Paper Rocket Craft

This fun paper rocket craft is the perfect addition to space week or if you have kids that love everything space! With the free template, this rocket craft for kids will be a huge hit!  

Paper Rocket Craft For Kids

feature image: Paper Rocket Craft

In our house, space always seems to be the topic of conversation. It might start with talking about the stars or the first man to walk on the moon, or the latest launches we have recently had, but it always sparks the kids to make some sort of spacecraft project.

We loved making a Space Shuttle Papercraft and our Papercraft Planet Cards, but one of our favorites are these papercraft rockets because they are simple to make and so versatile! You can easily adapt them to make papercraft rocket puppets or you can glue them down to another sheet of paper. Regardless of how you adapt the craft with your kids, they will love being introduced to space with a fun craft project.

This project can easily be done with kids 4 and up. With younger kids, you can precut all the color paper that they can then glue together. 

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supplies used to make a paper rocket craft
  1. Colored paper
  2. Popsicle stick
  3. Craft glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors

How to Make a Paper Rocket Craft out of Paper

  • Select different colored papers. Try to use different colors for each part of the paper rocket to give it a fun look.  

  • Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely. 
  • Stick the small flame pattern on the big flame pattern. 
  • Stick the small round cutouts in the middle of the big round cutouts. 
  • Stick the triangular cutout on the top end of the rocket base and the strip cutout along the bottom end of the rocket base. 
  • Stick the round cutouts (windows) on the rocket base, one below another. 
  • Stick the flame pattern on the bottom side of the rocket base, the flame should be facing towards the outer side. 
  • Stick the 2 stand cutouts on both sides of the base, near the bottom side.
  • Stick the 3rd stand (the lens shaped cutout) in the middle of the bottom strip part of the rocket base.
Papercraft rocket on popsicle stick
  • Attach the papercraft rocket with a popsicle stick to complete the craft. 

More Space Activities for Kids

One of the best ways to experience space is by getting outside and look up at the stars. You will see constellations, shooting stars, and all kinds of things that are up in space just waiting to be discovered. Grab a telescope for an up-close look at space. 

Make space slime! Visit the NASA webpage to discover just how to make stretchy universe slime. 

One of the best ways to discover space is by reading about it!  There’s No Place Like Space All About Our Solar System is a great book for younger readers and we love Space book by Smithsonian for older kids so they can really see what space is all about! Who knows this might even spark a family vacation to NASA! 

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