Papercraft Nativity Garland

Are you looking to add a special homemade touch to your holiday decor this year? Today, we’re showing you how easy it is to craft a beautiful papercraft Nativity garland from paper!

Papercraft Nativity Garland Craft

beautiful papercraft Nativity garland from paper!

This festive holiday craft decoration has just the right amount of charm and elegance that’ll bring Christmas cheer into any room. So put on some carols, grab your crafting supplies and get ready to create something truly special for your home this season!

 I love Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of year in our home as we think of each other, our neighbors, our friends, and those in need. We love beginning the season by decorating with symbols of hope, joy, and peace. This Nativity Garland is one of those great symbols that teaches the story of the first Christmas long ago.

So what are you waiting for? Teach your child the reason for the season and make this craft today!

Printable Template

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  • Construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick
  • Sharpie or gel pen
  • String

How to Make a Papercraft Nativity Garland:

  • Select the colors of construction paper you want for the Nativity garland items and figures. Trace the template patterns on the selected colors and cut out the traced pattern. Let’s start with the 3 Wise Men figures.
  • Attach the clothing patterns together and attach the head cutouts with the beard cutouts.
  • Attach the head patterns on the top side of the cloth patterns.
  • Glue the gift patterns with each figure and also glue the crown cutouts on the head.
  • Use a sharpie to draw the faces of the 3 Wise Men paper figures.
  • Prepare the baby Jesus and Mary figures. Use a sharpie to draw the hair of both figures, on the head cutouts.
  • Attach the halo ring with the head cutout of the baby Jesus pattern and attach the clothing cutouts of the Mary figure. Attach the hay pattern with the manger pattern along the top side.
  • Attach the head patterns with the body patterns for both figures.
  • Attach the baby Jesus paper figure on the manger and use a sharpie to draw their faces.
  • Prepare the camel and the sheep patterns.

  • Use sharpies to draw patterns on the saddles of the camels.
  • Use a black sharpie to draw the faces of the animal crafts.
  • Trace and cut out the angel patterns.
  • Attach the clothing patterns and cut a slit along the middle part of the hair pattern.
  • Insert the top end of the head through the hair slit, from below. Use glue to attach the head and the hair.
  • Attach the head with the body base and attach the ring cutout on the top side of the head.
papercraft nativity garland template

More Ideas…

  • Invite your child’s friends over to do a Nativity play. Teach the children about the Nativity story and give each child a part to play. They will love dressing up and getting into character and will gain confidence while using their imaginations to act out their part.
  • Read your favorite child version of the Nativity story with your child. They will understand it much better written on their level and will enjoy the aesthetic of the pictures too.
  • Go caroling with your neighbors and friends. Sing beloved Nativity hymns such as “Silent Night,” “Away in a Manger,” “Joy to the World” and other classic favorites. End the night with a cup of hot chocolate to warm you and your child up from singing out in the cold.

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