Handprint Bee Craft [Free Template]

If you are looking for a fun handprint craft for the kids, this handprint bee craft is just what you are looking for! Grab this free bee handprint template below and get started crafting together with the kids. 

yellow border with handprint bee PDF with 2 yellow handprint bees

One of the first signs of Spring and summer is all those buzzing bees pollinating the newly bloomed flowers. Without bees we wouldn’t have all the delicious fruits and vegetables that we do. We want to honor these tiny heroes with this fun bee handprint craft for kids and celebrate the arrival of warmer weather.  Take a break with your family to create something fun, and remember; even bees stop to smell the roses. 

Did you know tracing your hand is great hand/eye coordination practice for your little ones? With your help, they can trace and cut out the shape of their hand to make the body of the bee, and you will have a memory of how little their hands were for years to come. Help them make a few bees to send to grandparents in the mail or take to school to give their teacher. This fun bee craft will turn out to be the Bees’s knees!

2 handprint bees on pink background
pin image of 2 handprint bees on pink background and dark yellow borders

Printable Template

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List of Supplies:

  • Colored papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Googly eyes
  • Sharpies
  • A pair of scissors
  • Printable template

How to Make a Handprint Bee

pieces of handprint bee on white background
  • Select yellow, white, and black colored papers for the handprint bee craft. We’re using white for the wings, but of course, you can use any colored craft paper you like. 
  • Trace the template patterns on the selected colored craft papers using a pencil. 
yellow handprint with one black stripe on it.
  • Cut out the traced patterns using a pair of scissors. The template includes a handprint as the body base of the bee. (You can use your own handprint as well!)
  • Take the handprint cutout and the curved strip cutout. Glue the curved strip on the palm part of the handprint cutout.
  • Glue the rest of the strips on the finger parts of the handprint pattern.
yellow handprint with 4 black stripes
  • Use scissors to trim the extra parts of the attached strips and align them with the handprint layout.
yellow handprint with 4 black stripes
  • Take the 2 wing cutouts and use a sharpie to draw patterns and outlines on them.
2 white wings
  • Glue the wing cutouts on the top side (pinky) of the handprint bee pattern.
yellow handprint with black stripes and white wings.
yellow handprint bee on white background
  • Glue the antenna cutouts on the top side as well, in front of the wings.
  • Glue googly eyes on the empty space of the palm part.
  • Use sharpies to draw the mouth and blush spots of the papercraft handprint bee.
2 handprint bees on pink background

Tips and Tricks:

  • Small children may need some practice cutting on a line, draw some lines on a blank sheet of paper and let them try it out. 
  • Bee-yourself! Let your little ones put their own creative spin on their bee. There is no wrong way to create. 

More ideas

  • Make your bee into a card and give it with flowers. 
  • Hang your bees from the ceiling with a finishing line to make it look like the bees are flying. 

Tell some of these fun jokes about bees

  • Q: What kind of bee can’t make up its mind? A: a MayBEE
  • Q: What did the bee in the sauna say to his friends? A: Swarm in here
  • Q: What kinds of bees drop things? A: Fumble Bees
  • Q: What kinds of bees live in Graveyards? A: Zom-Bees!
  • Q: What do bees wear to the beach? A: Bee-kinis
  • Q: What kind of bees can’t be understood? A: Mumble Bees
  • Q: What does a bee sit on? A: It’s Bee-hind

Keep looking for those beautiful signs if spring. The bees, flowers, and warmer days are coming quickly. 

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