Red Fox Papercraft

This red fox papercraft is simple to make with the DIY template provided. You will love making this again and again with the kids.

Red Fox Papercraft

I am a total sucker for cute animal paper crafts. From my Owl Paper Bag Puppet to my Papercraft Octopus, I just can’t resist!

And who doesn’t love foxes? In fact, part of me wishes they were cute and gentle in real life so that I can have one as a pet too! Thankfully we can make these whenever we feel like it, right?!

So let’s get started with this simple kids’ craft project! 

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How to make a red fox papercraft

  • Select orange and white (or cream) colored craft papers for the fox paper craft. 
cut out of craft pieces to make red fox papercraft
  • Trace the head, body, legs, and tail on the orange paper. 
  • Trace the rest of the patterns on the white paper. 
  • Cut out the traced papers nicely. 
  • Glue the white tail tip pattern on the tip of the orange tail cutout. 
red fox papercraft body parts
  • Stick the white face cutout on the bottom side of the head cutout. 
  • Glue the half-teardrop pattern paper in the middle of the orange body pattern. 
  • Grab the 2 leg cutouts (will be glued on the upper part of the body pattern).
papercraft fox attached legs
  • Apply glue along the side to attach the legs on both sides of the body pattern. Keep the rest of the leg cutout free from glue. 
  • Use scissors to trim the sides of the glued legs on both sides. 
  • Glue the tail on the backside of the paper fox, keeping the tip of the tail facing upwards and visible from a side. 
  • Use a sharpie to draw the eyes and nose of the paper fox.
final image of red fox papercraft
  • Trace and cut out a small heart shape from a colored craft paper of your choice. 
  • Slide the heart shape under the legs (upper side) to complete the craft. 
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More Fun Ideas to do with the Kids

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