49 Fruits That Start With L [Ultimate List With Pictures!]

Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating fruits? It’s going to be a blast as we explore fruits that start with L together. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with L! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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List of Fruits That Start With L

Here is a list of fruits that start with L in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit! 

  1. Lady Apple
  2. Lady Finger Bananas
  3. Lakoocha
  4. Lambkin Melon
  5. Lancetilla Mango
  6. Langley Bullace Damson Plums
  7. Langra Mango
  8. Langsat
  9. Lantana Camara Berries
  10. Lapsi
  11. Laranja
  12. Lardizabala
  13. Le Conte Pear
  14. Lebanese Wild Apple
  15. Lemato
  16. Lemon
  17. Lemon Aspen
  18. Lemon Drop Mangosteen
  19. Lemon Drop Melon
  20. Lemonadeberry
  21. Leucaena
  22. Leucaena Leucocephala
  23. Liberty Apple
  24. Lilly Pilly
  25. Lima Orange
  26. Limau Bali
  27. Lime
  28. Limeberry
  29. Limequat
  30. Lingonberry
  31. Lippens Mango
  32. Little Gooseberry
  33. Lodi Apple
  34. Loganberry
  35. Loganberry Fruit
  36. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  37. Long Neck Avocado
  38. Long‑peduncled Almond
  39. Longan
  40. Loquat
  41. Lord Lambourne Apple
  42. Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear
  43. Lovi-Lovi
  44. Low Juneberry
  45. Lucuma
  46. Lulo
  47. Luóhàn Guǒ
  48. Lychee
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Fun Facts about Fruits that Start with L

Ready to increase your knowledge of fruits that start with L? Dive in and learn more about all the different fruits on the list!

  • Lady Apple: Lady Apples are small and sweet, with a pretty red and green skin. They’re just the right size for a snack and taste as lovely as they look.
  • Lady Finger Bananas: Lady Finger Bananas are smaller and sweeter than the big bananas you might be used to. They’re perfect for little hands and make a great, healthy snack.
  • Lakoocha: Lakoocha, or Monkey Jackfruit, is a tropical fruit that’s related to jackfruit but smaller. It’s got a tangy flavor and is used in Asian cuisines.
  • Lambkin Melon: Lambkin Melon is a cute name for a fruit that’s a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew. It’s sweet, juicy, and has a lovely green skin that’s soft to touch.
  • Lancetilla Mango: Lancetilla Mangoes are huge and juicy, with a deep red skin when ripe. They’re incredibly sweet and perfect for a summertime treat.
  • Langley Bullace Damson Plums: These are small, dark plums with a tart taste, great for making jams or baking in pies because they add a delicious sourness.
  • Langra Mango: Langra Mangoes are green even when ripe and have a unique, tangy flavor. They’re a favorite in India during the mango season.
  • Langsat: Langsat fruits are small and round with a thin, yellow skin. Inside, they’re sweet and juicy with a hint of bitterness, often eaten fresh.
  • Lantana Camara Berries: These berries are from the Lantana plant, which is pretty but not for eating. The berries are actually toxic, so it’s a plant to admire from afar.
  • Lapsi: Lapsi is a sour fruit from Nepal, used to make pickles and candies. It’s green and looks a bit like a small, unripe mango.
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  • Laranja: Laranja means “orange” in Portuguese. Oranges are juicy and sweet, full of Vitamin C, and perfect for juicing or eating just like that.
  • Lardizabala: This is a rare fruit from South America, with a vine that produces edible fruit. It’s not commonly found but is an exciting discovery for fruit explorers.
  • Le Conte Pear: Le Conte Pears are juicy and sweet. They’re great for eating fresh out of your hand or slicing up into a fruit salad.
  • Lebanese Wild Apple: Lebanese Wild Apples are smaller than regular apples, with a unique taste. They grow in the wild and are a special treat if you can find them.
  • Lemato: Lemato is a fun mix between a lemon and a tomato, but it’s actually just a tomato that tastes a bit citrusy. It’s great for adding a zesty flavor to salads.
  • Lemon: Lemons are bright yellow and a bit sour but are great for adding flavor to water or making lemonade. They’re also good for making desserts tastier.
  • Lemon Aspen: Lemon Aspen grows in Australia and is super sour like a lemon. It’s used in sauces and drinks to add a big burst of flavor.
  • Lemon Drop Mangosteen: Lemon Drop Mangosteen is a small, tangy fruit that’s related to the larger, sweeter mangosteen. It’s like nature’s sour candy.
  • Lemon Drop Melon: Lemon Drop Melon is sweet with a hint of lemony tartness. It’s yellow like a lemon and refreshing like a melon.
  • Lemonadeberry: Lemonadeberry comes from a bush in California. The berries can be soaked in water to make a natural lemonade-flavored drink.
A grey background on the left is the letter L in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Lemon" in white lettering with a picture of Lemon below it.
  • Leucaena: Leucaena is more known for its seeds and leaves, which are used as food for animals. The pods are not typically eaten by people.
  • Leucaena Leucocephala: Similar to Leucaena, this plant produces seeds that are used more as animal feed. It’s an important plant for farming but not a fruit snack.
  • Liberty Apple: Liberty Apples are crisp and juicy with a balance of sweet and tart. They’re perfect for a crunchy snack or baking into apple pies.
  • Lilly Pilly: Lilly Pilly is a small, pink or purple berry from Australia. It’s a bit tart and often used to make jellies or eaten fresh as a snack.
  • Lima Orange: Lima Oranges are sweet and slightly tangy, making them perfect for juicing or eating fresh. They’re like a sunshiny treat on any day.
  • Limau Bali: Limau Bali is a type of pomelo, which is like a giant, sweet, and less bitter grapefruit. It’s green or yellow outside and has a thick rind with juicy, pink or white segments inside.
  • Lime: Limes are small, green citrus fruits that are a bit sour and very zesty. They’re great for adding a splash of tangy flavor to drinks, dishes, and desserts.
  • Limeberry: Limeberry is tiny and tart, and can add a zesty kick to foods and drinks. Though not as common as other berries, it’s a fun addition to recipes for a citrusy twist.
  • Limequat: Limequat is a mix between a lime and a kumquat. It’s small and oval, with an edible rind and a tangy taste that’s great in marmalades or as a snack.
  • Lingonberry: Lingonberries are small, red berries that grow in the forest. They’re tart and often made into jams and sauces, especially in Scandinavian dishes.
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  • Lippens Mango: Lippens Mangoes are sweet and juicy, with a smooth, almost fiberless flesh. They’re perfect for eating fresh on a hot summer day.
  • Little Gooseberry: Little Gooseberries are small, green, and a bit tart. They’re great in pies or eaten raw if you like a sour snack.
  • Lodi Apple: Lodi Apples are light green and a bit tart. They’re early-season apples, perfect for making into applesauce or apple pies because they cook down nicely.
  • Loganberry: Loganberries are a cross between blackberries and raspberries. They’re dark red and a bit tart, great for jams, jellies, or eating fresh.
  • Loganberry Fruit: Just like Loganberries, these fruits are perfect for anyone who loves berries. They combine the best of both raspberries and blackberries for a unique, tangy flavor.
  • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin: Long Island Cheese Pumpkin is a type of squash that looks a bit like a wheel of cheese. It’s sweet and perfect for pies, just like pumpkin.
  • Long Neck Avocado: Long Neck Avocados are just what they sound like – avocados with a long neck. They’re creamy and delicious, great for guacamole or slices on toast.
  • Long-peduncled Almond: This might refer to a specific type of almond with a longer stem. Almonds are crunchy and good for you, perfect for a quick snack.
  • Longan: Longans are small, round fruits with a translucent flesh inside. They’re sweet and juicy, with a large seed in the middle, often eaten fresh or in desserts.
  • Loquat: Loquats are small, orange fruits that are sweet and a bit tangy. They’re delicious eaten fresh, and you can also make them into jam or pie.
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  • Lord Lambourne Apple: Lord Lambourne Apples are juicy and sweet with a hint of tartness. They’re a classic English apple, perfect for eating out of hand or cooking.
  • Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear: This pear is sweet and juicy with a smooth texture. It’s an old variety that’s been enjoyed for its delicious flavor for many years.
  • Lovi-Lovi: Lovi-Lovi is a small, sour fruit from Africa. It’s often used in drinks and to add a tangy flavor to dishes.
  • Low Juneberry: Low Juneberry is similar to highbush varieties but grows closer to the ground. The berries are sweet and can be eaten fresh or used in pies and jams.
  • Lucuma: Lucuma is a superfruit from South America with a dry, sweet flesh that’s often used in smoothies and desserts. It tastes a bit like sweet potato mixed with maple.
  • Lulo: Lulo is a bright orange fruit from South America with a green, juicy inside. It’s tart and tangy, great for juices and smoothies.
  • Luóhàn Guǒ: Also known as Buddha’s hand melon or monk fruit, it’s used as a sweetener and in traditional Chinese medicine. The fruit is sweet and used to make drinks and desserts.
  • Lychee: Lychees are small, red fruits with a rough skin. Inside, they’re sweet and juicy with a white flesh around a big seed. They’re delicious fresh or in fruit salads.
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Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with L on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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