Fruits That Start With S [Ultimate List With Pictures!]

Today, we’re going to have a super adventure exploring fruits that begin with S. Fruits are not only delicious but also colorful and full of important nutrients. The letter S brings us some of the most scrumptious and special fruits. Let’s start our sweet journey and learn about these fantastic ‘S’ fruits!

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First on our list is the Strawberry. Strawberries are small, heart-shaped fruits that are bright red and have tiny seeds on the outside. They are juicy and sweet, and you can eat them on their own or in desserts like cakes and ice cream. Strawberries are not just tasty; they are also packed with vitamins that are great for keeping us healthy and happy.

Have you ever heard of a Starfruit, also known as Carambola? When you cut a starfruit in slices, it looks like little stars! Starfruits are yellow and have a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. They come from tropical places and are super fun to eat. Plus, they add a starry sparkle to fruit salads and drinks.

Another amazing fruit that starts with S is the Sapodilla. This fruit might be less known, but it’s definitely worth trying. Sapodillas are brown and round, and they taste super sweet, like a mix of pears, apples, and brown sugar. They are usually eaten raw and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Learning about fruits that begin with S is a great way to explore the wonderful world of fruits. Each one has its own unique taste, color, and shape. So, let’s keep our taste buds ready and our minds open for more fruity discoveries!

Are you ready to learn more about these fascinating fruits? It’s going to be a blast as we explore fruits that start with S together. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite fruit that starts with S! Let’s get started on this tasty adventure together!

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Four pictures of fruits that start with S and in the center is a yellow band with white letters that say "62 fruits that start with S"

List of Fruits That Start With S

Here is a list of fruits that start with S in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each fruit!

  1. Saba Banana
  2. Safou (or African Pear)
  3. Saguaro Cactus Fruit
  4. Saguaro Fruit
  5. Salak (or Snake Fruit)
  6. Salal Berry
  7. Salmonberry
  8. Sand Cherry
  9. Santol
  10. Sapodilla
  11. Sapote
  12. Sapote, Black
  13. Sapucaia Fruit
  14. Saskatoon Berry (or Juneberry)
  15. Satsuma
  16. Saturn Peach (or Donut Peach)
  17. Screw Pine (or Pandanus)
  18. Scuppernong Grape
  19. Sea Buckthorn
  20. Sea Grape
  21. Seagrape Fruit
  22. Service Tree Fruit
  23. Serviceberry
  24. Seriguela Fruit
  25. Seville Orange
  26. Shaddock Fruit
  27. Sharifa (or Sugar Apple)
  28. Sharon Fruit (or Persimmon)
  29. Shea Fruit
  30. Shonan Gold Fruit
  31. Shipova
  32. Sikkim Cucumber
  33. Silverberry (or Wolfberry)
  34. Sloe (or Blackthorn)
  35. Snake Tomato
  36. Soncoya
  37. Sorrel
  38. Sour Cherry Fruit
  39. Soursop
  40. Spineless Monkey Orange
  41. Stinking Bishop Pear Fruit
  42. Star Apple
  43. Starfruit (or Carambola)
  44. Strawberry
  45. Strawberry Guava
  46. Strawberry Pear (or Pitaya)
  47. Strawberry Tomato
  48. Strawberry Tree Fruit
  49. Sugar Apple (or Sweetsop)
  50. Sugarberry
  51. Sumac
  52. Sunberry
  53. Sunquat
  54. Sunset Apple
  55. Surinam Cherry
  56. Sweet Apple-Berry
  57. Sweet Granadilla
  58. Sweet Lemon (or Lima Dulce)
  59. Sweet Lime
  60. Sweet Sapphire Grapes
  61. Sweetbay Magnolia Fruit
  62. Sycamore Fruit
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Fun Facts about Fruits that Start with S

  • Saba Banana: Saba bananas are like the bigger cousins of the bananas you eat. They are bigger, thicker, and often used in cooking. People make them into chips or cook them in syrup for a sweet treat.
  • Safou (African Pear): Safou, also known as African Pear, is a blue or black fruit that’s super buttery and nutritious. It’s often cooked and eaten as a snack in African countries.
  • Saguaro Cactus Fruit: Saguaro Cactus Fruit grows on the top of the tall Saguaro cactus in the desert. It’s red and sweet and eaten by desert animals and people too!
  • Salak (Snake Fruit): Salak, or Snake Fruit, has a skin that looks like snake scales. Inside, it’s sweet and tangy, with a texture like apples. It’s a cool fruit to try if you ever see it.
  • Salal Berry: Salal berries are small, dark blue fruits that grow in the wild. They’re sweet and a bit earthy, and people often use them to make jams or pies.
  • Salmonberry: Salmonberries are orange or red berries that look a bit like raspberries. They grow in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and are sweet and juicy.
  • Sand Cherry: Sand cherries are small, dark fruits that grow on bushes in sandy areas. They’re sweet and great for making jams and jellies.
  • Santol: Santol is a tropical fruit with a thick, bumpy skin. Inside, it has a sweet and sour taste, and you can eat it fresh or use it in cooking.
  • Sapodilla: Sapodilla is a brown, round fruit that’s super sweet and tastes a bit like brown sugar and pears. It’s soft and grainy and is great for a sweet snack.
  • Sapote, Black: Black Sapote is a fruit that looks like a green tomato outside, but inside, it’s like chocolate pudding! It’s sweet and can be eaten raw or used in desserts.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Silverberry (or wolfberry)" underneath the lettering is a photo of silverberries.
  • Sapote: Sapote is a sweet tropical fruit that can be yellow, orange, or green. It’s soft and creamy, and people often eat it by scooping out the flesh with a spoon.
  • Saskatoon Berry (Juneberry): Saskatoon berries, or Juneberries, look like blueberries but are a bit larger and sweeter. They’re great in pies or just eaten by themselves.
  • Satsuma: Satsuma is a type of mandarin orange that’s super sweet and easy to peel. It’s a perfect snack for kids because it doesn’t have seeds and is very juicy.
  • Saturn Peach (Donut Peach): Saturn peaches, or Donut Peaches, are flat and round like donuts. They’re sweeter and less acidic than regular peaches and are really fun to eat.
  • Screw Pine (Pandanus): Screw Pine, or Pandanus, has a fruit that looks like a big, spiky pinecone. The fruit is used in cooking for its unique flavor, especially in Asian dishes.
  • Scuppernong Grape: Scuppernong grapes are big, green, and sweet. They’re a type of muscadine grape and are often used in making wine or jelly.
  • Sea Buckthorn: Sea Buckthorn berries are small, orange, and tart. They grow in cold climates and are super healthy, often used in juices and syrups.
  • Sea Grape: Sea grapes grow near beaches and have big, round leaves. The fruit looks like green grapes but is more often used as a pretty plant than for eating.
  • Service Tree Fruit: Service Tree Fruit is a rare fruit that looks a bit like a pear. It’s sweet and used in Europe for making desserts and jams.
  • Serviceberry: Serviceberry is a small, sweet, dark blue fruit. It tastes a bit like blueberries and is great in pancakes, jams, or just by itself.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Shaddock Fruit" Underneath the lettering is a photo of Shaddock Fruit.
  • Sharifa (Sugar Apple): Sharifa, or Sugar Apple, has a green, bumpy outside and a sweet, creamy inside that falls apart like custard. It’s a delicious tropical fruit.
  • Sharon Fruit (Persimmon): Sharon Fruit, a type of persimmon, is bright orange and sweet. It’s great to eat when it’s really soft and squishy, and it’s super yummy.
  • Shea Fruit: Shea fruit comes from the shea tree, known for shea butter. The fruit is edible and sweet, but it’s the seed that’s used to make shea butter.
  • Shipova: Shipova is a rare fruit that’s a mix between a pear and a mountain ash. It’s sweet and juicy, and if you find it, you’re in for a treat!
  • Sikkim Cucumber: Sikkim cucumber is a unique, round cucumber that’s orange or red. It’s eaten like a regular cucumber but is special because of its cool color.
  • Silverberry (Wolfberry): Silverberries, or Wolfberries, are small, silver-colored berries. They’re a bit tart and are often eaten dried like raisins.
  • Sloe (Blackthorn): Sloes are small, dark purple fruits from the blackthorn bush. They’re super tart and are often used to make sloe gin or jelly.
  • Snake Tomato: Snake Tomato is an unusual fruit that’s long and curly like a snake. It’s more of a novelty than a commonly eaten fruit.
  • Soncoya: Soncoya is a tropical fruit with a spiky brown skin and a sweet, custard-like inside. It’s not very common but is a fun fruit to try.
  • Sorrel: Sorrel is a leafy green that’s often used in salads. It’s not a fruit, but its leaves have a lemony, sour taste that’s great in fresh dishes.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Seriguela Fruit" Underneath the lettering is a photo of Seriguela Fruit.
  • Soursop: Soursop is a big, green, spiky fruit that’s super sweet and tastes a bit like a combination of strawberry, pineapple, and citrus. It’s great in smoothies or ice cream.
  • Spineless Monkey Orange: Spineless Monkey Orange is a rare African fruit that’s round and yellow. It’s sweet and tangy and has a unique, citrusy flavor.
  • Star Apple: Star Apple is a tropical fruit that’s purple or green outside and has a star pattern inside. It’s sweet and creamy, almost like a custard.
  • Starfruit (Carambola): Starfruit, or Carambola, is a fruit that looks like a star when you cut it. It’s yellow, juicy, and a bit sweet and sour. It’s really fun to put in fruit salads because of its shape.
  • Strawberry Guava: Strawberry Guava is a small, red fruit that tastes like a mix between a strawberry and a guava. It’s sweet and tangy, and great for snacking.
  • Strawberry Pear (Pitaya): Strawberry Pear, also known as Pitaya or Dragon Fruit, is bright and colorful. It has a sweet, mild taste and is often used in smoothies or fruit salads.
  • Strawberry Tomato: Strawberry Tomato is not a typical fruit. It looks like a small, red tomato and is used more in cooking than eaten like a fruit.
  • Strawberry Tree Fruit: Strawberry Tree Fruit comes from the strawberry tree, but it doesn’t taste like strawberries. It’s more like a sweet, slightly tart berry.
  • Strawberry: Strawberries are small, red, heart-shaped fruits that are super sweet and juicy. They’re delicious on their own, in desserts, or with cream.
  • Sugar Apple (Sweetsop): Sugar Apple, or Sweetsop, has a lumpy green outside and a sweet, creamy inside. It’s really delicious and tastes like custard.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Sea Buckthorn" Underneath the lettering is a photo of Sea Buckthorn
  • Sugarberry: Sugarberry is a small, sweet berry that grows on trees in North America. It’s not as well-known as other berries but is a tasty little fruit.
  • Sumac: Sumac is not exactly a fruit but a spice made from dried berries of the sumac bush. It’s tangy and lemony and used to flavor dishes.
  • Sunberry: Sunberry is a small, dark purple berry that’s sweet and juicy. It’s great for eating fresh or making into jams and pies.
  • Sunquat: Sunquat is a fruit that’s a mix between a kumquat and a sunflower. It’s not a common fruit but has a citrusy and sweet taste.
  • Surinam Cherry: Surinam Cherry is a small, red fruit that looks a bit like a pumpkin. It’s sweet and tart, and people often eat it fresh or use it in jams.
  • Sweet Apple-Berry: Sweet Apple-Berry is a small fruit that tastes a bit like an apple. It’s not very common, but it’s sweet and fun to try.
  • Sweet Granadilla: Sweet Granadilla is a type of passion fruit. It’s orange outside and inside, it has sweet, jelly-like seeds that are delicious to eat.
  • Sweet Lemon (Lima Dulce): Sweet Lemon, or Lima Dulce, is a special kind of lemon that’s not sour but sweet! It looks just like a regular lemon but surprises you with its sweetness. It’s great for eating just like an orange.
  • Sweet Lime: Sweet Lime is a lot like a lemon or lime, but it’s not sour. It’s sweet and juicy, making it perfect for a refreshing drink or a healthy snack.
  • Sweet Sapphire Grapes: Sweet Sapphire Grapes are super cool because they’re long and look like little purple fingers. They’re sweet and crunchy, and kids love them because they’re different from regular round grapes.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Scuppernong grape" Underneath the lettering is a photo of Scuppernong grape.
  • Sour Cherry Fruit: Sour Cherry Fruit is smaller and tarter than regular cherries. They’re great for baking pies and making jams because they have a strong cherry flavor that’s really yummy.
  • Shaddock Fruit: Shaddock Fruit is a giant citrus fruit, also known as Pomelo. It’s like a big, sweet, and mild grapefruit and is great for fruit salads or eating on its own.
  • Shonan Gold Fruit: Shonan Gold Fruit is a citrus fruit from Japan. It’s yellow, juicy, and sweet, kind of like an orange, but with its own unique taste.
  • Sapucaia Fruit: Sapucaia Fruit comes from a tropical nut tree. The fruit itself isn’t eaten, but the nuts inside are tasty and often used in cooking.
  • Sunset Apple: Sunset Apple is a type of apple known for its lovely red and orange color, like a sunset. It’s sweet and crispy, perfect for a healthy snack.
  • Sweetbay Magnolia Fruit: Sweetbay Magnolia Fruit comes from the magnolia tree. The fruit is red and attractive to birds, but it’s not really eaten by people.
  • Seville Orange: Seville Orange is a type of orange that’s a bit too sour and bitter to eat by itself. It’s famous for making marmalade, a type of orange jam.
  • Seagrape Fruit: Seagrape Fruit grows near beaches in tropical areas. The fruit is small, round, and green, turning purple when ripe. It’s juicy and sweet, often eaten fresh.
  • Sycamore Fruit: Sycamore Fruit comes from the sycamore tree. The fruit itself is not really eaten, but it’s interesting because it looks like a small, spiky ball.
  • Seriguela Fruit: Seriguela Fruit is a small, sweet fruit from Central and South America. It’s yellow or red and tastes a bit like a plum, and people love to eat it fresh or in juices.
A grey background on the left is a white letter S in a white circle. On the right is lettering saying "Satsuma" Underneath the lettering is a photo of Satsuma.
  • Stinking Bishop Pear Fruit: Stinking Bishop Pear Fruit is a type of pear known for its strong aroma and delicious taste. It’s great for eating fresh, and it’s also used to make a famous cheese called Stinking Bishop cheese!
On the top is a photo of a salmonberry in the middle is a grey band that has white lettering saying "62 fruits that start with S" on the bottom is a photo Santol.

Did you discover some pretty cool fruits that start with S on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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