36 Vegetables That Start With T [Huge List With Pictures!]

Today, we’re taking a thrilling tour to talk about vegetables that start with T. ‘T’ is for tasty, tempting, and totally nutritious veggies that tickle our taste buds and treat our bodies right. Let’s tie up our sneakers and trek into the territory of vegetables that start with T to uncover the tasty treasures they hold.

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First up on our trail is the Tomato. Wait a second, isn’t a tomato a fruit? You’re right, but it’s often eaten as a vegetable, so we’re including it on our list! Tomatoes are terrifically versatile and can be found in everything from salads to sauces, giving dishes a deliciously juicy boost. Plus, they’re packed with vitamins A and C, making them superstars for our health.

Next, we tiptoe to the Turnip. Turnips are cool because they’re like two veggies in one! The root part is great for cooking and eating, while the leafy green tops can be sautéed or added to salads. Turnips have a slightly sweet and peppery flavor that makes them interesting to eat. They’re not just tasty; they’re also filled with fiber and vitamin C.

Then, there’s the tasty and tender Taro. Taro is a root vegetable that’s a staple in many parts of the world. It must be cooked before eating and has a nutty flavor that’s similar to a potato but even creamier. Taro is terrific for making chips, adding to stews, or even baking into delicious desserts. It’s also a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Trekking through the world of vegetables that start with T shows us how each one brings its own unique flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits to our plates. From the versatile Tomato to the two-in-one Turnip and the tender Taro, each ‘T’ vegetable is a ticket to exciting culinary adventures. So, let’s keep exploring and enjoying the delicious variety that vegetables have to offer!

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List of Vegetables That Start With T

Here is a list of vegetables that start with T in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each vegetable!

  1. Tabasco Pepper
  2. Tahitian Spinach
  3. Tamarillo
  4. Tamarind Leaves
  5. Taro
  6. Tarwi
  7. Tatsoi
  8. Tepary Beans
  9. Tetragon
  10. Thai Basil
  11. Thai Chili Pepper
  12. Thai Eggplant
  13. Thistle
  14. Three-Cornered Leek
  15. Thyme
  16. Tigernut
  17. Tinda
  18. Tindora
  19. Tomaccio
  20. Tomatillo
  21. Tomato
  22. Topinambur
  23. Torpedo Onion
  24. Tree Collard
  25. Tree Onion
  26. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper
  27. Truffle
  28. Tuberous Nasturtium
  29. Turban Squash
  30. Turmeric
  31. Turnip
  32. Turnip Greens
  33. Tuscan Kale
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Fun Facts about Vegetables that Start with T

Ready to increase your knowledge of vegetables that start with T? Dive in and learn more about all the different vegetables on the list!

  • Tabasco Pepper: Tabasco Peppers are tiny but super spicy. They’re used to make Tabasco sauce, which can turn any meal into a fire-breathing adventure!
  • Tahitian Spinach: Tahitian Spinach isn’t really spinach but a leafy green that grows in tropical places. It’s great for salads and stir-fries, making you feel like you’re on an island adventure with every bite.
  • Tamarillo: Tamarillo, also known as tree tomato, is a fruit that looks like a tomato but tastes sweet and a bit tangy. It’s like eating a mystery fruit that surprises your taste buds.
  • Tamarind Leaves: Tamarind Leaves are from the tamarind tree and add a tangy flavor to soups and stews. It’s like sprinkling a little bit of sour sunshine into your dish.
  • Taro: Taro is a root vegetable that’s starchy and a bit sweet. It’s used in lots of yummy dishes, especially in puddings and snacks. Think of it as a potato’s exotic cousin.
  • Tarwi: Tarwi is an Andean bean that’s super high in protein. It’s like a secret superhero bean that’s not only good for you but also makes meals more exciting.
  • Tatsoi: Tatsoi is a leafy green that’s kind of like spinach but with a sweeter taste. It’s great for adding a fresh, green touch to your meals, like a splash of paint on a canvas.
  • Tepary Beans: Tepary Beans are small but mighty, packed with nutrients and able to grow in really dry places. They’re like the tough little warriors of the bean world.
  • Tetragon: Tetragon, also known as New Zealand spinach, is a leafy green that loves the heat. It’s crunchy and perfect for summer salads, like eating a cool breeze.
  • Thai Basil: Thai Basil has a sweet, spicy flavor and smells a bit like licorice. It’s great for adding a pop of flavor to Asian dishes, like a magic spell that makes food delicious.
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  • Thai Chili Pepper: Thai Chili Peppers are tiny but pack a huge spicy punch. They’re like little firecrackers that add excitement to your meals.
  • Thai Eggplant: Thai Eggplant is small and comes in many colors. It’s great in curries, absorbing all the yummy flavors, like a sponge full of deliciousness.
  • Thistle: While some thistles are considered weeds, parts of them can be eaten. It’s like finding a treasure in something most people walk right past.
  • Three-Cornered Leek: Three-Cornered Leek has pretty white flowers and a garlic-onion flavor. It’s like the fancy, dressed-up version of regular onions, adding elegance to your meals.
  • Thyme: Thyme is a tiny-leafed herb that adds a big punch of flavor, especially to meats and soups. It’s like a little bit of magic you can sprinkle on your food.
  • Tigernut: Tigernuts are not nuts but root vegetables that are sweet and chewy. They’re like hidden sweets from beneath the ground.
  • Tinda: Tinda is a small, green squash that’s mild and a bit sweet. It’s great for curries, like a little sponge soaking up all the tasty sauces.
  • Tindora: Tindora are tiny, crunchy veggies that look like baby cucumbers. They’re great in stir-fries, adding a bit of crunch and fun.
  • Tomaccio: Tomaccio is a sweet, dried tomato, like nature’s candy, that’s chewy and packed with flavor. It’s like a little snack that surprises you with how tasty it is.
  • Tomatillo: Tomatillos are green and look like little green tomatoes with a husk. They’re tart and great for making salsa verde, like a secret ingredient for the best dips.
A grey background on the left is the letter T in the center of a white circle. On the right is the word "Thyme" in white lettering with a picture of Thyme below it.
  • Tomato: Tomatoes are juicy and come in many colors. They’re great in salads, sandwiches, or just by themselves. It’s like eating a juicy bite of sunshine.
  • Topinambur: Topinambur, also known as Jerusalem artichoke, is a root vegetable that’s nutty and sweet. It’s like digging up a hidden treasure that’s tasty and good for you.
  • Torpedo Onion: Torpedo Onions are long and red with a sweet, mild flavor. They’re great for salads, adding a burst of color and sweetness, like a torpedo of taste.
  • Tree Collard: Tree Collards are tall, leafy greens that are super nutritious. They’re like the gentle giants of the vegetable world, offering up loads of healthy leaves.
  • Tree Onion: Tree Onions grow bulbs at the top of a stalk, which is pretty cool. They’re like the acrobats of the onion family, doing stunts up in the air.
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper: This pepper is one of the spiciest in the world. It’s like a super-hot fireball, only for the bravest taste adventurers.
  • Truffle: Truffles are a fancy type of mushroom that grows underground. They’re like hidden gems that chefs love to use for adding luxury to their dishes.
  • Tuberous Nasturtium: This part of the nasturtium plant grows underground and can be eaten like a root vegetable. It’s like finding a spicy, peppery snack below the beautiful flowers.
  • Turban Squash: Turban Squash is colorful and shaped like a turban. It’s sweet and great for decoration or eating, like a festive hat you can actually enjoy twice.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a root that’s bright yellow and adds color and flavor to food. It’s like the sunshine of the spice world, making dishes warm and bright.
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  • Turnip: Turnips are round and can be white or purple. They’re a bit sweet and a bit spicy, like a crunchy snack that’s full of surprises.
  • Turnip Greens: Turnip Greens are the leafy tops of turnips, and they’re full of vitamins. Eating them is like giving a high-five to your health.
  • Tuscan Kale: Tuscan Kale, also known as Lacinato kale, has dark, bumpy leaves. It’s great in salads and soups, like a super leaf that’s ready to fight off villains with its nutrients.

Did you discover some pretty cool vegetables that start with T on the list? Which one are you excited to try? Share it with us in the comments!

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