Popsicle Stick Witch Craft

Halloween is coming soon, and so are the classic characters! Ghosts, skeletons, and Frankenstein just to name a few. Why not make a simple Halloween craft with your child to welcome those spooky characters at your door? Perfect for the classroom or at home, this Popsicle Stick Witch Craft will have you casting spells in no time!

popsicle stick witch craft

Witches are one of the greatest of all time Halloween characters. They can cast spells, fly on a broomstick and give a young child all kinds of things to pretend, act out or imagine. With some wiggle room on the facial expression, your child can decide if the witch is happy or sad, cackling or looking scary, etc. Get creative, and enter the world of witchcraft and wizardry this year!

Did you know that there are several different names a witch can go by? Typically, witches are girls too. Other names that can describe a person with magical powers are: wizard, warlock, sorcerer, sorceress, enchanter, and many more.

Witches are also believed to have had an animal sidekick, such as an owl, cat, or a toad, and that it linked them to the magical world. Your child can pretend to be a witch with a stuffed animal on their shoulder and fly around the backyard after making their popsicle witch craft. So what are you waiting for? Get witch crafting today!


supplies for popsicle witch craft for kids with yarn, googly eyes, and glue gun
  • Construction Paper (yellow and black)
  • Googly eyes
  • Yarn
  • Green popsicle sticks
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and sticks

How To Make A Halloween Popsicle Stick Witch Craft

Making this craft is easy, though you will need to be present to help and supervise.

  • Align (7) popsicle sticks and use other popsicle sticks to put them together
  • Cut the colored papers
  • Glue these cut-colored papers into the popsicle sticks, but attach the googly eyes first.
  • Draw mouth, nose, and mole
  • Cut the yarn
  • Attach the yarn to the back of the craft and finally-your Popsicle Witch is now ready!

You could put this witch on a shelf, in your child’s bedroom, a window, etc. Your child will be proud of their creation and happy to have made a spooky decoration for your home!

Tips and Tricks

  • You may want to assist little kids with the glue gun
  • Draw different noses on your witches 
  • Use different colored yarn for the hair
  • You can find colored popsicle sticks at the store, or keep crafting by using green washable paint and regular popsicle sticks.

More Halloween Ideas…

  • Looking for more Halloween craft ideas for your child? Try our Paper Bag Fall Crafts or our Halloween Color by Number activity
  • Read a book about witches with your child. There are so many ways a witch can be portrayed through literature. See “witch” way your child likes to see this character!
  • If you have an older child, you could start the Harry Potter Book Series and dive into the wizarding world together. Have a movie night when you finish each book and make our DIY Halloween Popcorn Balls.
  • Turn on some kids’ Halloween songs and have a dance party! Dancing can help children regulate their emotions and express their own style through smooth moves! Your child will also gain some gross motor skills as they learn how to move their body to the beat of the music. 
  • Pull out your dress up clothes, pointy hats, and broomsticks. Invite some friends over for a broomstick race in the backyard or simply fly around like witches. “Witchever” sounds fun to you. Your child will gain self-awareness and social skills with either option!
  • Read the book “Room on the Broom” to your child and act out the story afterward. You can use stuffed animals or make puppets for the other characters.

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