35 Fruits That Start With N [Ultimate List With Pictures!]

Have you ever thought about how many fruits start with N? It’s not a letter we hear at the beginning of fruit names very often, but there are some really interesting and tasty fruits that begin with N that are out there! Let’s go on an exciting journey to learn about them.

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First, we have the Nectarine. Nectarines are close cousins to peaches, but they have smooth, shiny skin without the fuzz. They are sweet and juicy, perfect for a sunny day snack. You can eat them just as they are, or add them to your cereal or yogurt. Nectarines are not only delicious but also full of vitamins that are good for our health.

Then there’s the Nashi Pear, also known as the Asian Pear. These pears are round and crunchy, more like apples in texture, but they taste like pears. Nashi Pears are really juicy, making them a refreshing treat on a warm day. They come from countries in Asia, and you can eat them raw, add them to salads, or even cook them in dishes.

Another fruit that starts with N is the Navel Orange. These oranges are named for the little ‘navel’ or button on one end. Navel oranges are sweet, juicy, and perfect for eating by themselves or squeezing into orange juice. They’re a favorite for many because they don’t have seeds and are easy to peel. Plus, they’re full of vitamin C, which helps keep us healthy.

Learning about fruits that start with N is a great way to explore the amazing world of food. Each fruit has its own story, flavor, and set of benefits. So, let’s keep discovering and tasting these wonderful gifts of nature!

Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating fruits? It’s going to be a blast as we explore fruits that start with N together. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with N! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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List of Fruits That Start With N

Here is a list of fruits that start with N in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit! 

  1. Naartjie Fruit
  2. Nagami Kumquat
  3. Nageia
  4. Nam Dok Mai
  5. Nance
  6. Nance Fruit
  7. Nannyberry
  8. Naranja
  9. Naranjilla Fruit
  10. Narenj
  11. Naseberry
  12. Nashi Pear
  13. Natal Plum
  14. Navel Orange
  15. Nectacot
  16. Nectacotum Fruit
  17. Nectaplum
  18. Nectarines
  19. Neem Fruit
  20. Nepali Hog Plums
  21. Nere Fruit
  22. Nespera
  23. Newton Pippin Apple
  24. Niitaka
  25. Noiret grape
  26. Nonda Plum
  27. Nonda Plum Fruit
  28. Noni fruit
  29. Nonpareil apple
  30. Nopales
  31. North Star cherry
  32. Northern Spy Apple
  33. Northern Spy apple
  34. Nungu fruit
  35. Nuts
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Fun Facts about Fruits that Start with N

Ready to increase your knowledge of fruits that start with N? Dive in and learn more about all the different fruits on the list!

  • Nopales: Nopales are not your typical fruit that starts with an N! Did you know they are actually part of a cactus? They’re green and a bit spiky, but when cooked, they are yummy and a bit like green beans.
  • Naranja: “Naranja” is the Spanish word for orange. Just like the oranges we know, naranjas are juicy, sweet, and perfect for a sunny day snack.
  • Nectarines: Nectarines are like peaches’ smooth cousins. They’re round, sweet, and super juicy, with no fuzz on their skin, making them perfect for biting right into for an afternoon snack.
  • Nonda Plum: Nonda plums are a wild treat from Australia. They’re small and round, with a sweet taste that’s a little bit like a regular plum but with their own wild twist.
  • Nuts: Nuts aren’t fruits in the usual sense, but they’re still part of the plant family! They can be crunchy and yummy, like almonds or peanuts, and are great for snacking.
  • Navel Orange: Did you know how you can tell a Navel orange from other types of oranges? Navel oranges are the ones with a cute little “belly-button” on one end. They are really sweet, easy to peel, and don’t have any seeds, making them perfect for a quick snack.
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  • Nagami Kumquat: Nagami kumquats are tiny, oval citrus fruits. They’re unique because you can eat the whole thing – skin and all! They taste a bit sweet and tart all at the same time. 
  • Nashi Pear: Nashi pears are also known as Asian pears. They are super crunchy, kind of like an apple, but taste like a sweet, juicy pear.
  • Northern Spy Apple: Northern Spy apples are big and crispy. They are a bit tart, making them great for baking yummy apple pies.
  • Nance Fruit: Nance fruits are small, round, and yellow. They come from Central and South America and taste a bit like a sour cherry.
  • Naranjilla Fruit: Naranjilla fruits are like little oranges but with a green, bumpy skin. Inside, they’re orange and have a tangy, tropical taste.
  • Nectacotum Fruit: Nectacotum is a special mix of a nectarine, apricot, and plum. It’s really juicy and sweet, like getting three fruits in one!
  • Neem Fruit: Neem fruit comes from the neem tree, and it’s small and green. It’s not really eaten much because it’s quite bitter.
  • Nere Fruit: Nere fruits come from Africa and are used in cooking. They’re small, brown, and have a unique taste that’s great in soups and stews.
  • Nungu Fruit: Nungu fruit is a cool, jelly-like fruit from palm trees in India. It’s sweet and refreshing, especially on a hot day.
  • Naartjie Fruit: Naartjie fruit is a type of tangerine from South Africa. It’s really sweet and juicy and easy to peel, making it a fun snack.
image of Fruits that Start with N: Naartjie Fruit
  • Nageia: Nageia is a type of fruit from a tree found in Asia and the Pacific Islands. It’s not commonly eaten, but it’s part of nature’s big family of plants.
  • Nam Dok Mai: Nam Dok Mai is a type of mango from Thailand. It’s super sweet, golden yellow, and perfect for eating fresh or in smoothies.
  • Nance: Similar to Nance fruit, these are little yellow berries that taste a bit sour and sweet. They’re used in desserts and even to make drinks.
  • Narenj: Narenj is another word for a type of bitter orange, often used in Persian cooking. It’s not really eaten fresh, but it’s great in dishes for its tangy flavor.
  • Natal Plum: Natal plums are from South Africa. This fruit that starts with N is small, red, and a bit like cherries. They’re sweet and sometimes used in jams.
  • Nectacot: Nectacots are a mix of nectarines and apricots. Imagine a fruit that’s super juicy and has the best of both worlds!
  • Nepali Hog Plums: These plums from Nepal are small and green or yellow. They’re a bit sour and often used in Nepali dishes for a tangy twist.
  • Newton Pippin Apple: Newton Pippin apples are old-fashioned and tasty. They’re a bit green, a bit sweet, and perfect for munching or making cider.
  • Nannyberry: Nannyberries are dark purple berries found in North America. They’re sweet, a bit like grapes, and are often used in jams.
  • Naseberry: Naseberries, also known as sapodillas. They are brown, sweet, and super juicy. They taste a bit like a pear mixed with brown sugar.
image of Fruits that Start with N: Naseberry
  • Nectaplum: Nectaplums are a cool combo of nectarines and plums. They’re really sweet and juicy, with a beautiful red color.
  • Nespera: Nesperas are also known as loquats. They’re small, orange, and a bit tangy, kind of like a mix of a peach and a mango.
  • Niitaka: Niitaka is a variety of Asian pear. It’s really big, super crunchy, and has a sweet taste that’s perfect for a juicy bite.
  • Noiret Grape: Noiret grapes are dark and used to make wine. They’re not really a snack grape, but they help make some delicious drinks.
  • Noni Fruit: Noni fruit is an uncommon and strange fruit that starts with N – it’s bumpy and doesn’t taste very good (some say it’s stinky), but it’s often used in juices for its health benefits.
  • Nonpareil Apple: Nonpareil apples are quite special – they’re tasty, with a good balance of sweet and tart, making them great for eating just as they are.
  • North Star Cherry: North Star cherries are bright red and super tart. They’re often used in pies and jams because of their strong cherry flavor.
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Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with N on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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