Hedgehog Papercraft

Hedgehog Papercraft This Hedgehog Papercraft is so fun and easy! It would be the perfect activity for a woodland-themed party or a week full of fun activities. Pair this with this cute red fox paper craft for even more fun!  We live in a really busy time in life with crazy schedules and extracurricular activities. It is always great to sit down with your kids and do crafts with them. As your kids participate in putting together this hedgehog, they will be able to use their imagination and see the hedgehog come to life. Crafts are always good for developing …

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Mixed Media Mermaid Art

My daughter just loves all things Mermaids! She is loving this mixed media mermaid art craft that we have been creating! Grab your free template below so you too can make your own at home today! Mixed Media Mermaid Art My kids love mermaids that is why we have been doing Mermaid papercrafts for days! This Mixed Media Mermaid art is the perfect papercraft to try at home if you are looking for an easy and simple way to bring some mermaid fun to your home. I too love Mermaids. I love how colorful and magical they are. What kid …

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Thing 1 Thing 2 Papercraft Puppets

Kids will love the crafts, especially when it is a themed craft like these Thing 1 and Thing 2 papercraft puppets! With just a few basic materials they will be able to make these Dr. Seuss themed puppets in no time. These Thing 1 and Thing 2 papercraft puppets may look difficult, but they are super quick and easy to make these papercraft puppets. Your kids will love creating these and then making their very own Dr. Suess skit afterward.  If your kids love puppets and imaginative play, then this is the perfect project for them. Grab your free templates …

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DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmark

Mermaids are the next big thing right now and for good reason! They provide a sense of imagination and fun to all the Mermaid lovers. We are absolutely in love with these DIY Mermaid Tail Bookmarks. They are so fun to make and make reading fun to help mark your page each and every time.  The great thing about this project is that you can completely customize the look of your bookmark by choosing the colors and sequins to make it just how you like it! Don’t stop with this Mermaid project, try creating your own mixed media mermaid doll …

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Crab Papercraft

This simple and fun crab papercraft is the perfect activity to make during beach week or just because. Grab the free downloadable crab template so you and the kids can make this again and again.  In this technology-connected world, children are very fond of electronics. One way to get kids to put their electronics down is with a fun and simple craft project.  As kids engage in papercrafts they will be igniting their imaginations and opening up a whole new world of creating and learning.   Art and crafts for children have many benefits that go beyond just building creativity. As …

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Paper Dinosaur Puppet Craft

Multiple dinosaur paper craft on popsicle sticks

These Papercraft Dinosaur Puppets are so simple to make and promote imaginative play with your kids. Download the free template to make your own dinosaur puppet craft in no time.  Paper Dinosaur Puppet Craft In our house we love dinosaurs. The other day Tony was watching a dinosaur video and all of a sudden he started acting like a dinosaur. I knew at that moment we had to create a fun dinosaur craft project. These papercraft dinosaur puppets are a huge hit in our house. They are easy to make with the free template and create hours of fun far …

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Alligator Papercraft

green papercraft alligator on pink paper

This adorable alligator papercraft is a fun project to do with the kids. It is simple to make and might actually make you want to pet an alligator.  Paper Alligator Craft I love how crafts can make the most ferocious animals look so cute and cuddly! This alligator papercraft does just that! You will love creating this simple craft with your kids again and again. It is as easy as downloading the template, cutting, pasting and adding the final details to your project.  Try these other fun animal papercrafts Red Fox Papercraft Elephant Papercraft DIY Bunny Bookmarks Supplies Colored paper …

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Papercraft Leprechaun Gnome

papercraft gnome finished

This easy to make Leprechaun gnome papercraft is the perfect craft project to make with the kids this year!  Leprechaun Gnome Does anyone love gnomes as much as I? They are so cute and the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You will love how simple this craft is to do with the kids especially with the free template below. In fact, you might find yourself making gnome families that St. Patrick’s Day!  Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just St. Patrick’s Day, swap out the colors to make these for every occasion!  Looking for more …

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Salad Spinner Art

Finished canvas after spinning in a salad spinner

Create your own DIY spin art machine with your salad spinner. Your kids will love creating fun art projects all summer long with this salad spinner art.  DIY Spin Art Machine My kids love doing fun art projects throughout the whole summer. Last year they were wanting to do spin art, but I was cringing about the mess of this art project. So I thought about how we could create a DIY spin art machine with very little mess. At that exact moment, I saw my salad spinner and thought, YESSSS! I am so excited to share with you how …

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Red Fox Papercraft

Red fox papercraft on blue paper holding a pink heart

This red fox papercraft is simple to make with the simple template provided. You will love making this again and again with the kids. Red Fox Papercraft I am a total sucker for cute fox paper crafts, in fact, part of me wishes they were cute and gentle in real life so that I can have one as a pet too! Thankfully we can make these whenever we feel like it, right?! So let’s get started with this simple kids’ craft project!  If you are looking for more animal craft ideas, try these!  Bunny Bookmark Elephant Papercraft for kids Supplies: …

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