Festive Advent Crafts for Kids to Countdown to Christmas

Can you feel the magic in the air? It’s that time of year when twinkling lights, cozy cocoa, and the joy of anticipation fill our hearts. Oh yes, Advent is here, and what better way to embrace the countdown to Christmas than with Advent crafts for kids that’ll make each day feel like a mini holiday?

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If you’re on the hunt for merry and meaningful activities to make the Advent season extra special for your little ones, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered a bundle of ideas that’ll not only ignite their imaginations but also spread the spirit of giving and gratitude.These ideas are your passport to creating memories that’ll last way past the tinsel and mistletoe.

What is Advent?

Advent is like a special calendar that helps us get ready for Christmas. It starts on December 1st and goes all the way until December 24th. That’s 24 days of excitement, surprises, and getting ready for the big celebration!

But Advent is not just about getting presents. It’s also a time when we think about important things like kindness, love, and sharing. It’s a time when families and friends come together to make special memories. We might light candles, decorate our homes, and do fun crafts to remind us of the joy that Christmas brings.

So, as you do a fun Advent craft each day, remember that you’re not only counting down to the presents, but you’re also counting down to the love, joy, and togetherness that make this time of year truly magical.

What kids can do during Advent? 

There are so many fun ideas for Kids during Advent. If you are looking for some ideas, look no more! 

Create an Advent Calendar for Your Family

One of the easiest ways to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas is to make an advent calendar with your family. There are so many options for this.  

You could create an advent calendar where you get a scripture, joke, riddle or Christmas quote by adding them to each day of a calendar like this Envelope Advent Calendar

You could do a simple printable like this Printable Advent Calendar for your kids to mark off every day. They could use markers, stickers or something else to mark off each day until Christmas. 

You could even create an advent calendar with more room for treats or candies like this Plastic Cup Advent Calendar. Your kids could even receive a small toy or activity each day leading up to Christmas. 

Add some Sweetness to Your Advent by Baking

Many families have traditions that revolve around food, and a fun idea would be to make a new type of Christmas cookie every day (or week if you’re like us and daily baking is too much!). Countdown the days to Christmas with new recipes and fun memories in the kitchen. 

Participate in Service

There are so many ways to add some extra service to your month leading up to Christmas. You could volunteer at a food bank or serve the homeless community in your area by putting together bags of supplies they may need. Adding something like a Kindness Advent Calendar to your traditions is another great way to get all the ideas you need! 

Do a Christmas Craft

A few years ago, my family did a Christmas craft every day in December. It was a lot of prep work on my part! I am not going to lie! But it was so fun to create those memories with my kids. There are so many ideas for crafts, perfect for your big kids all the way to your littest. We made an Elf Paper Bag Puppet and some Felt Angel Ornaments, both of which we still pull out each December. 

Have a Christmas Movie Night

Countdown to Christmas with some special Christmas Movie Nights. You could do one each Friday until Christmas, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, every day in December! Watch a different holiday movie or animated special each night. Have hot chocolate and popcorn ready for the cozy experience and fun family memories. 

How to do Advent with Preschoolers?

Most of the time, your preschoolers would fit right into your Advent plans. Simply taking the time to find projects on their level is a great way to add them to your Advent celebrations. 

Read a Christmas Storybook

Preschoolers would love cuddling up and reading a Christmas storybook with you. If you are religious, the story of Jesus’ birth would be perfect. You could also do Twas the Night Before Christmas or any other Christmas classic! 

Do a Christmas Craft

Like your bigger kids, your preschoolers would likely love to go a fun Advent craft. There are so many options! A simple craft like a Santa Countdown Clock or a Coloring Page Advent Calendar are perfect for your preschooler. 

Christmas Service with Your Preschooler

It might be a little harder to do service with your Preschooler, but not impossible! Instead of looking outside of the home, look inside it. Could your preschooler do a secret act of service for their sibling? They could also draw homemade Christmas cards for a nursing home or create a special gift for grandma and grandpa. 

If you have any other fun ideas for Advent with your kids, add them to the comments! We’d love to hear.

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