12 Vegetables That Start With U [Huge List With Pictures!]

Today, we’re going on an unbelievable journey to uncover the unique and underrated world of vegetables that start with U. ‘U’ might be one of the less common letters for starting a vegetable’s name, but the veggies it represents are utterly interesting, and full of surprises. Let’s unpack the mysteries of vegetables that start with U and see what unusual treasures we can find.

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First up on our unforgettable adventure is the Ube. Ube is a vibrant purple yam that’s not only a feast for the eyes but also super delicious. It can be turned into all sorts of treats, like ice cream and cakes, that are as tasty as they are colorful. Plus, ube is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, making it a fun and healthy choice for any meal.

Next, we’ll explore the Ulluco. This vegetable might not be well-known, but it’s a staple in South American cuisine. Ulluco comes in bright colors and has a texture similar to potatoes but with a sweeter taste. It can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in stews. Discovering ulluco is like finding a hidden gem in the world of veggies.

Then, there’s the unique Upland Cress, a leafy green that packs a peppery punch similar to arugula. It’s perfect for spicing up salads, sandwiches, and soups. Upland cress isn’t just flavorful; it’s also rich in nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, making it a powerhouse green that’s both delicious and good for you.

Unveiling the world of vegetables that start with U opens our minds to the endless variety and excitement that the vegetable kingdom has to offer. From the eye-catching ube to the uncommon ulluco and the nutrient-packed upland cress, each ‘U’ vegetable brings its own unique flavor and set of benefits. So, let’s keep our adventurous spirits high and our plates full of these unusual ‘U’ veggies!

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List of Vegetables That Start With U

Here is a list of vegetables that start with U in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each vegetable!

  1. Ube
  2. Udo
  3. Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant
  4. Ulluco
  5. Ulster Emblem Potato
  6. Umatilla Russet Potato
  7. Umbrella Squash
  8. Upland Cress
  9. Urad Bean
  10. Utazi Leaves
  11. Urfa Biber
  12. Utrecht Blue Wheat
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Fun Facts about Vegetables that Start with U

Ready to increase your knowledge of vegetables that start with U? Dive in and learn more about all the different vegetables on the list!

  • Ube: Ube is a bright purple yam that’s super sweet and tasty. People use it to make ice cream, cakes, and even bread that are all a fun purple color! Imagine eating something that looks like it’s from a magical land.
  • Udo: Udo is a plant that grows in Asia, and its shoots are eaten as a vegetable. It’s kind of like asparagus but with a hint of lemon and bitterness. Think of it as a veggie that loves to surprise your taste buds.
  • Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant: This special eggplant comes from India and is famous for its unique, mild flavor. It’s green and round and makes dishes super delicious. It’s like the friendly veggie that everyone wants at their dinner party.
  • Ulluco: Ulluco is a bright, colorful tuber that looks a bit like a small potato but comes in lots of different colors. It’s crunchy and sweet, making it a fun, rainbow addition to meals.
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  • Ulster Emblem Potato: This type of potato has a cool name and is really good for making chips or mashed potatoes. It’s like the potato that always gets picked first in the potato lineup.
  • Umatilla Russet Potato: This potato is great for baking and making French fries. Imagine a potato so yummy, it turns into your favorite crispy fries or the perfect fluffy baked potato.
  • Umbrella Squash: Umbrella Squash has an interesting shape that sort of looks like an umbrella. It’s tasty and fun to cook with, kind of like discovering a new toy in the kitchen.
  • Upland Cress: Upland Cress is a leafy green that’s peppery, like watercress. It adds a spicy kick to salads and sandwiches, making your food dance with flavor.
  • Urad Bean: Urad Beans are small, black beans used a lot in Indian cooking. They make dishes creamy and delicious, like adding a secret ingredient that makes everything better.
  • Utazi Leaves: Utazi Leaves are used in African cooking and have a slightly bitter taste. They’re good for adding a bold flavor to soups and stews, like adding a dash of adventure to your meal.

Did you discover some pretty cool vegetables that start with U on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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