Farm Animal Paper Bag Puppets

feature image of Farm Animal Paper Bag Puppets

Bring the farm to life with Farm Animal Paper Bag Puppets. Explore fun and creative puppet-making projects featuring your favorite barnyard friends for hours of imaginative play. Farm animal paper bag puppets are a delightful and educational craft activity for both home and classroom settings. These charming puppets feature popular barnyard animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep, allowing children to explore the world of agriculture and animal life through creative play. At home, paper bag puppets provide an excellent opportunity for family bonding and imaginative storytelling. Children can craft their paper bag puppets, decorate them with crayons or markers …

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Paper Bag Ghost Puppet

Ready to make Halloween a little less scary this year? We have you covered with this adorable paper bag ghost puppet. Far from spooky, this cheerful paper bag ghost is all smiles making it the perfect craft for kids of all ages.  Halloween crafts for kids are a staple in our home. My kids love to craft all kinds of spooky and non-spooky Halloween crafts. Whether you are looking for a fun craft at home or one for the classroom, this paper bag ghost is the perfect option.  Download your paper bag ghost template and discover just how easy it …

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Paper Bag Chipmunk Craft

Chipmunk template next to two completed brown chipmunk puppets on white background with light pink border

Go nuts for this Paper Bag Chipmunk! These little rodents are so cute and cuddly looking, but having one as a pet is out of the question. Now your kids can fulfill all their dreams by playing with this puppet version!  Paper Bag Chipmunk Chip and Dale, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Chip from Enchanted – all of these little chipmunks are beloved in my family. Making a chipmunk puppet was an obvious choice! I love how quickly this project comes together. There are only a few pieces, and most are big enough for my kids to cut out on …

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Elf on the Shelf Paper Bag Puppet

Elf puppet template and finished red elf on the shelf puppet craft

Every year, my kids are so excited for the appearance of their Elf on the Shelf. They love seeing the antics he gets up to in the days before Christmas. However, everyone knows that touching the elf means he will lose his magic! Help your kids make this cute Elf on the Shelf Paper Bag Puppet that they can play with to their heart’s content! They might make up their own mischievous scenarios for him!  Elf on the Shelf Paper Bag Puppet Paper Bag Puppets are some of my favorite crafts. A stack of paper bags is very inexpensive and …

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Yak Paper Bag Puppet

Ready to craft up some fun? This Yak Paper Bag Puppet is just what you have been searching for! Make this adorable puppet with a lunch paper bag and craft supplies that you probably have on hand. After you make this puppet, your child’s imagination will be going crazy with acting out all kinds of fun games.  Yak Paper Bag Puppet One of my favorite things about paper bag puppets is that I usually have all the supplies on hand. Some of our favorite puppets to date are our reindeer paper bag puppet, our Hippo paper bag puppet, and our …

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Nutcracker Paper Bag Puppet

Nutcracker template and completed craft on white background with blue border

The Nutcracker ballet is one of those beloved holiday traditions in so many homes. Whether you just have “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” on your Christmas playlist or you regularly watch the ballet, this Nutcracker Paper Bag Puppet is the perfect addition to your holiday fun.  Nutcracker Paper Bag Puppet When I took my kids to see the Nutcracker last Christmas, they were mesmerized. We have a few Nutcracker decorations but they are fragile and not to be played with. I knew it was time to create a fun Nutcracker craft that was safe for play!  This Nutcracker paper bag …

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Santa Paper Bag Puppet

Christmas at my house is always full of fun, crafty activities. Surprisingly, we hadn’t done many crafts involving Santa this year yet! I knew it was time to pull out this Santa Paper Bag Puppet for a fun afternoon of crafting with the kids.  Santa Paper Bag Puppet Paper bag puppets are some of my kids’ favorite crafts and they’re mine too! Paper bags are very inexpensive to purchase and can often be found at the grocery store. I usually have the rest of the materials already on hand, making this a really inexpensive craft project. Even my younger children …

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Hippo Paper Bag Puppet

Add a hippo to your puppet zoo with our Hippo Paper Bag Puppet! Your kids will love crafting their hippos, and then love playing with them when they’re done. You’re going to love all the fine motor practice and time spent together as a family. All you need is some construction paper, glue, scissors, and a paper lunch sack, and you’re ready to go!  Hippo Paper Bag Puppet Our house is looking more and more like a zoo every day! We recently finished up our Sloth Paper Bag Puppet, Zebra Paper Bag Puppet, and Koala Paper Bag Puppets, and we …

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Paper Bag Butterfly Craft For Kids

I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t try to catch a butterfly when they see one fluttering around, but they are not easy to catch! This Paper bag Butterfly is one you won’t have to chase down with a net.  Paper Bag Butterfly Craft I always connect butterflies to spring in my mind. Maybe it has to do with all the flowers in bloom that the butterflies just can’t resist! But did you know that butterflies only have a lifespan of a few weeks? Thankfully, this craft should last you a little longer! Give your butterfly a friend by …

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Paper Bag Bee

In the springtime, bees are buzzing everywhere, frantically collecting that pollen from every bloom. Give your own little busy bees a fun project to work on with this Paper Bag Bee! Your kids will love buzzing this cheerful puppet all around the house. Maybe they’ll even come up with a bee-themed puppet show for the whole family to enjoy.  Paper Bag Bee Puppet Paper bag puppets are a childhood staple. They’re easy to make and fun to play with. Plus, they store flat, so you can have an entire puppet collection tucked away in a drawer for whenever your kids …

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