12 Sports Crafts for Kids Who Love Sports!

Keep your little sports enthusiast occupied during the hot summer days or winter blizzards with these fun Sports Crafts for Kids! They can show their team spirit for the upcoming season by making a bracelet, or practicing their podium stance while sporting an Olympic gold medal designed by them. 

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Benefits of Sports Crafts for Kids

Even when your little sports star can not go out and play, these Sports Crafts can help keep their competitive spirit roaring. Learning about new sports using these Sports Crafts can open new possibilities for activity in your home, or help your little sports fanatic explore a new sport. Crafting together provides an opportunity to open up the conversation about sportsmanship and cooperation.  

Some Sports Facts for Kids

  • A gold ball has over 300 “dimples” on it.
  • Wrestling is the oldest sport in the world!
  • Swimmer Michael Phelps holds the record for winning the most Olympic medals.
  • The temperature of a baseball determines how fast it will fly, a warmer ball flies faster.
  • Runner Jesse Owens broke 4 world records in less than 45 minutes! 
  • Baseball Umpires used to sit on padded rocking chairs.
  • The Kentucky Derby (horse race) is the oldest U.S. sporting event.

Fantastic Sports Craft for Kids

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DIY Football Team Colors Bracelet by Mama Likes This
Team Colors Picture Frame by Mama Likes This 
Build Your Own Sports themed Pop Up Card by The Kitchen Classroom
Olympic Medals Craft by Rainy Day Mum

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Painted Soccer Rocks by Sustain My Craft Habit
Craft Stick Catapult Football Game by Busy Creating Memories
DIY Football Decoration (with Free Printable) by In the Bag Kids Crafts
Sports Balls Ornament by Crafts by Amanda

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Basketball Coloring Pages by Two Kids and a Coupon
DIY Pool Noodle Stick Horse Craft by The Gingerbread Pony
Horse Themed Painted Rocks by The Gingerbread Pony
Tennis Ball Suncatcher by The Gingerbread House

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