colorful teacher hall passes

What do I need to make these hall passes?

You don’t need much to make these hall passes. 

  1. Download the free hall pass template below or grab the editable version and customize your name and the color of your name! 
  2. Print the passes on cardstock. Print as many as you need. 
  3. Laminate for added durability. 
  4. Attach each to a lanyard. 
  5. Display them in your classroom so the students can grab them as you dismiss them. Displaying also helps you remember how many kids are out and about and where they are. 

Helpful Tools We Love When Downloading Printables

  • Printer– I love my HP+ printer that uses Instant Ink. I love it because we can use as much color ink as you want for one low cost starting at $.99/ month for ink. Try it out for free here!
  • Cardstock- I always recommend printing on cardstock. This makes it way more durable so you don’t have to worry about printing it time and time again. 
  • Laminator / Laminating Sheets– Again, for added durability, grab a laminator and laminating sheets so that you can use this again and again! 
  • Scissors (I seriously love these ones)
  • Dry Erase Pens- Use dry erase pens so that you can wipe your laminated printable clean over and over again for endless use!
colorful teacher hall passes

Ways to Customize the Hall Passes

We have made these hall passes super simple for you! Literally, all you need to do is just print and start using them, but if you want to customize them, you can! 

  • With the editable version, you can add your name or another line at the bottom of the pass. You can change the color or even the type of font if you choose. 
  • If you want to get creative, you can add other clipart or however you see fit. 
  • These are designed to attach to a lanyard or ribbon, but if you don’t want them to get lost, attach them to the most creative item, a superhero, a toy car, a frying pan, or a ball! 
colorful teacher hall passes

Hall Pass Printables

These hall pass printable templates have everything you need to keep your classroom running! 

We have included the following destinations. 

  • Office
  • Nurse
  • Bathroom
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Hall
Hall passes collage

You can download this below by joining our email list. This will give you a blank PDF template that you can download and print out. 

Mockup of colorful teacher hall pass printables

How Do I Customize my hall passes?

If you want to customize it at all you can download our editable version where you can add your name, change the font of your name, and also the color. 

This is all done in Canva, which is a free program. 

You will want to buy the file. This will direct you to a download. The download will have the free version and a link to Canva where you can customize your own hall pass printable as stated above. 

All the colors and fonts will be saved in the Canva template for you. If, for some reason, the color code is deleted, here are the codes you will use that match the design. 

  • Red – #E63334
  • Light Blue – #21AFE4
  • Green – #78BF45
  • Orange – #F27D16
  • Dark Blue – #1D59AA
  • Yellow- #F2BB16

Printable Template

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