62 Fruits That Start With D [Ultimate List With Pictures!]

Ready to go on a special journey into the world of fruits, but not just any fruits – we are talking about fruits that start with D! Fruits are amazing snacks that are not only yummy but also help keep us healthy and strong. Let’s dive into the delicious world of fruits that start with D and learn some fun facts about them!

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Have you ever heard of a Date! Dates are sweet, chewy, and look a bit like big raisins. They grow on tall palm trees in hot, sunny places. Dates are often eaten as snacks, and they are also used in making sweet dishes. They are packed with energy and nutrients, making them a perfect treat for a busy day of play and learning.

Next, let’s talk about the Dragon Fruit. This fruit is really cool to look at! It has bright pink skin with green spikes, looking almost like a friendly dragon. Inside, the fruit it can be white or bright pink with tiny black seeds. Dragon fruits are sweet and a bit crunchy, like a mix of a kiwi and a pear. They come from tropical places and are a fun, exotic addition to our fruit list.

Another amazing fruit that starts with D is the Dewberry. Dewberries are similar to blackberries but a bit smaller and sweeter. They grow on vines close to the ground and are usually deep purple or almost black when ripe. Dewberries are great in pies, jams, or just eaten by themselves. They remind us of summer days and are full of vitamins.

Exploring fruits that start with D shows us how colorful and exciting the world of fruits is. Each fruit is unique in its own way, with different tastes, colors, and shapes.

Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating fruits? It’s going to be a blast as we explore fruits that start with D together. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with D! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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List of Fruits That Start With D

Here is a list of fruits that start with D in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit! 

  1. Dabai Fruit
  2. Damascus plum
  3. Damson
  4. Damson Plumcots (Plum x Apricot hybrid)
  5. Damson Plums
  6. Damson Pluot (Prunus domestica)
  7. Damson prune
  8. Dancy tengerine
  9. Dangcong Fruit
  10. Dangle Berry
  11. Dangshen Fruits
  12. Darak (Syzygium malaccense)
  13. Darling Plum
  14. Darwin’s Barberries
  15. Date
  16. Date damson
  17. Date Palm
  18. Date Plums (Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii)
  19. Dates
  20. Davidson plum
  21. Dead Man’s Fingers
  22. Decaisnea
  23. Deccan Date Palm
  24. Dekopon
  25. Desert Apple (Pomaceous fruit)
  26. Desert Banana
  27. Desert Fig
  28. Desert King Fig
  29. Desert Lime
  30. Desert Quandong
  31. Desert Watermelon (Citrullus colocynthis)
  32. Dew fruit
  33. Dewberry (Rubus caesius)
  34. Diamond Apricot
  35. Diamond Raspberry
  36. Dillenia Indica Fruit (Elephant apple)
  37. Dilly
  38. Dinosaur Eggs
  39. Diospyros embryopteris (Dolichandrone falcata)
  40. Diospyros kaki (Asian Persimmon)
  41. Diospyros virginiana (American Persimmon)
  42. Discovery Apple
  43. Diyalissa Fruit
  44. Dog Face Fruit
  45. Dongoyaro (Neem fruits)
  46. Donut Nectarine
  47. Donut Peach
  48. Double Coconut
  49. Dracontomelon
  50. Dragon beryy
  51. Dragon eye
  52. Dragon Fruit
  53. Draksha (Grapes)
  54. Drakshphal (Loquat)
  55. Dried Apricot
  56. Dubonnet Orange
  57. Duguetia fruit
  58. Duku Fruit
  59. Dulcinda Melon
  60. Durian
  61. Durio dulcis Becc (Lahong)
  62. Durio graveolens Treub (Durian Merah)
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Fun Facts about Fruits that Start with D

Ready to increase your knowledge of fruits that start with D? Dive in and learn more about all the different fruits on the list!

  • Dabai Fruit: Dabai fruit is like a tropical olive from Malaysia. It’s dark and shiny. People enjoy them cooked in warm water and seasoned with soy sauce, turning it into a creamy and yummy snack.
  • Damascus Plum: A Damascus Plum is a sweet and juicy fruit. It’s named after Damascus, a city in Syria. These plums are perfect for eating fresh or making them into jams because they’re so delicious.
  • Damson: Damson is a small, purple fruit that looks a lot like a plum. It’s a bit sour when eaten raw but becomes sweet and tasty when cooked. People love using damsons to make jams and yummy pies.
  • Damson Plumcots: Damson Plumcots are a cool combination of plums and apricots. They’re sweet like apricots and a bit tangy like plums, making them a fun and delicious fruit to try.
  • Damson Pluot: Damson Pluot, is a mix of plum and apricot (just like plumcots). They have a sweet and juicy taste. They’re great for eating fresh or in desserts.
  • Damson Plums: Damson plums are similar to regular plums but a bit smaller and more tart. They’re great for baking and making jams because of their unique, rich flavor.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Damson Plums
  • Damson Prune: A damson prune is a dried damson plum. It’s sweet and chewy, making it a healthy snack or a yummy addition to breakfast cereals.
  • Dangcong Fruit: Dangcong fruit is not widely known, but it is a tasty tropical fruit. It’s sweet and often used in local dishes in the regions where it grows.
  • Dangle Berry: Dangle berries are small and look a bit like blueberries. They’re sweet and often found in the wild, making a nice treat during hikes.
  • Dangshen Fruit: Dangshen fruit comes from a plant used in traditional medicine. The fruit itself is rare to eat but is known in some cultures for its health benefits.
  • Dancy Tangerine: Dancy tangerines are small, sweet citrus fruits. They’re juicy and have a bright orange color, perfect for a quick and tasty snack.
  • Darak (Syzygium malaccense): Darak is also known as Malay Apple. It is a tropical fruit that’s bell-shaped and comes in colors like red and purple. It’s juicy and slightly sweet, often eaten fresh.
  • Darling Plum: A Darling plum is a sweet fruit that’s great for snacking. It’s got a lovely taste and is often a favorite among kids.
  • Darwin’s Barberries: Darwin’s barberries are small, edible berries. They’re a bit tart but can be made into delicious jams and jellies.
  • Date Damson: Date damson isn’t a widely known fruit, but it’s similar to a damson plum, sweeter, and used in similar ways, like in jams or desserts.
  • Date: Dates are sweet, chewy fruits that grow on date palm trees. They look like big brown raisins and are super sweet. People love to eat dates as snacks or use them in baking.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Date
  • Date Palm: Date palm is the tree where dates come from. It’s tall and often seen in deserts. The dates grow in big clusters and are harvested for us to eat.
  • Date Plums (Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii): Date plums are small fruits that taste like dates when ripe. They’re unique and not as common as other fruits, but they’re really tasty if you ever have the chance to eat one.
  • Davidson Plum: A Davidson plum is an Australian fruit that’s deep purple and quite sour. It’s often cooked with sugar and used in sauces or desserts.
  • Dead Man’s Fingers: Dead Man’s Fingers is a weird name, right? It’s actually a blue, finger-shaped fruit that grows on a type of palm tree. It’s not very tasty, but it looks really cool.
  • Decaisnea: Decaisnea, also called ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’, is a unique fruit that’s long and blue-green. It has a jelly-like inside that’s sweet and a bit like watermelon.
  • Deccan Date Palm: Deccan Date Palm produces small, sweet fruits. These palms are found in India, and their fruits are similar to dates but smaller.
  • Dekopon: Dekopon is a super sweet type of orange from Japan. It’s big and has a distinctive bump on the top. It’s one of the juiciest and sweetest oranges around.
  • Desert Apple (Pomaceous fruit): A Desert Apple is a wild fruit that grows in dry areas. It’s similar to other apples but these can survive in tough desert conditions.
  • Desert Banana: A Desert Banana isn’t really a banana. It’s a term for fruits that grow in desert conditions and look a bit like bananas.
  • Desert Fig: A Desert Fig is like a regular fig but grows in dry, desert areas. It’s sweet and delicious, often eaten fresh or dried.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Desert Fig
  • Desert King Fig: Desert King Fig is a type of fig that’s really sweet and juicy. It’s great when eaten raw and is often grow in gardens.
  • Desert Lime: Desert Lime is a small, round, and tangy fruit from Australia. It’s used in jams and sauces because of its unique, zesty flavor.
  • Desert Quandong: Desert Quandong is an Australian bush fruit. It’s bright red and used in both sweet and savory dishes. It’s a bit like a sour cherry.
  • Desert Watermelon (Citrullus colocynthis): A Desert Watermelon is a small, wild melon that grows in desert regions. It’s not like regular watermelons but is more used for its seeds and oil.
  • Dew Fruit: Dew fruit is a juicy, sweet fruit often found in the morning covered in dew drops. It’s a fun fruit to find and taste.
  • Dewberry (Rubus caesius): Dewberries are like blackberries’ relatives. They grow on low vines and are dark and sweet when ripe. They’re great for eating fresh or in pies.
  • Diamond Apricot: Diamond Apricots are juicy and have a sparkling, sweet flavor. They’re perfect for snacking and are loved for their delicious taste.
  • Diamond Raspberry: Diamond Raspberries are extra sweet and shiny, just like a diamond. They’re a special treat and are super yummy in desserts or just by themselves.
  • Dilly: Dilly is a tropical fruit that’s small and sweet. It’s not very common, but it’s a fun and tasty fruit to try if you find it.
  • Dillenia Indica Fruit (Elephant apple): A Dillenia Indica Fruit is also known as Elephant Apple. It is a big, green fruit from Asia. It’s a bit sour and used in cooking for dishes like curries.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Dillenia Indica Fruit (Elephant apple)
  • Dinosaur Eggs: Dinosaur Eggs are actually a type of plum that has speckled skin, making them look like dinosaur eggs! They’re sweet and fun to eat.
  • Diospyros embryopteris (Dolichandrone falcata): This is a type of fruit from a tree found in Asia. It’s not commonly eaten but is part of the big family of fruits.
  • Diospyros kaki (Asian Persimmon): Asian Persimmon are a sweet, orange fruit that’s soft and yummy. It’s often eaten when it’s really ripe and is super sweet.
  • Diospyros virginiana (American Persimmon): American Persimmon is a native fruit in the USA. It’s sweet and delicious, especially when it’s soft and ripe.
  • Discovery Apple: Discovery Apples are bright red and super crunchy. They’re a bit tart and sweet, making them perfect for a quick snack.
  • Diyalissa Fruit: Diyalissa Fruit is a tropical fruit that’s not well-known but is tasty and sweet. It’s a fun fruit to discover and try.
  • Dog Face Fruit: Dog Face Fruit is an unusual name for a fruit, and it’s not commonly eaten. It’s more of a fun name to remember in the world of fruits.
  • Dongoyaro (Neem fruits): Dongoyaro, or Neem fruits, are from the neem tree. They’re not usually eaten but are known for their use in traditional medicine.
  • Donut Nectarine: Donut Nectarines are shaped like little donuts – flat and round. They’re sweet and yummy, making them a fun fruit for kids.
  • Donut Peach: Donut Peaches are shaped just like donuts, too. They’re flatter than regular peaches and sweeter, making them a delicious treat.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Donut Peach
  • Double Coconut: The Double Coconut is one of the largest seeds in the world, coming from a rare palm tree found in the Seychelles. It’s so big that it can look like a coconut for two! While it’s not commonly eaten, it’s fascinating because of its size and rarity.
  • Dracontomelon: Dracontomelon is an exotic fruit found in Southeast Asia. It’s large and round, with a tough skin and a sour taste. People often use it in soups and sauces to add a tangy flavor.
  • Dragon Berry: Dragon berry might sound like it’s from a fairy tale, but it’s actually a real fruit! It’s not commonly found in stores, but if you ever come across one, it’s worth a try for its unique taste.
  • Dragon Eye: A Dragon eye fruit is also known as Longan. It is a small, round fruit with translucent flesh and a black seed, making it look like an eyeball! It’s sweet and juicy, often eaten fresh or in desserts.
  • Dragon Fruit: Dragon fruit looks like a treasure from a dragon’s lair! It has bright pink or yellow skin with green spikes. Inside, it has white or red flesh with tiny black seeds. It tastes mildly sweet and is often used in smoothies and salads.
  • Draksha (Grapes): Draksha is another name for grapes. These small, juicy fruits come in green, red, and purple varieties and are sweet and delicious. They’re great as a snack, in fruit salads, or turned into raisins.
  • Drakshphal (Loquat): Drakshphal, also known as Loquat, is a small, orange fruit that tastes a bit like a mix of peach, citrus, and mango. It’s juicy and sweet, often eaten fresh or made into jams.
  • Dried Apricot: Dried apricots are apricots that have had the water removed, leaving them smaller, chewier, and sweeter. They’re a healthy snack and can be added to cereals and baked goods.
  • Dubonnet Orange: Dubonnet Orange is a type of citrus fruit known for its sweet and tangy flavor. It’s great for eating fresh or for juicing.
  • Duguetia Fruit: Duguetia fruit comes from a tree in the rainforest. It’s not very well-known around the world, but it’s an interesting part of the fruit family with a unique taste.
image of Fruits that Start with D: Duguetia Fruit
  • Duku Fruit: Duku fruit is a type of tropical fruit similar to lychee and longan. It’s sweet and juicy and often eaten fresh or used in desserts and fruit salads.
  • Dulcinda Melon: Dulcinda melon is a sweet and juicy melon variety. It’s known for its rich flavor and is perfect for a refreshing snack on a hot day.
  • Durio dulcis Becc (Lahong): Durio dulcis, also known as Lahong, is a rare type of durian with a sweet taste. It’s less known than the common durian but is a treat for those who like exotic fruits.
  • Durio graveolens Treub (Durian Merah): Durio graveolens, or Durian Merah, is another variety of durian. It’s known for its red flesh and is a little less smelly than the typical durian. It tends to have a  sweet and slightly alcoholic flavor.
  • Durian: Durian is a large, spiky fruit famous in Southeast Asia. Some people love its creamy, custard-like texture and unique flavor, while others find its strong smell a bit stinky which turns them off from eating it. It’s known as the ‘king of fruits.’
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Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with D on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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