51 Fruits that Start with A [Ultimate List With Pictures]

Ready to go on an amazing adventure to learn about fruits that start with A. The letter A brings us some of the most awesome and appetizing fruits. Let’s embark on this adventurous journey and uncover the secrets of these incredible fruits that start with A!

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First, let’s talk about Apples. Apples are one of the most popular fruits around the world. They come in different colors like red, green, and yellow, and each type has its own unique taste – from super sweet to tangy and sour. Apples are perfect for snacking, making pies, or even sipping as juice. They’re not just tasty; they’re also packed with nutrients that help us grow strong.

Next up is the Avocado. Avocados are really special because they’re creamy and not sweet like most fruits. Often used in salads, sandwiches, and the famous guacamole, avocados are full of good fats that are great for our health. Their smooth, buttery texture and unique taste make them a favorite for many.

Another fantastic fruit that starts with A is the Apricot. Apricots are small, golden-orange fruits with a soft, velvety skin. They are sweet and slightly tart, making them perfect for eating fresh or in yummy desserts. Apricots are not just delicious; they are also full of vitamins and minerals.

Exploring ‘A’ fruits is an exciting way to learn about the diverse and delicious world of fruits. Each fruit is unique, with its own story, flavor, and health benefits. So let’s keep exploring and enjoying these amazing gifts of nature!

Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating fruits? It’s going to be a blast as we explore fruits that start with A together. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with A! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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List of Fruits That Start With A

Here is a list of fruits that start with A in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit! 

  1. Abiu
  2. Abiurana
  3. Açaí
  4. Acai Palm
  5. Acerola
  6. Acerola Cherries
  7. Ackee
  8. Adam Pearmain Apple
  9. African Breadfruit
  10. African Cherry Orange
  11. African Mango
  12. African Star Apple
  13. Akebia
  14. Alligator apple
  15. Alligator pear
  16. Almond
  17. Alpine Strawberry
  18. Alupag
  19. Amanatsu
  20. Amanatsu oranges
  21. Amaou Strawberry
  22. Amara
  23. Amazon Tree Grape
  24. Ambarella
  25. Ambrosia Apples
  26. Ambrosia Melon
  27. Amra
  28. Anchovy Pear
  29. Andean Blackberry
  30. Annatto
  31. Apple
  32. Apple Berry
  33. Apple guava
  34. Apple rose
  35. Apricot
  36. Araca-boi
  37. Arava Melon
  38. Araza
  39. Argan
  40. Arrayan
  41. Asam Kumbang
  42. Ashwagandha
  43. Asian Pear
  44. Atemoya
  45. Atherton Raspberry
  46. Aubergines
  47. Australian Finger Lime
  48. Australian Round Lime
  49. Ausubo
  50. Avocado
  51. Azarole
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  • Abiu: Abiu is a tropical fruit with a bright yellow skin. Inside, it’s sweet and creamy, kind of like caramel. It’s great to eat by scooping out the yummy inside with a spoon.
  • Abiurana: Abiurana is a fruit from the Amazon rainforest. It’s not very well-known, but it’s important to the animals and people who live there.
  • Açaí: Açaí are small, dark purple berries that grow on palm trees in the Amazon. They’re super healthy and often used in smoothie bowls or juices.
  • Acai Palm: Acai Palm is the tree where açaí berries come from. It’s tall and slender and very important in the rainforest.
  • Acerola: Acerola, also known as Barbados cherry, is a bright red fruit that’s super rich in vitamin C. It’s tart and sweet, and great for boosting your health.
  • Acerola Cherries: Acerola cherries are just like acerola. They’re small, red, and packed with vitamins. People love them in juices or as natural vitamin supplements.
  • Ackee: Ackee is a fruit from Jamaica. It’s red and opens up to show black seeds and yellow flesh. It’s used in cooking, but must be prepared properly to be safe to eat.
  • Adam Pearmain Apple: Adam Pearmain Apple is a type of apple with a funny, bumpy skin. It’s crunchy and has a sweet and nutty flavor.
  • African Breadfruit: African Breadfruit looks like a big green ball and tastes a bit like bread when cooked. It’s a staple food in some African countries.
  • African Cherry Orange: African Cherry Orange is a small, bright orange fruit. It’s juicy and tart, and people often eat it fresh or use it in drinks.
A grey background on the left is the letter A in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "acai" in white lettering with a picture of Acai below it.
  • African Mango: African Mango is a juicy fruit that’s similar to regular mangoes but a bit different. It’s sweet and tangy, and people use it in cooking or eat it fresh.
  • African Star Apple: African Star Apple is a purple or green fruit with sweet, creamy flesh inside. When you cut it open, it looks like a star, which is super cool.
  • Akebia: Akebia is a fruit that grows on a vine and has a purple skin. Inside, it’s filled with a sweet, jelly-like pulp. It’s more of a fun treat than a regular fruit.
  • Alligator apple: Alligator apple, or pond apple, grows near swamps. It’s not commonly eaten, but it’s important for the wildlife in those areas.
  • Alligator pear: Alligator pear is another name for avocado because of its green, bumpy skin. Avocados are creamy and great on toast or in guacamole.
  • Almond: Almond is actually a seed from the almond fruit. The seed is what we eat, and it’s great for snacking or in almond milk.
  • Alpine Strawberry: Alpine strawberries are tiny, wild strawberries. They’re super sweet and flavorful, much more so than regular strawberries.
  • Alupag: Alupag is a fruit that looks like a small, bumpy lime. Inside, it’s sweet and tangy, kind of like a lychee.
  • Amanatsu: Amanatsu is a type of citrus fruit from Japan. It’s big and orange, and tastes a bit like a sweet grapefruit.
  • Amanatsu oranges: Just like Amanatsu, these oranges are juicy and have a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. They’re a favorite in Japan.
A grey background on the left is the letter A in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "acerola" in white lettering with a picture of acerola below it.
  • Amaou Strawberry: Amaou strawberries are big, red, and super sweet. They’re one of the tastiest types of strawberries and are famous in Japan.
  • Amara: Amara is a type of bitter gourd. It’s not exactly a fruit, but more of a vegetable, and is used in cooking for its unique flavor.
  • Amazon Tree Grape: Amazon Tree Grape is a fruit from the Amazon. It grows in clusters like grapes, but it’s bigger and has a tropical taste.
  • Ambarella: Ambarella is a crunchy, juicy fruit that’s often eaten green with salt. It can also be sweet when ripe and is used in chutneys and sauces.
  • Ambrosia Apples: Ambrosia apples are sweet and juicy with a pretty red and yellow skin. They’re great for eating fresh because they’re so crisp and tasty.
  • Ambrosia Melon: Ambrosia Melon is a type of cantaloupe that’s really sweet and juicy. It’s named ‘ambrosia’ for its delicious flavor, which is almost like honey. Perfect for a refreshing summer treat!
  • Amra: Amra is a tropical fruit that’s sour and tangy. It’s often used in salads and savory dishes in the places where it grows. It adds a nice zing to your food!
  • Anchovy Pear: Anchovy Pear is a unique fruit from the Caribbean. It’s green and looks a bit like a pear, but its taste is more like a mango. It’s used in making jams and jellies.
  • Andean Blackberry: Andean Blackberry is a type of blackberry that grows in South America. It’s bigger and sweeter than regular blackberries and is great for making desserts or just eating by the handful.
  • Annatto: Annatto is not exactly a fruit, but it comes from the seeds of the achiote tree. It’s used as a natural coloring in foods and has a slightly sweet and peppery flavor.
A grey background on the left is the letter A in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "ackee" in white lettering with a picture of ackee below it.
  • Apple: Apples are one of the most popular fruits! They come in lots of varieties like red, green, or yellow. They’re crunchy and can be sweet or a bit tart. Great for snacks, pies, and sauces!
  • Apple Berry: Apple Berry is a small, sweet fruit from Australia. It’s not very well-known, but it’s delicious and tastes a bit like apples.
  • Apple Guava: Apple Guava is a tropical fruit that looks a bit like an apple. It’s sweet with a hint of tartness and can be eaten raw or used in jams and juices.
  • Apple Rose: Apple Rose is not a fruit but a pretty way to cut apples to look like roses. It’s often used in baking to make desserts look extra special.
  • Apricot: Apricots are small, orange fruits with a soft, sweet taste. They’re great to eat fresh, and they’re also delicious when dried or used in desserts.
  • Araca-boi: Araca-boi is a tart and tangy fruit from the Amazon. It’s high in Vitamin C and often used in juices and ice creams.
  • Arava Melon: Arava Melon is a sweet and juicy melon, similar to a cantaloupe. It’s refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.
  • Araza: Araza is another fruit from the Amazon, known for its sour taste. It’s packed with Vitamin C and is great for making exotic, tropical juices.
  • Argan: Argan is more famous for its oil, used in cooking and cosmetics. The fruit itself is small and not typically eaten, but the seeds inside are where the valuable oil comes from.
  • Arrayan: Arrayan is a small, sweet berry from Central and South America. It’s often used in making jams and traditional medicines.
A grey background on the left is the letter A in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "African breadfruit" in white lettering with a picture of African breadfruit below it.
  • Asam Kumbang: Asam Kumbang is a sour fruit used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It adds a tangy flavor to many dishes and is loved for its unique taste.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is not a fruit but a plant used in traditional medicine. It’s known for its health benefits and is used in various supplements.
  • Asian Pear: Asian pears are crunchy, juicy, and sweet. They look like a cross between an apple and a pear and are delicious to eat fresh.
  • Atemoya: Atemoya is a tropical fruit that’s a mix between a cherimoya and a sugar apple. It’s creamy and sweet, almost like a blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry.
  • Atherton Raspberry: Atherton Raspberry is a type of raspberry from Australia. It’s bright red and a bit smaller than regular raspberries, but just as sweet and tasty.
  • Aubergines: Aubergines, also known as eggplants, are technically fruits! They’re usually used as vegetables in cooking and have a unique, slightly bitter taste.
  • Australian Finger Lime: Australian Finger Lime is a cool citrus fruit. It’s long and thin, and inside, it has caviar-like beads that are tart and burst with flavor.
  • Australian Round Lime: Australian Round Lime is similar to finger lime but round. It’s used in cooking for its tangy lime flavor and is also great in drinks.
  • Ausubo: Ausubo is a fruit that’s more known for its hardwood tree. The fruit itself is not commonly eaten, but the tree is important in its habitat.
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Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with A on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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