30 Vegetables That Start With E [Huge List With Pictures!]

Today, we’re embarking on an exciting exploration of vegetables that start with E. ‘E’ may not be the most common letter for vegetable names, but the ones it represents are exceptional and packed with flavors and nutrients. Let’s dive into this expedition and uncover the extraordinary vegetables that start with E that are waiting to enhance our meals and health.

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First up is Eggplant. Eggplants are pretty cool because they can be big or small, and their colors range from deep purple to white and even green. They might look tough on the outside, but inside, they’re soft and perfect for cooking. You can bake, grill, or sauté them, and they soak up flavors like a sponge, making any dish delicious. Eggplants are not just tasty; they’re also full of fiber and vitamins.

Next, we have Endive. Endive is a leafy vegetable that looks a little like lettuce, but it has a unique, slightly bitter taste. It’s crunchy and great for adding a fresh twist to salads. There are two main types: one that looks like a small green bush, and another that’s more elongated and white with yellow tips. Eating endive is a fun way to add variety and nutrition to your greens.

Then, let’s talk about Escarole. Escarole is similar to endive but with broader, less bitter leaves. It’s often used in soups and salads, bringing a mild, earthy flavor to the table. Escarole is rich in vitamins A and K, which are important for our vision and blood health. It’s a great way to make our meals more interesting and healthy.

Exploring vegetables that starts with E opens up a world of new tastes and textures, from the versatile eggplant to the unique endive and escarole. Each vegetable brings its own set of benefits, flavors, and cooking possibilities. So, let’s keep our adventurous spirits alive and our plates full of these exceptional ‘E’ veggies!

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List of Vegetables That Start With E

Here is a list of vegetables that start with E in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each vegetable!

  1. Earthnut Pea
  2. Eastern White Pumpkin
  3. Echiveria
  4. Edamame
  5. Eddo
  6. Eelgrass
  7. Eggplant
  8. Egyptian Onion
  9. Elephant Foot Yam
  10. Elephant Garlic
  11. Elfin Herb
  12. Endive
  13. English Cucumber
  14. English Peas
  15. English Spinach
  16. Enoki Mushrooms
  17. Enset
  18. Ensete
  19. Epazote
  20. Escarole
  21. Eskimo Potato
  22. Espelette Pepper
  23. Ethiopian Kale
  24. Ethiopian Mustard
  25. Evergreen Onion
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Fun Facts about Vegetables that Start with E

Ready to increase your knowledge of vegetables that start with E? Dive in and learn more about all the different vegetables on the list!

  • Earthnut Pea: Earthnut Pea is a cool plant that grows peas underground. It’s like a secret snack hidden in the soil, waiting to be discovered.
  • Eastern White Pumpkin: This pumpkin is big and white, almost like it’s dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. It’s great for carving and cooking, making it a fun choice for pumpkin pies.
  • Echiveria: Echiveria, or succulent, isn’t eaten but is super pretty to grow. Imagine little green roses that can live without much water, like tiny desert treasures.
  • Edamame: Edamame are young soybeans still in their pods. They’re like nature’s candy that you have to pop out of its wrapper, and they’re super tasty with a pinch of salt.
  • Eddo: Eddo is a root vegetable, kind of like a small, hairy potato. It’s great in stews and soups, making them thick and hearty.
  • Eelgrass: Eelgrass is a plant that grows in the ocean, not a vegetable we eat. It’s like the underwater forest where fish hang out and hide.
  • Eggplant: Eggplants are purple and kind of look like big eggs on plants. They’re spongy and soak up flavors in dishes like magic, making everything delicious.
  • Egyptian Onion: Egyptian Onions are cool because they grow onions at the top of their stalks, not just in the ground. It’s like they’re trying to reach up and say hi!
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  • Elephant Foot Yam: This yam is huge and kind of looks like an elephant’s foot. It’s starchy and good in lots of recipes, like a giant hug from nature.
  • Elephant Garlic: Elephant Garlic is like regular garlic but much bigger. It’s milder, so you can use a lot without turning into a dragon.
  • Elfin Herb: This tiny herb isn’t well-known but imagine a magical plant that fairies might use to season their dinners in fairy tales.
  • Endive: Endive is a leafy green that’s a bit bitter but makes salads interesting. It’s like adding a little bit of adventure to your greens.
  • English Cucumber: English Cucumbers are long, skinny, and wrapped in plastic. They’re super crunchy and perfect for slicing into salads or munching as a snack.
  • English Peas: English Peas are sweet little green balls that pop out of their pods. They’re like nature’s green candies, perfect for snacking or adding to meals.
  • English Spinach: English Spinach is just regular spinach, which is leafy and great for you. It’s like eating a superpower that makes you strong and healthy.
  • Enoki Mushrooms: Enoki Mushrooms are tall and thin with tiny caps. They’re great in soups and look like little forest trees on your plate.
  • Enset: Enset, or false banana, is like a banana plant but you eat the stem, not the fruit. It’s used to make bread and porridge in some places, like a secret banana cousin.
A grey background on the left is the letter E in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Eddo" in white lettering with a picture of Eddo below it.
  • Ensete: Similar to Enset, this is another type of false banana. The plants are big and leafy and help in making some really interesting dishes.
  • Epazote: Epazote is an herb used in Mexican cooking. It’s got a strong taste and is said to help make beans less gassy. It’s like a magic leaf that makes bean dishes even better.
  • Escarole: Escarole is a leafy green that’s a bit less bitter than endive. It’s great in soups and salads, adding a fancy twist with its curly leaves.
  • Eskimo Potato: Eskimo Potato, or oyster plant, has roots that taste a bit nutty and sweet. It’s like finding a potato that’s not really a potato at all.
  • Espelette Pepper: Espelette Pepper is a type of chili that’s not too spicy and is used to make dishes a little bit warmer. It’s like a cozy fire for your food.
  • Ethiopian Kale: Ethiopian Kale is leafy and nutritious, used in lots of dishes. It’s like the strong, silent type of kale that’s quietly awesome.
  • Ethiopian Mustard: This is a spicy leafy green that can kick up the flavor in salads and stews. It’s like adding a little dash of excitement to your food.
  • Evergreen Onion: Evergreen Onions keep their green color all year. They’re perfect for adding a fresh onion flavor to dishes, like a little bit of spring no matter the season.
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Did you discover some pretty cool vegetables that start with E on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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