Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints

Kids have a way of just growing so fast and I think that Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints are one of the best gifts because I get to remember how little their little fingers were in that moment of time.  

Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. This is because I really enjoy the tenderness and love that I feel from my family and especially my kids. I love the sentimental gifts that they make specifically for me.

I really enjoy thinking about the thought, effort, and love that goes into making homemade gifts. My kids mean so much to me and being a mother is one of the best things that ever happened to me. You should really try to make one of these adorable crafts with them. I know that you will really appreciate it in the future!

I’ve always loved the gifts that my kids give me on Mother’s Day. One year they gave me this really great Mother’s Day Coupon Book. It was so nice to be able to be pampered and really feel like I was being celebrated. Another adorable gift they made for me was this Elephant Papercraft. It was so special to me because they each wrote a cute note to me on the back that I will always cherish! 

Supplies Needed To Make Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints

Here are some supplies I think you should have on hand to make these crafts:

  • String: String is useful for making keychains or necklaces. 
  • Colored Craft Paper: Colored paper is perfect for these crafts.
  • Scissors: These are good to have to cut out little handprints. 
  • Paint: Paint is a perfect way to transfer the perfect handprint onto your craft. 
  • Glue: This is good for attaching all of the cute craft pieces together.
  • Googly Eyes: These are so fun to add to crafts that you want to come to life. 

Fun and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints

Mother's Day Crafts Handprints

Mother’s Day Crafts Handprints

Mother's Day Crafts Handprints on paper, on watering can

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Mother's Day Crafts Handprints: caterpillar, coat rack, scrapbook, in heart

Handprint Caterpillar Craft by The Soccer Mom Blog
“LOVE” Kids Handprint Coat Rack by The Soccer Mom Blog
Salt Dough Family Handprint by Messy Little Monster
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Mother's Day Crafts Handprints: handprint cactus, handprint on jar, on card, in clay

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Rainbow Fish Handprint Cards by Rainy Day Mom
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Mother's Day Crafts Handprints

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