Toilet Paper Roll Baby Yoda Craft

Star Wars fans rejoice because you will fall in love with this baby Yoda craft made out of a toilet paper roll. So simple to make with the free template download. 

Baby Yoda Craft

We are back for another fun Star Wars activity that the kids (and you) will love because honestly, who does not love baby Yoda? These are perfect to create for Star Wars themed birthday parties, to make on May the 4th, or anytime you want to make a fun Star Wars Crafts with the kids! 

You will absolutely love making these with the kids because they use recycled toilet paper rolls and provide the kids hours of entertainment after your kids create these. This project is perfect for kids of all ages and super simple because of the free printable Yoda pattern. 

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How to make Baby Yoda Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  • Grab an empty toilet paper roll and colored paper (green, light brown, dark brown, and pink). 

  • Trace the head, hands, and nose pattern on green colored craft paper. The inner ear patterns and blush patterns on pink paper, and the strip on dark brown paper, and the rectangle and the sleeves on light brown paper. 
  • You can also trace and cut out the strip and rectangle, they should cover the toilet paper roll, that’s all. 
  • Cut out the traced patterns. 
  • Attach the hand cutouts on the wider end of the sleeve cutout, stick the strip on either long side of the rectangle paper and stick the inner ear cutouts on the ear parts attached to the head cutout. 
  • Attach the arm patterns in the middle of the rectangle paper. Cut the toilet paper roll into half or slightly longer than half its height. 
  • Cover the toilet paper roll with the rectangle paper.
  • Attach the eye cutouts on the head cutout of the baby Yoda craft. 
  • Attach the blush cutouts on both cheeks as well. 
  • Use a sharpie to draw the nose outline and the mouth. 
  • Attach the head pattern on the top-front side of the paper covered toilet paper roll. 

Star Wars Activities

If you and the kids are major Star Wars fans, there are so many fun things you can do together to celebrate your love of Star Wars. 

Create a Star Wars Party! Why not celebrate your love of Star Wars with a fun family Star Wars party or one with friends. No need to wait for a birthday, just get together and do Star Wars crafts and games together. 

Create Star Wars Slime! Just follow the recipe and grab some fun Star Wars confetti to add! The kids will love playing with this for hours!

Don’t forget to snuggle up and watch a Star Wars movie or two and enjoy a fun snack with the family. 

What are some of your favorite Star Wars activities to do? Share in the comments!

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