Cat Paper Bag Puppet

paper bag puppet cat featured image

This adorable Cat Paper Bag Puppet is just what you need for the kitty lovers in your life! They are so easy to make, and you’ll spend hours of fun playing and imagining together! Cat Paper Bag Puppet My kids just can’t get enough of puppets! They love to make their own puppets, and then use them to act out their favorite storybooks, or even stories that they’ve made up on their own. They had so much fun with this Paper Bag Dog Puppet, so I knew this Cat Paper Bag Puppet would be the perfect addition to their puppet …

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Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

bunny paper bag puppet featured image

Bunnies are just so cute! With their fluffy fur and bushy little tails, they definitely bring so much joy. I am so excited for spring and all of the fun crafts that my kids will get to do. I am especially excited about this Bunny Paper Bag Puppet! It is perfect for letting your kids’ imaginations run as they use them for storytelling. I just love hearing the stories that they will come up with and know that so many will come from making these bunnies!  Bunny Paper Bag Puppet It is so exciting to play with bunnies and to …

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Paper Pig Puppet

pig paper puppet craft feature image

One of my kid’s favorite stories is the story of the three little pigs. Using this paper pig puppet you can add some fun to this classic and favorite story of mine. I just love how this story teaches kids about how important it is to try their best to accomplish their goals. As the pigs worked together they work hard for the best outcome. Such a great lesson for kids of any age. Using paper bag puppets can really help your kids engage more in the story and possibly come up with their own storylines. Make this paper puppet …

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Bear Paper Bag Puppet

bear paper bag puppet feature image

Your kids will be “beary” excited to make this cute Bear Paper Bag Puppet! With these simple instructions and supplies, this craft is perfect for any age. All you need is our free template to start creating and having fun together! Bear Paper Bag Puppet Whenever my kids come to me looking for something to do, I like to get out our art supplies and let them go! It’s a great way to get their hands busy and spark their creativity. Lately, they really love to make paper bag puppets, and this Bear Paper Bag Puppet is so much fun! …

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Paper Bag Beaver Puppet

Do you have some busy little beavers who are looking for something fun to do? Check out this adorable Paper Bag Beaver Puppet! It’s so easy to make, and will bring hours of creative fun!  Paper Bag Beaver Puppet One of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice is explore the wooded parks near our home! It’s so nice to get out of the house, stretch your legs, and enjoy all of the nature around you! It’s fun to collect interesting leaves, acorns, pinecones, or leaves that they find along the path. Of course, we are always …

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Dragon Paper Bag Puppet


Fire up your kid’s creativity with this fun Dragon Paper Bag Puppet! With these easy-to-follow instructions, your whole family will have hours of fun crafting and playing together!  Dragon Paper Bag Puppet What kid doesn’t love dragons? They are big, they fly, they breathe fire, and hopefully, they are friendly! This Dragon Paper Bag Puppet is a great project for any kid who thinks dragons are cool. They’ll have so much fun cutting and gluing it together, and then spending hours playing and imagining stories for their dragon!  Our Dragon Paper Bag Puppet is so simple to make, kids of …

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Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet

Green dinosaur paper bag puppet on blue background

Your kids will have a roaring good time making this Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet! It is so simple to make, this project is perfect for dinosaur fans of any age. Grab the free template and start creating with your kids today! Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet My kids have been very interested in dinosaurs lately! They love to get out their dinosaur toys and play with them or look up facts about dinosaurs online. Can anyone else relate? Mine love to share all the facts they have learned with anyone who will listen. Naturally, they were so excited when I pulled …

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Papercraft Leprechaun Puppet

Today’s your lucky day! This Papercraft Leprechaun Puppet is just what you need to get your family excited about St. Patrick’s Day. With this template and simple instructions, you’ll have so much fun as you create and play together! Papercraft Leprechaun Puppet My kids love holiday-themed crafts, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! Creating together is always such a great way to boost our excitement. One of their favorites was this Pot of Gold Rainbow Papercraft, and they had a blast trying Shamrock Salt Painting for kids. This Papercraft Leprechaun Puppet was so much fun to make, and it …

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Paper Bag Monster Puppet

purple and blue paper bag monster puppets

If your kids love monsters, they will go wild for this cute Paper Bag Monster Puppet! It’s perfect for a fun afternoon project together. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can start creating and playing with your kids in no time!  Paper Bag Monster Puppet My kids love stories with monsters, especially when those monsters end up being cute and friendly! This paper bag monster puppet is the project to work on together. It is so much fun to create all kinds of monsters with different colors of paper and different faces! You could spend hours imagining and telling funny stories …

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Paper Bag Frog Puppet

green paper bag frog puppet

This adorable Paper Bag Frog puppet is the perfect project to make with your kids! You’ll love how it sparks their imagination and creativity. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can hop right into creating and playing together! Paper Bag Frog Puppet My family loves to make puppets! We love to get out all of our art supplies and create fun new characters, complete with names and silly voices as we dream up stories about them. This cute paper bag frog was just the right craft project for us! The directions and free frog template are easy to use, and the …

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