Fun & Easy Printable Monkey Headband Craft [Free Template]

This printable monkey headband craft is the perfect craft to do with the kids. Whether planning a party, studying monkeys at school, or focusing on M’s, this animal headband craft is perfect.

It is so easy to make that kids of all ages can do! Just download the monkey craft template, print it, and then let your kids color it. Once it is colored, cut it and make this fun headband! 

printable monkey headband template with green cardstock.

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Printable Monkey Headband

pin image: monkey headband


When making this monkey headband craft, the supplies are simple. Most of these you already have on hand. 

Monkey headband template of your choice (download located on each individual headband craft page, or you can buy them all here in our ebook!)

How to Make a Paper Monkey Headband 

template of headband
  • Download and print the monkey headband template on your choice on cardstock. 
  • Once it is printed, let your kids color it however they choose. 
  • Once done, cut out the headband. 
  • Glue the long piece to the headband. Add headband extenders (extra cardstock) if needed to make it big enough. 
  • Staple it to the correct size of your child’s head. 
headband strip with colored word monkey on green paper

Monkey Headband Craft Options

There are so many ways to use this template!

  • Option 1- Follow the above directions. 
  • Option 2- Cut out all the pieces individually and cut them on different colored cardstock that you prefer. Build your monkey craft headband for a cute layered look! 

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back of headband with word monkey

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