Paper Pumpkin Truck

Your kids will love creating this easy Paper Pumpkin Truck. It is so simple to make, even younger crafters will be able to make it with ease. 

Paper Pumpkin Truck

Fall is a great time to stay cozy inside, enjoy some hot chocolate (we love our Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix) and make crafts as a family! This super cute Paper Pumpkin Truck would make a great addition to your fall decorations. And your kids will love seeing their creations displayed throughout their home.

The great thing about this free downloadable template is that you can make this craft as many times as you want! As you make each new truck, encourage your kids to experiment with the craft and let their imagination flow! Your kids are sure to enjoy getting creative this fall season.

For even more craft ideas, take this Recycled Laundry Pods Container Ghost and adapt it to make an adorable pumpkin lantern. 

How to Make a Paper Pumpkin Truck


Supplies to make paper pumpkin truck with pumpkins
  • Construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Step 1

You’ll start this craft by choosing your colors of construction paper. Choose a red paper for the truck base, wheel bumpers, and backside of the truck (the rectangle shape). Next, you’ll need to choose a few different shades of orange construction paper for the pumpkins. Grab a black sheet for the wheelbases, a gray one for the center of the wheels, and a light blue sheet for the glass. 

Trace the patterns onto their designated colored papers. Then grab your scissors and cut out the patterns nicely.  

Step 2

Start assembling your truck with glue. First, glue the glass cutout on the top front part of the truck base. Next, glue the gray round cutouts in the center of the black wheelbase cutouts.

Step 3

Next, you’ll glue the wheel bumpers on the bottom side of the car, leaving the bottom edge hanging slightly off the truck base. Make sure the flat side of the wheel bumper is rotated towards the bottom of your craft. Then glue the wheels’ top half onto the wheel bumpers.

Step 4

Flip the truck base pattern so you are looking at the backside. Grab your rectangle cutout. Apply glue on both short edges and only one long side of the rectangle cardstock cutout. 

Step 5

Step to make paper pumpkin truck

Place the glued rectangle cardstock on the rectangle part of the truck base. Make sure to keep the top side open so you can put your pumpkins in there once it’s dry.

Step 6

Turn the papercraft truck to the front side once more.


Red paper pumpkin truck craft with yellow pumpkin

Take your pumpkin cutouts and insert them into the pocket of the truck through its open top end.

Tips and Tricks

  • Grab a dark brown marker and color in the pumpkin stems. You could also grab a lighter brown marker and add the lines to the pumpkin to create an even more realistic look to your craft.
  • For your littler kids, encourage their fine motor skills and number skills by playing a counting game with the craft. Have them remove all of the pumpkins from the truck and count as they put them back in.
  • Allow your kids to get creative with the craft. Encourage them to add details to the truck to make it uniquely theirs! For example, they could draw a person in the window driving the truck.  
  • Recycle this craft for Christmas time! Grab a green sheet of construction paper and cut out a tree about the same size as the truck’s bed. Decorate it how you wish and replace the pumpkins with the tree. 

More Paper Pumpkin Truck Ideas

Paper pumpkin truck with three pumpkins in back of truck

Bring your new craft along for a car ride to choose your own pumpkins as a family! 

Go for a family walk and look for beautiful fallen leaves. You could even do a fall scavenger hunt. Take them home and grab your crayons. Rub the crayon over the leaf onto a sheet of paper to create an imprint of the leaf. Your kids will love to create a lasting memento of your adventure together.

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