Mermaid Papercraft

This Mermaid Papercraft is the perfect activity for any kid who loves mermaids! You’ll have so much fun tracing, cutting, and putting together your very own adorable mermaid! 

Mermaid Papercraft

feature image: Mermaid Papercraft

Do you have anyone in your home who is obsessed with all things mermaid? My kids are in that phase now, and it’s all they talk about! Every time we head to the pool or the beach, they spend hours pretending they are mermaids, and it’s so much fun. This Mermaid Papercraft is the perfect way to relax and have fun after a day of swimming in the sun, or anytime you want to enjoy a craft project! All you need are a few simple supplies and this free template! 

With these easy-to-follow instructions, we promise you’ll be creating and playing with your kids in no time. They’ll have so much fun imagining stories for their cute new mermaids! Pair your Mermaid Papercraft with these Pirate Story Puppets for some more imaginative play, or add our Papercraft Seahorse, Papercraft Octopus, and Papercraft Jellyfish to make a beautiful ocean scene! 

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How to Make Mermaid Papercraft

  1. The first step in the making of mermaid papercraft is to take the templates. The templates are available online and you can download them to make the crafting process easier and simpler. Cut the shapes of the mermaid hair, body, tail, and shell, and take these shapes out of the paper
  1. Choose the colored craft paper according to the type of mermaid you want. Trace the head and hair on an orange or red colored craft paper. Then take a sky blue colored craft paper and trace the tail part on it. For the body of the mermaid, you can use any skin color or pink color craft paper. The tail end and upper body dress can be traced in bright or light purple color. Once you are done with the tracing part, now you can cut all the craft papers
  1. The next step is to flip the shapes over one another and you need to glue each other. Take the upper body, tail, and tail end and flip over one another using the glue, and you need to glue it firmly so that they won’t fall 
  1. Now, take the upper body mermaid dress and glue it on the upper body strongly
  1. The next step is to attach the head and hair of the colored craft paper and now we have almost completed the craftwork
  1. The next step is to draw eyes, fine lines on the tail, and shade the tail end. This step will give a unique and favorite look to the mermaid. You may have to assist your child with these features of just let them get creative and do it themselves!

If your kids love all things mermaids then this is the perfect mermaid papercraft for them. They can have so much fun making different mermaids by changing out the colors of the tails. You can even add glitter, and sequins to make each mermaid unique.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add some beautiful sparkly detail to your mermaid with glitter glue! Make her tail, hair, or any part of her shine! 
  • Turning your mermaid papercraft into a puppet is easy! All you need to do is attach a jumbo craft stick to the back, and you are ready for your next mermaid puppet show!
  • Personalize your mermaid! Match her hair color to yours, or use any of your favorite colors. Add a bow to her hair, or draw on a bracelet. Your kids will love having their own unique mermaid to play with!

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How Do I Print A PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is a great option. Open the program, click file then print. Select your printer and the number of copies you want to print. Be sure you click double-sided if you want it to print on both sides. 

Can I Resell These?

You may not resell any printable or template that you find on our website or in our resource library. You may use them for class parties, at church, at home, or in the classroom. You may get these printed at an office supply store or copy center at your own expense.

More Mermaid Ideas…

Try your hand at making bookmarks with this adorable DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmark! Your kids will want to put them in all of their favorite books! 

Add some mermaid figures and seashells to a bin full of sand for some fun sensory play! Your kids will spend hours digging through the sand, sorting through the shells, and playing imaginatively with each mermaid!

Grab a copy of The Mermaid to read for storytime! You’ll love this mermaid twist on a classic children’s tale, and your kids will spend hours enjoying all of the beautiful illustrations! 

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