34 Vegetables that Start with H [Huge List With Pictures!]

Today, we’re hopping into the happy and hearty world of vegetables that start with H. ‘H’ stands for “healthy,” “heavenly,” and “hugely delicious,” and the veggies it represents are all that and more. Let’s hold hands and dive headfirst into this adventure to discover the hearty ‘H’ vegetables that help make us strong and smart.

First up is Horseradish. It is a spicy root that can add a zing to your food. It might make your nose tingle, but it’s great for adding flavor to dishes. A horseradish is a root vegetable that grows underground, and it’s packed with nutrients to keep us feeling zippy and zesty.

Next, we have the Happy-go-lucky Herb, Cilantro. Okay, while cilantro might be more of an herb than a vegetable, it’s used in so many dishes to add a fresh burst of flavor. Some people say it tastes like soap, but for others, it’s like sprinkling a bit of green magic on their food. Plus, it’s good for your health, making meals not just tastier but healthier too.

Then, there’s the Hearty and Hefty Hubbard Squash. Hubbard squash is a type of winter squash that’s big, bulky, and super filling. It can be baked, roasted, or mashed and is sweet enough to be in pies and savory enough for dinner. This squash is not just versatile in the kitchen; it’s also a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.

Hopping through the world of vegetables that starts with H shows us just how exciting and nutritious these foods can be. From the spicy Horseradish to the hefty Hubbard Squash, each veggie brings its own unique set of flavors, benefits, and fun facts. So, let’s keep our curiosity buzzing and our plates full of these healthy ‘H’ delights!

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List of Vegetables That Start With H

Here is a list of vegetables that start with H in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each vegetable!

  1. Hakka Eggplant
  2. Hakurei Turnip
  3. Half Runner Beans
  4. Hamburg Parsley
  5. Hamburg Roots
  6. Hanover Salad
  7. Harvest Moon Pumpkin
  8. Hass Avocado
  9. Hawaiian Chili Pepper
  10. Hawaiian Ginger
  11. Hawaiian Sweet Potato
  12. Heirloom Beets
  13. Heirloom Carrots
  14. Heirloom Corn
  15. Heirloom Lettuce
  16. Heirloom Potato
  17. Heirloom Radish
  18. Henderson’s Black Valentine Bean
  19. Hidatsa Shield Bean
  20. Highland Kale Sprouts
  21. Hill Country Red Okra
  22. Hinona Kabu Turnip
  23. Hispi Cabbage
  24. Hiyoko Eggplant
  25. Hoja Santa
  26. Hokkaido Corn
  27. Hokkaido Milk Pumpkin
  28. Hokkaido Pumpkin
  29. Hokkaido Squash
  30. Holboellia Latifolia
  31. Holland Chile Pepper
  32. Holland Onion
  33. Honey Boat Squash
  34. Honeynut Squash

Fun Facts about Vegetables that Start with H

Ready to increase your knowledge of vegetables that start with H? Dive in and learn more about all the different vegetables on the list!

  • Hakka Eggplant: Hakka Eggplant is a type of eggplant that’s used in Hakka dishes. It’s like a sponge that soaks up all the yummy flavors in stir-fries and stews, making every bite delicious.
  • Hakurei Turnip: Hakurei Turnips are small and sweet, with a crisp texture. They’re like the apples of the vegetable world because you can eat them raw, and they’re super tasty in salads.
  • Half Runner Beans: Half Runner Beans are kind of like the climbers of the bean world, but they don’t grow too tall. They’re great for picking and cooking into a yummy side dish that’s both healthy and tasty.
  • Hamburg Parsley: Hamburg Parsley is a cool veggie because you can eat the root like a carrot and the leaves like parsley. It’s like getting two veggies in one, which is pretty neat!
  • Hamburg Roots: This might refer to the root part of Hamburg Parsley. They’re like underground treasures that taste great in soups and stews, adding a sweet and slightly spicy flavor.
  • Hanover Salad: Hanover Salad could be a special salad popular in Hanover, with unique local ingredients. Imagine a salad that’s like a party of flavors, celebrating the taste of Hanover.
  • Harvest Moon Pumpkin: Harvest Moon Pumpkins are big and perfect for carving or making into pumpkin pie. They’re like the moon on a harvest night, big, round, and glowing with possibilities.
  • Hass Avocado: Hass Avocados are creamy and delicious, great for making guacamole or slicing on toast. They’re like nature’s butter, spreading smoothly and making everything tastier.
  • Hawaiian Chili Pepper: Hawaiian Chili Peppers are tiny but mighty, adding a spicy kick to dishes. They’re like little firecrackers for your mouth, popping with heat and flavor.
  • Hawaiian Ginger: Hawaiian Ginger is spicy and fragrant, used to add a zing to food and drinks. It’s like a magic root that can make tummy aches better, and food tastes amazing.
  • Hawaiian Sweet Potato: Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes are purple inside and super sweet. They’re like eating a piece of the rainbow that’s good for you and yummy.
  • Heirloom Beets: Heirloom Beets are old-fashioned varieties that come in beautiful colors and have sweet, earthy flavors. They’re like buried jewels, brightening up your plate and your taste buds.
  • Heirloom Carrots: Heirloom Carrots can be purple, yellow, or even white, not just orange. They’re like a box of crayons, adding color and crunch to your meals.
  • Heirloom Corn: Heirloom Corn comes in lots of colors and has a sweet, rich taste. It’s like eating sunshine in every kernel, popping with flavor.
  • Heirloom Lettuce: Heirloom Lettuce varieties are all different shapes, colors, and textures. They’re like a wardrobe for your salad, dressing it up in fancy leaves.
  • Heirloom Potato: Heirloom Potatoes can be blue, red, or even striped. They’re like the adventurous cousins of regular potatoes, ready to make your dinner more exciting.
  • Heirloom Radish: Heirloom Radishes are spicy and crisp and come in colors like pink, purple, and white. They’re like edible crayons, making your plate more colorful and fun.
  • Henderson’s Black Valentine Bean: These beans are hearty and flavorful, perfect for making soups or chili. They’re like little valentines, bringing love and warmth to your meals.
  • Hidatsa Shield Bean: Hidatsa Shield Beans are a traditional Native American bean that’s hearty and nutritious. They’re like little shields, protecting you with their healthiness.
  • Highland Kale Sprouts: Highland Kale Sprouts are tiny, leafy greens that are super healthy and tasty. They’re like baby plants, packed with power and ready to make you strong.
  • Hill Country Red Okra: Hill Country Red Okra is bright red and adds a crunchy texture to dishes. It’s like the superhero of the veggie world, fighting to make your meals more interesting.
  • Hinona Kabu Turnip: Hinona Kabu Turnips are long and purple, with a sweet and tender taste. They’re like the magic wands of the vegetable garden, ready to make your meals delicious.
  • Hispi Cabbage: Hispi Cabbage is a type of green cabbage that’s sweet and tender. It’s great for coleslaw or stir-fries, like a friendly green that’s always ready to play nicely with other foods.
  • Hiyoko Eggplant: Hiyoko Eggplant is small and can be used in many Japanese dishes. It’s like a tiny eggplant ready to soak up all the yummy sauces and flavors in your food.
  • Hoja Santa: Hoja Santa leaves are large and have a flavor that’s a bit like eucalyptus or anise. They’re used to wrap foods, adding a mysterious and delicious flavor, like wrapping a present in edible paper.
  • Hokkaido Corn: Hokkaido Corn is super sweet and juicy and known for its incredible flavor. It’s like the candy of the corn world, making every bite a treat.
  • Hokkaido Milk Pumpkin: Hokkaido Milk Pumpkin is creamy and perfect for soups and desserts. It’s like the cream in your coffee, but for your food, making everything smoother and tastier.
  • Hokkaido Pumpkin: Similar to the milk pumpkin, this pumpkin has a sweet, rich flesh that’s great for pies and roasting. It’s like a taste of autumn in every bite.
  • Hokkaido Squash: This is another term for Hokkaido Pumpkin, celebrated for its sweet taste and versatility in cooking. It’s like a squash that can do anything, from soups to pies.
  • Holboellia Latifolia: This is a type of vine with edible fruits that are rare and exotic. Eating them is like being an explorer, discovering new and exciting flavors.
  • Holland Chile Pepper: Holland Chile Peppers are spicy and perfect for adding heat to dishes. They’re like little fireballs, ready to spice up your life.
  • Holland Onion: Holland Onions are mild and sweet, great for adding flavor to dishes without too much spice. They’re like the friendly neighbor of the vegetable world.
  • Honey Boat Squash: Honey Boat Squash is sweet and nutty, shaped like a canoe. It’s like a little boat of sweetness, ready to sail into your favorite dishes.
  • Honeynut Squash: Honeynut Squash is smaller than a butternut squash but packed with sweet flavor. It’s like a concentrated drop of autumn, ready to sweeten up your meals.

Did you discover some pretty cool vegetables that start with H on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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